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March 29, 2009

Dear John,

Mother Nature is dishing out a nasty snow storm in the heart of the Midwest tonight. Biblical snows in Kansas, Oklahoma and parts of Missouri. Luckily, the Northeast corner of Missouri will be spared the heaviest snowfall totals. This surprise mix of Gulf of Mexico moisture will yield an abundance of Spring forage in a matter of weeks.

The media dished out it's own snow job this week when it tarred and feathered all red meat as a cause of many human maladies. It is interesting to note, Argentina leads the world in per capita consumption of red meat with fewer issues per thousand of cancer, heart disease and diabetes than the USA. Oh, by the way, a very high percentage of that consumption is grass-fed beef that they have consumed in abundance for centuries.

The late Paul Harvey could have created a great "The Rest of The Story" from the headlines of last week.

I visited with a very savvy customer last week on this issue. He has simply refused to buy any consumables in a cardboard package. He indicated how much better he felt buying grass-fed meats, grass-fed butter & cheese and stocking up on organic veggies from a local farmer's market every Saturday. Everything he brings to his kitchen is in a recognizable form as close to to the original plant or animal format as possible.

Catherine Ebeling will discuss this issue in earnest next week in her column. Stay tuned.

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In closing, thank you for the many comments we have received on the new website format. Your comments will continue to make it better. We will continue to tweak the site and chase any remaining gremlins out of our endeavor.

Warmest regards and many thanks for your patronage,

John, Lee Ann, Megan, and Tressa on behalf of the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats

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  • Inventory Notes
    Week of March 29, 2009
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    Week of March 29, 2009
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    Dr. Eric Serrano M.D., M.S., B.C.
    Question and Answer Column
    Eric Seranno

    This is a friendly reminder to email health and wellness questions to the email address below for Dr. Eric Serrano M.D. question and answer series.

    Answers now appear below and in the bi-weekly U.S. Wellness Newsletter. Your name will not be displayed.

    Dr. Serrano has been so kind to offer his expertise to answer literally any question related to health and wellness involving grass-fed meats. Dr. Serrano has a wealth of knowledge from both his farm background and 15 years of clinical experience. This includes working with a number of world class athletes and a large local family practice in Ohio.

    Please email using the address below and place Dr. Serrano's name in the subject line. Answers will appear in future U.S. Wellness Newsletters or below in News Alerts.

    Dr. Serrano is an M.D. with advance degrees in nutrition, kinesiology and wellness.

    Dr. Eric Serrano M.D.
    475 North Hill Road
    Pickerington, OH 43147-1157

    Dear Dr. Serrano,

    My mother was diagnosed with a disease called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis about 5 years ago, which is a chronic disease of the bile ducts eventually leading to cirrhosis of the liver.

    This disease is now thought to be an autoimmune disorder. I am having a hard time finding information on proper nutrition for this chronic disease, and I am wondering if you have any advice.

    All we know is she is supposed to watch her sodium intake. Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your help!

    J. K.

    Dear R.G.:

    PBC or primary biliary cirrhosis is a very hard disease to trea, and with a very poor prognosis. It is an autoimmune disease, but we don't know what starts the disease, but we must assume that it is our own body attacking the liver and if we assume that something is wrong with our immune system, then we should turn it off. I don't want to give you the wrong idea that these guide lines can work miracles, but it is worth a try because nothing else seems to work.

    First thing is to start the patient on free form amino acids, like Muscle Synthesis and MR100%, or Density by Beverly International, the only two supplements that are protein sources in the simplest form, so the liver can use them without digesting them and they can be incorporated into proteins as the liver needs. But before I would do this, the most important step is to eliminate any allergens or any causes that will activate the immune system, and you should start with food, and the list should be:
    • no wheat
    • no dairy products; however, this does not include grass-fed butter
    • no peanuts or peanut butter
    • no eggs
    • no tomatoes
    You must also rotate the diet and try to change the sources of proteins so the body doesn't develop allergies or keep the intake of free form amino acids high by ingesting the supplements above, (note that I do make money if you purchase Muscle Synthesis or MR100 but not Density, the phone number is 1 (614) 596 7994).

    In addition, to keep the digestive system working optimally, I will use digestive enzymes like Creon, or Ultrase MT12 or 18, with each meal and I would also add probiotics, either from Klaire by going to their website or calling the 1800 number and using the code 614 and the name is COMPLETE, or Ortho Molecular by calling 1800 842 0924, use the code "serr10"( I do make money but I don't care, I just think these two products are excellent) and the last thing we will do is to add liver support by adding:
    1. 600 mgs of glutathione
    2. 200 mgs of glycine (no need if you buy MR100)
    3. Colostrum 300 mgs
    4. Lactoferrin 100 mgs
    5. Milk thistle 300 mgs
    6. N-acetyl cysteine - 600 mgs or try Cerefolin NAC 2 tablets per day
    J. K. Ii know this is a lot to digest but I hope it helps some. Let me know how your mom is doing.

    GOD bless you

    Best regards,
    Dr. Serrano

    Featured Recipe:
    Sensational Veal Short Ribs
    short ribs



  • 4 pounds beef veal short ribs
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup organic ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup grated celery
  • 1/2 cup grated onion
  • seasoning salt and pepper to taste

    1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees
    2. Place short ribs in baking pan
    3. In medium bowl, combine brown sugar, ketchup, water, vinegar,lemon juice, celery, onion, season salt and pepper
    4. Mix well, then pout ribs in pan
    5. Bake in pre-heated oven for 3 hours,or until tender

    Recipe: compliments of

    Feel free to share your favorite recipes at

    Memories of Spring 2008 Landscape
    Canton 080519 bw shot

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