November 30, 2016    Canton, MO
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Health News ~ Better Meat, More Meat ~ Guest Post from Diana Rodgers

Recipe Corner~  Savory Slow Cooker Ham 

Dear John,     
As November comes to a close, it has been one of the mildest autumns in recent memory and we are grateful for the beautiful weather. December is almost here, and that means holiday parties which can make things challenging for those of us maintaining a clean eating lifestyle. While the dessert table might be tempting, it is clear which items your body might not appreciate.  That is not always the case if you decide to visit the bar, but the folks at Paleo Grubs assembled a list of 25 Paleo approved cocktails to help you stay the "clean eating" course this holiday season.  

Although the kitchen is hardly cleaned up from Thanksgiving cooking, it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas dinner.  One customer (see review below) loved our new Sugar Free 5 lb Fatty Ham so much that she is already planning on ordering more! This or its smaller cousin, the Petite Ham, would be the perfect addition to your Christmas menu.  If you want to try a different method of preparing your ham, Russ Crandall comes through again with a Savory Slow Cooker Ham recipe.  Find the link below in the Recipe Corner. 
There is much discussion among nutritional health professionals about how much protein is enough for our bodies.  We are fortunate to hear again from Diana Rodgers, whose passion for high quality nutrition is evident as she shares her insights on this important topic!

Speaking of the right amounts of protein, we have introduced a new ribeye.  This 8oz Grass-fed Petite Beef Ribeye is ideal for families with younger children, people with lower calorie needs, or those who are watching protein intakes more carefully in the high fat and moderate protein "ketonic" diets that are growing in popularity.

Last chance for Vital Whey protein products ~ get them before they are out of stock! Space for non-perishables is limited, and we have chosen to use that space for other products such as the Wellness Bakeries line.  If you need another source for Vital Whey, you can find them on Amazon. 
  • Last Day for Dr. Kellyann + USWM Giveaway ... one lucky winner will receive the doctor's newest Bone Broth recipe book plus a $100 USWM gift certificate.  
  • Teeny Tiny Spice Company Giveaway ... Looking to expand the flavors in your kitchen?  We have partnered with the Teeny Tiny Spice Company to give away a variety pack of spices and a $100 USWM gift certificate.  
  • Bring Home the Buffalo ... Congratulations to Marion from Kings Mountain, NC, and Jason from Remsen, IA!  They each take home a delicious Wild Idea Buffalo prize pack. 
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Health News
Thanks to Diana Rogders for this information packed article that helps answer the question "how much is enough protein?" Diana shares the benefits of including adequate amounts of high quality animal protein sources in our daily meal plans. 
Customer Feedback
Sugar Free FATTY Ham (5 lbs)


"We had this ham for Thanksgiving, and it was perfect: a nice smoky flavor, moist flavorful meat - none of the chemical flavorings found in modern cured hams.  I ordered two more for the freezer!" 

Paula H.
Green Lane, PA 
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Recipe Corner
Thanks to The Domestic Man Russ Crandall
for this amazing recipe created just for our USWM Sugar Free Hams! Whether you use the Petite Ham or the 5lb Fatty Ham (see Customer Review above!), this ham will be the perfect addition to your Christmas feast!  
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