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Scott Mendelson - Fat-Burning Salad Recipe and At-Home Weight Training

Recipe Corner - Bordeaux's Kitchen Chicken Liver Dip Recipe

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FriendsFireworks, and Family.  Before you know it, grills around the country will be fired up celebrating our great country's independence.  This weeks sale items Large French Ribeyes, Beef Tri-Tip Steaks, Wild Caught Shrimp, and Plain Beef Franks will fill your grates nicely.  And if you need some other ideas, the staff picked some of their holiday grilling favorites in our 4th of July Favorites category.   

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Finding ways to enjoy nutrition packed organ meats can be a challenge, this week Tania Teschke shares a delicious, nutritious, and extremely versatile chicken liver dip recipe in our Recipe Corner.  
This week Scott Mendelson responds to a reader asking for an example of the high calorie day from one of his recent articles.  He shares a salad recipe from Dr. Serrano, designed to facilitate fat burning, and offers advice on some additional exercises you can do at home. Hope you enjoy the article.  

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A special thank you to Kristina Risola, MA, CRC of Food and Sunshine for sharing her photo of the delicious skirt steak and salad meal she created on Instagram!  Find more tasty recipes on Kristina's blog and her Instagram page.

Speaking of Instagram, we reached over 1,800 followers this week!  Thank you so much to all our fans.  We love seeing your meals, inspiring quotes, workout clips, and of course happy pet pictures!  Click here to follow the Instagram fun and see what you're missing.

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Athlete's Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
Scott~  I really enjoyed the videos you posted with your last article. Can you show me an example meal from the high calorie day? I have some equipment at home and would like to start a weight training program to lose 20 pounds of fat within a short time frame. I am 46 years old with some experience, but have no idea where to start. Cindy, La Jolla, CA   
Cindy~ Check out Dr. Serrano's Fat Burning Salad Recipe and learn why this particular food arrangement works so well for fat burning.  High calorie days have proven to be highly effective for our clients over the last several months as a part of a larger fat burning strategy.  Summer weather provides a great opportunity to run the grill all day long for social events which fit perfectly on high calorie days.
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GrassFed Beef Franks on Grill


"I'm really picky about hotdogs so I was really skeptical that I was going to like these. Usually I only like Hebrew National. These were absolutely outstanding! I'm buying more and I'm going to try the garlic version as well!"

Regina P.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

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Recipe Corner

This recipe from Tania Teschke of bordeauxkitchen.com is as versatile as it is delicious. You can eat it warm or cool, with a variety of raw vegetables, on top of lettuce, and with your desired consistency (thicker or thinner).  This recipe can be halved or doubled, as your ingredients allow and can be served as a party dip or appetizer. 

"This recipe was originally taught to me by my good friend Malika, who was the first person I met in line on the first day of my Bordeaux University wine course. We sat next to each other in the first row throughout the academic year, and she ended up being number in our class. Luckily, some of her smarts rubbed off on me, and I was able to pass the course, too! Malika was taking the wine course to be able to play a more central role in her family's organic vineyard, Chateau Lescaneaut, in Castillon, a Bordeaux region next to St. Emilion, which produces fruity, bold merlot-based wines, a delicious accompaniment to the liver dip!"
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Cattle are taking advantage of late afternoon shade on an unseasonably hot day on one of the longest days of of 2016

Cattle in a new paddock relishing a sea of white clover under the stems of cool season grasses reaching maturity. 
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