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October 21, 2012
Monticello, Missouri

Dear John,    


It's been a chilly October so far here in Northeast Missouri.  We were blessed with several inches of much-needed rain last week and have enjoyed sunny weather this week.  These cooler days remind us that the holiday season is right around the corner, starting with Halloween.  It can be hard keeping your kids out of the candy this time of year, instead tempt them with some of our unique treats and they'll be hooked!


Our favorite dark and white chocolate bars are made right here in Missouri and make excellent Halloween snacks.  The Askinosie Chocolate story is heart-warming, just watch this short video and you'll see why we love them!  Their founder has traveled the world and brought back the highest quality, organically grown cocoa beans and in return has provided a market for farmers in third world countries.   He is continuing this mission work by educating local high school students about this project, and then leading them on trips overseas to tour these farms.   Not only are they good stewards, but their chocolate has been winning awards in the US and abroad!


Our GoodOnYa Bars make tasty Halloween snacks as well, and are a perfect school lunch snack that are certified organic and free of gluten, grains, dairy and soy.  We have a wide selection of berries and raw nuts that compliment any sweet Halloween treat very nicely.  For another decadent treat, our new favorite is Handmade, Organic Truffles.  But not just any old truffle, we have found an amazing source of Bacon Truffles.  Come to find out, they were making them with our Sugar-Free Pork Bacon.  One bite and we were hooked.  Check out our blog for all the information and to get signed up to win a free truffle sampler! 


Thank you to everyone who commented on our recent blog post!  Why Order Minimums? addresses why we do what we do and we appreciate everyone who commented.  If you are struggling with meeting our order requirements, you'll want to read this post for a list of customer suggestions!  Congratulations to reader Katie N. who was selected as the lucky winner of a US Wellness gift certificate just for commenting! 


Looking for ways to stretch your food dollar farther?  We're trying to help by offering more volume discounts on some of our most popular cuts.  Check out our Volume Discount category online for the full list of products you can save 10-15% on every day!    


Have you visited us on Pinterest yet?  We are adding new recipes weekly and have every protein covered from bison to rabbit and everything in between!  Check out our boards for a full range of recipes, cookbooks and lots of bacon


We appreciate your patience as we have been restocking some of our staple products over the last couple of weeks.  Pemmican bars restocked this week, along with hard to find items such as Beef Oxtail and Lamb Kidneys.  Now is a great time to stock up on popular Beef Short Ribs and the very versatile Slow Roasted Shredded Beef as both are on sale this week! 


Warm Regards, 

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Jennifer, Amanda and Laura on behalf of the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats  

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In This Issue
Inventory Updates
Grass-Fed Beef Industry News
Diamond D Angus
If you are a farmer or rancher raising grass-fed animals, or interested in becoming one, there are two dates coming up you might want to write down:

November 8 - Valier, MT: Production bull sale for Diamond D Angus, home of functional, and efficient forage only raised cows and bulls in a very rugged environment near Glacier National Park.  Mark DeBoo is the third generation to carry on the Wye genetic line in the Diamond D herd. Mark's father, Don DeBoo, went against the grain in the 70's while the Angus breed chased large frame sizes for the feedlot industry.  This old Wye niche is perfect for the 21st Century grass-fed industry.  Click here for the online catalog.

November 9 - Sheridan, MT: Production bull sale for
5L Red Angus, home of the Larry & Lisa Melhoff family ranch raising balanced Red Angus cattle in the Ruby River valley on minimal inputs with heavy culling pressure.  The 5L females are moderate-sized, good uddered, easy fleshing, structurally correct, fertile, wedge shaped females with a lots of body, adequate milk and calm disposition.

In short, the 5L herd has learned how to adapt and make very efficient use of their grazing environment over many states in the USA.  Contact Mr. Ron Bolze at (402) 426-2033 or (402) 321-0067 for 5 L Red Angus bull sale information.

Red Angus Both of these family ranches have developed outstanding genetics for the grass-fed beef industry and have both supported the Grass-Fed Exchange, an organization founded to bring together both ranchers, supportive agri-industry,  and consumers working towards the grass-fed cause. 

US Wellness Meats is an avid supporter of both ranches mentioned above.  We and are happy to see Diamond D Angus and 5L Red Angus putting a great deal of energy into creating grass-fed genetics that will grow very efficiently on a forage diet, yield an excellent hot carcass weight and put  mouth watering steaks and burgers on consumers plates coast to coast.

If you have any questions or need further contact information please drop us an email.


healthRecent Health News
BPA's Real Threat May Be After It Has Metabolized: Chemical Found in Many Plastics Linked to Multiple Health Threats

Bisphenol A or BPA is a synthetic chemical widely used in the making of plastic products ranging from bottles and food can linings to toys and water supply lines. When these plastics degrade, BPA is released into the environment and routinely ingested.

New research, however, from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine suggests it is the metabolic changes that take place once BPA is broken down inside the body that pose the greater health threat.
More than 90 percent of all Americans are believed to carry varying levels of BPA exposure.

In recent years, numerous studies have reported alarming associations between BPA exposure and myriad adverse health and development effects, from cancer and neurological disorders to physiological defects and, perhaps, a cause of childhood obesity.

Of particular concern is that BPA exposure is correlated with disruption of estrogen signaling. The chemical's molecular structure is similar to that of estradiol, one of the human body's three main estrogens, suggesting that BPA binds to estrogen receptors. The estrogen receptor is designed to grab and hold estradiol and related estrogens. Disparate chemicals, however, can share some structures found in estrogens, enabling them to bind to the estrogen receptor. When that happens, problems can occur.

In binding to the estrogen receptor, BPA can disrupt the body's endocrine or hormone system, with consequences especially worrisome for fetuses, infants and young children. Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. Its use is more broadly banned elsewhere in the world.

In new research published in the October 4 online issue of the journal PLOS ONE, two scientists at UC San Diego School of Medicine say three-dimensional modeling suggests a metabolite of BPA - a molecule produced when BPA is metabolized or broken down by the body - actually binds to the estrogen receptor much more strongly than BPA itself. The finding could point the way to development of a new class of drugs designed to specifically inhibit excessive estrogen activity linked to disease.

According to Michael E. Baker, PhD, UCSD professor of medicine, and Charlie Chandsawangbhuwana, a graduate student in the UCSD Department of Bioengineering, several research labs have reported that BPA binds weakly to the estrogen receptor, suggesting that something else is interacting with this receptor.

In 2004, Shin'ichi Yoshihara, PhD, and colleagues at Hiroshima International University, discovered that another compound, dubbed MBP, was produced when BPA was metabolized. MBP has a 100-fold to 1,000-fold stronger bond to the estrogen receptor than BPA. However, the structural basis for MBP's high affinity for the estrogen receptor was not investigated further.

In their PLOS ONE study, Baker and Chandsawangbhuwana revived Yoshihara's research by creating three-dimensional, molecular models of MBP and BPA in the estrogen receptor and matching it against the crystal structure of estradiol in the estrogen receptor. They found that MBP's longer structure allows both ends of the chemical to interact with the estrogen receptor in a way similar to estradiol. The shorter BPA molecule contacts the receptor at just one end, resulting in a weaker connection, providing an explanation for BPA's lower affinity for the estrogen receptor.

"In other words, MPB is basically grabbing onto the estrogen receptor with two hands compared to just one hand for BPA," said Baker. "Two contact points makes a much stronger connection."

Baker said the 3D modeling supports the idea "that BPA is not the endocrine disruptor culprit. Instead, MBP is one (of perhaps several BPA metabolites) that causes disruption of estrogen signaling in humans and other animals."
He said the research points to the need to measure MBP levels in urine and blood of patients suspected of BPA-mediated health effects, and may fuel development of a new therapeutic treatment for conditions linked to excessive estrogen levels and activity, such as some forms of breast and prostate cancers.

"One could use MBP, which has a novel structure, as a template to develop a new class of chemicals that could bind to the estrogen receptor with high affinity," Baker said. "The goal would be to have these chemicals inhibit the action of estradiol instead of activating the estrogen response. These chemicals could control unwanted growth of estrogen-dependent tumors."

University of California, San Diego Health Sciences. "BPA's real threat may be after it has metabolized: Chemical found in many plastics linked to multiple health threats." ScienceDaily, 4 Oct. 2012. Web. 11 Oct. 2012.
Ask the Doctor - Question & Answer Series
Dr. Eric Serrano

Dear Dr. Serrano,

I have a family history of breast cancer, and I am a very healthy 35-year-old woman with no health issues or allergies.  I do my best to follow a Weston A. Price diet of healthy fats and avoid processed foods.  I've been reading about the connection between breast cancer and dietary fat intake.  What are your thoughts?  Obviously not all fats are created equal, but does that make a difference in cancer risk?

Thanks so much,

Dear Carrie,

This is what I want you to do before we get into which fats to eat or not to eat.

Make sure you get 2 Hydroxyestrone and 16 hydrosyestrone ratios, check your estradiol, estriol, estrone levels and make sure you also get progesterone levels, vitamin D, and a thrermogram.

Once you have all this information then we go into the fats.  The body requires fats because without them we will die, but we must consume fats that are organic, never nonorganic because they carry the toxins and pesticides within the fats.

Stay away from too many polyunsaturated fats like corn, canola, soybean oil - actually do not consume any.

Stick with monounsaturated and saturated fats that are organic, like coconut oil and olive oil, nuts, and organic red meat.

Make sure that if you consume dairy is organic, no cheeses at all that are nonorganic.

In addition, depending on your blood tests you might need to take supplements, and if I were you I would start with Alpha Omega -3 and DIM.

Carrie - good luck, God bless you.

 - Dr. Serrano


This is a friendly reminder to email health and wellness questions on any topic to for the Dr. Serrano question and answer series.  Answers will appear in future issues of the bi-weekly newsletter under your first name only. 

Dr. Serrano has advanced degrees in nutrition, kinesiology and wellness and has a wealth of knowledge from his farm background, 15 years of clinical experience, and as an award-winning professor at Ohio State Medical School. Dr. Serrano has an outstanding family practice on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio and works with a select group of professional athletes.  He has been so kind as to offer his expertise to any question involving health and wellness.


Recipe Corner

Beef Bacon-Braunschweiger Sliders       


Bacon Braunschweiger Burgers


  1. Grind beef bacon in meat grinder or food processor (supervise little ones!) 
  2. Mix ground bacon with braunschweiger, cumin, salt and pepper by hand until evenly incorporated 
  3. Form into thick 2 inch diameter patties, handling as little as possible (gentle hands = tender sliders!) 
  4. Cook over medium-high heat, about 4 minutes per side (we like these cooked medium). The outside will get browned and crispy while the inside stays tender. 
  5. We recommend you serve wrapped up in lettuce, with sauteed mushroom & onions, and guacamole or any other topping you'd like! 



Recipe and photo compliments of our friends Matt & Stacy at Paleo Parents!  Visit their blog for gluten-free, paleo-friendly recipes your entire family will love.  They specialize in kid-friendly-fare and have authored the popular children's cookbook: Eat Like a Dinosaur.  


If you are a blogger or food artist and would like to see your recipes published simply email them to


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I just got my first shipment of steaks and wanted to tell you they look really good, with plenty of marbling!

Kathy T.
San Antonio, TX

photosLewis County, MO
October Cattle
These cattle are getting ready to move into a fresh paddock on a sunny October evening in Northeast Missouri. October Cattle

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