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September 9, 2012
Monticello, Missouri

Dear John,    

Juicy Burger


Is fat a bad thing?  We don't think so!  It depends on what kind of fat, but certain types are essential to any diet.  Meat is not only a good source of protein, but also a great source for essential fatty acids.  Grazing animals naturally produce higher levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and cancer-fighting CLA, and this "good stuff" is found in high concentrations in the fat!   


We routinely receive questions about the lean percentages in different products, and have put together a helpful blog post to break down many common misconceptions about fat.  There is a wealth of resources online to help explain which fats are better than others, and we've posted some of our favorites on the blog to share.  In case you missed last week's newsletter, Kelley Herring posted an excellent article looking into the connection between saturated fat and heart disease and explains the ways fat can actually improve heart health.


Since we are celebrating our 12 Year Anniversary all month long, we thought what better time to have a big fatty giveaway?  You don't hear that very often!  So head over to our blog now and simply leave a comment telling us what your favorite fatty product is, or who your favorite online resource is to learn about healthy fats.  We are trying to spread the good word that fat isn't always a bad thing!  We appreciate your help and look forward to hearing your feedback!  The lucky winner will receive a gift basket featuring some of our favorite fats: tallow, burger, butter and more! 


Are organic foods actually better for you than conventional?  This headline has made waves in the news after a new study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week.  Researchers reviewed over 200 studies testing the health of consumers who ate organic vs. conventional products, as well as the nutrient and pesticide levels in the foods themselves.  They are concluding that organic produce has lower levels of pesticide residue, not surprising as that is a major requirement of the organic label.  Even though organic foods are often quite a bit more expensive than their conventional counterparts, this study is suggesting that the health benefits of organic foods are not any higher.   


We often get asked if our meats are certified organic - and the answer is no.  Our beef, bison, lamb and dairy products are sourced from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished animals.  We do not feed any antibiotics or hormones, and don't use pesticides on our pastures.  Being 100% grass-fed is not yet a requirement of the organic label, and we believe that grass-fed meats contain a wealth of health benefits.  Sometimes the best products don't even need a "label" - these days knowing your producer is usually the safest bet. 


Our feature chef this month is no stranger to the kitchen and we were more than excited for her to share some of her favorite home recipes!  Tammy Credicott of The Healthy Gluten-Free Life has seen firsthand the benefits of a gluten-free diet and her website and cookbooks are packed with family-friendly recipes.  Her newest cookbook, Paleo Indulgences, is set to be released on September 18 - so if you are looking for new gluten-free dessert ideas, you won't want to miss this.  Be sure to visit her recipe page for some hearty fall recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy and sugar you will want to prepare year-round! 


Your weight is based on so much more than just diet.  There are many factors that most people don't realize that play a huge part in weight fluctuation.  These factors will affect men and women differently, as we tend to store fat differently.  Mark's Daily Apple has a great post explaining some of those differences between men and women.  This helpful slideshow looks at some hidden factors that might be holding back those last ten pounds!  


Finally we want to wish all of our Grandparents reading today a Happy Grandparent's Day!  We hope you have a rewarding and relaxing day!  


Autumn Regards, 

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Jennifer, Amanda and Laura on behalf of the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats  

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healthRecent Health News
Healthy Living Into Old Age Can Add Up to Six Years to Your Life:

Keeping Physically Active Shows Strongest Association With Survival

Living a healthy lifestyle into old age can add five years to women's lives and six years to men's, finds a study from Sweden published on the British Medical Journal website. The authors say this is the first study that directly provides information about differences in longevity according to several modifiable factors.

It is well known that lifestyle factors, like being overweight, smoking and heavy drinking, predict death among elderly people. But is it uncertain whether these associations are applicable to people aged 75 years or more.
So a team of researchers based in Sweden measured the differences in survival among adults aged 75 and older based on modifiable factors such as lifestyle behaviors, leisure activities, and social networks.

The study involved just over 1,800 individuals who were followed for 18 years (1987-2005). Data on age, sex, occupation, education, lifestyle behaviors, social network and leisure activities were recorded.  During the follow-up period 92% of participants died. Half of the participants lived longer than 90 years.

Survivors were more likely to be women, be highly educated, have healthy lifestyle behaviors, have a better social network, and participate in more leisure activities than non-survivors.

The results show that smokers died one year earlier than non-smokers. Former smokers had a similar pattern of survival to never smokers, suggesting that quitting smoking in middle age reduces the effect on mortality.

Of the leisure activities, physical activity was most strongly associated with survival. The average age at death of participants who regularly swam, walked or did gymnastics was two years greater than those who did not.

Overall, the average survival of people with a low risk profile (healthy lifestyle behaviors, participation in at least one leisure activity, and a rich or moderate social network) was 5.4 years longer than those with a high risk profile (unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, no participation in leisure activities, and a limited or poor social network).

Even among those aged 85 years or older and people with chronic conditions, the average age at death was four years higher for those with a low risk profile compared with those with a high risk profile.

In summary, the associations between leisure activity, not smoking, and increased survival still existed in those aged 75 years or more, with women's lives prolonged by five years and men's by six years, say the authors.  These associations, although attenuated, were still present among people aged 85 or more and in those with chronic conditions, they add.

"Our results suggest that encouraging favorable lifestyle behaviors even at advanced ages may enhance life expectancy, probably by reducing morbidity," they conclude.

BMJ-British Medical Journal. "Healthy living into old age can add up to six years to your life: Keeping physically active shows strongest association with survival." ScienceDaily, 30 Aug. 2012. Web. 5 Sep. 2012.
Recipe Corner

Crispy Paleo (Gluten-Free) Chicken Thighs     


  • 6 pastured chicken thighs 
  • 1 tablespoon palm oil 
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
  • 2 teaspoons salt 
  • 1 teaspoon ginger powder 
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder  


  1. Preheat oven to 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius).   
  2. Season chicken with salt, powdered ginger and onion powder on both sides. 
  3. Add palm and coconut oil to a cast iron skillet and heat over medium high heat. 
  4. Once the oil is hot (but not smoking) add the thighs, skin side down. 
  5. Cook until a golden brown, around 10 minutes or so. Use tongs to move the chicken around and check for color. If one thigh is browning to quickly, switch places with a thigh that isn't. 
  6. Flip the thighs so that the skin is up and place pan in preheated oven. 
  7. Cook until juices run clear, which was only an additional 10 minutes for these thighs. Check by inserting a knife into the thickest part of the largest thigh, or cook until internal temp is between 140F and 165F. 
  8. Allow the chicken to rest for a few minutes and dig in! No utensils required.  



Recipe and photo compliments of Following My Nose, a helpful recipe site with some delicious paleo/primal fare.  If you are looking for some fresh new recipes be sure to visit their website!  


If you are a blogger or food artist and would like to see your recipes published simply email them to


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Customer Feedback

Skillet Steak Our new beef supplier,

My wife and I have been trying for some time now to make our lives healthier.  We started dieting, and that has now become a lifestyle change.  We exercise.  We research and learn.  In the course of these events, we decided that our best bet was to include meat that was grass fed and hormone free in our diet.

We decided that while wild game is a good choice, it is only available in season.  We looked at our options in our local supermarkets and consulted with local farmers.  This resulted in lots of questions as to if the beef truly was what it claimed to be.  We found out about US Wellness Meats from the Underground Wellness folks.  We finally made a purchase a few weeks ago.

Words alone cannot express how satisfied we are with your beef.  It cooks cleaner and tastes better than any offering in our local stores.  But you already know that.

I was initially skeptical about ordering beef over the internet, and quite frankly I was worried about what condition the beef would be in after being shipped.  Everything arrived completely frozen.  I was pleased with how it was packaged.

On a personal level, I spent two years of my life eating grass fed, hormone free beef in Paraguay.  Your beef is better than what I ate there, and I USED TO claim that beef in Paraguay was the best beef I had ever eaten.  I can no longer claim that.

My wife and I want to thank you.  We took a chance on you guys, made sacrifices and budget adjustments to buy your beef, and you have earned a customer for as long as I have teeth to chew beef with.

William and Kelly T.
New Haven, UT

photosUS Wellness Cattle - Montana
Montana Grazing
US Wellness cattle grazing at 7000 feet  under sunny Montana skies!

Final Reminder for the Grass-fed Exchange
tour and seminar in Norfolk, NE. September 20 -22, 2012.

Touring Chad Peterson and Randy Shinn Ranches at Atkinson, NE on Thursday, September 2oth.

 Friday and Saturday speakers include Gabe Brown on cover crops, Dr. Garry Lacefield  on finishing forages with  38 years of expertise, Will Harris will speak on processing & marketing of beef and poultry, and Mark Schatzker, author of best selling Steak, will be the featured speaker Friday night. 

Click here for conference details
Click here for registration - scroll down the page - 5 options
Phone Registration: Joey Jones  (402) 322-1608  
Montana Cattle

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