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Scott Mendelson - 5 Tips to Burn Belly Fat

Recipe Corner - Instant Pot Maple Tamarind Ribs (Paleo/AIP compliant)  

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Friday is Veterans Day and we want to say thank you to all those men and women who serve our country.  Many of our finest made the ultimate sacrifice to protect life, liberty, and justice for all. Make sure to Thank A Vet on Friday!    

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Get ahead of the curve, and cross shopping off your list by ordering your holiday meal essentials today.  Check out our newest category Holiday Feasting for all your holiday meal favorites.  Consider a delicious Free Range Turkeyone of our many Beef Roasts, a Leg of Lamb, a juicy Prime Rib, or our newest product a 5 lb Sugar-Free Fatty Ham for your festivities.

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This week Scott Mendelson shares 5 tips on ways to increase fat burning through his specific exercise and nutrition plans.  Check out his video demonstration on interval training, along with reminders of the importance of paying attention to what and when we eat certain food groups.

You asked and we listened! We received requests for recipes that use the Instant Pot, which is growing in popularity among cooks across the country.  Today's Recipe Corner delivers a delicious baby back rib meal prepared in the Instant Pot!   

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Athlete's Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
Scott~ Scott how much cardio should we be doing each week to lose belly fat?  How much protein, fat and carbohydrate should someone consume each day to get rid of belly fat?  ~Tom and Grace,  New Orleans  
Tom and Grace~ I would focus your energy on a 2-3 interval sprint sessions per week to maximize fat burning hormone levels.  Intervals can be done with many different venues such as swimming, jump roping, cycling, stair climbers etc. and running for those are comfortable in that venue.   The ideal amounts of protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate send very powerful signals to the brain.  

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BBQ shortribs

"Delicious right out of the package."

"This product exceeded my expectations. I simply thawed the package in the refrigerator over night, opened it and put the contents into a lightly covered dish and microwaved for about four minutes. The meat was very tender (the bones fell of when being transferred to plate) and succulent. The barbecue sauce was not overpowering so the flavor of the beef could really come through. There was enough for two portions, when served with some vegetables or other sides, but these ribs were so good it was difficult to stop eating them. I will definitely order this product again!"

Norman P.
Lynbrook, NY

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Recipe Corner

Thanks to Alaena Haber of Grazed and Enthused for this Instant Pot Recipe!  BBQ Ribs are often a no-no for those following the AIP diet, but these fall-off-the-bone ribs will satisfy your craving for BBQ without disrupting your nutritional plan.  It also all happens in under 90 minutes due to the Instant Pot, which is growing in popularity among all cooks due to the ease and speed in which a delicious meal can be produced! 

Farm Photos  

Utopian Fall weather has created a wonderful mix of winter annual grasses for these lucky Hereford steers.  This Fall will go on record for the latest killing freeze date in NE Missouri history.  

An army of graziers on the march to new lush November forage.  
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