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Scott Mendelson - Using More Stored Fat As Fuel With A Diet High In Healthy Fats

Recipe Corner - Fried Chicken Carolina Shrimp Bog

Weekly Specials - Primal, Wild-Caught Shrimp, Pemmican, Chicken, & More

Nicole Recine - Holiday Travel Tips: Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Holiday Travel
The holidays are upon us. Whether by train, plane, automobile, or sleigh; families and friends come together to gather for end of the year celebrations. AAA estimates that 107 million Americans will travel during this holiday season. 

Our very best wishes to you and yours for safe travels, whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, or other holiday. 

Please take pictures of your meal featuring US Wellness grass-land turkey, duck or chicken, heritage ham, grass-fed beef, lamb or bison. Post them on social media tagged with #uswellnessmeats and we'll choose some to share on our pages.

Holiday Shipping Reminder
Orders placed after 10 am, Wednesday, December 20th will be delivered after the Christmas holiday. Shipping will resume Tuesday, December 26th. USWM and Fed Ex offices will be closed Monday, December 25th for Christmas.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Giving
Our e-Gift Cards are a must for that last minute gift. Visit our store now for a variety of denominations to choose from. Your USWM e-Gift Card will appear almost instantly in your recipient's email box. Remember to mention your favorite food items in the notes.

Nicole Recine | Holiday Travel Tips
You'll find some timely tips in Nicole Recine's article for surviving the the season. If you happen to be headed out of town this week or next, read Nicole's article as a helpful resource. 

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Scott Mendelson | Using More Stored Fat As Fuel
Scott gives some timely advice for conquering the holiday battle of the bulge. Transitioning to a different fuel source can be challenging, but with these tips, anyone can do it.

The Recipe Corner | Fried Chicken Carolina Shrimp Bog
Author Russ Crandall/The Domestic Man admits this recipe's name might have you scratching your head. We assure you this won't disappoint. Check out the USWM shopping list for this recipe before your next order. 

USWM Shout Out |
This is a helpful bit of last minute joy for shoppers who haven't finished off their lists yet. We're obliged to share that US Wellness made the list of top unique gift cards. Thanks to for including us!

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Athlete's Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A

I tried a higher fat diet a while ago and did not see any success after a couple weeks. Then I returned to what I had been doing before which was not bad in any way, but piled on a lot of body fat. I am afraid to go with a higher dietary consumption plan even though I hear great things about the approach.  

~ Jennifer, Dallas, TX
Customer Feedback
"A New Favorite!"
"I was a little hesitant when I first looked into the liverwurst based on reviews of the strong flavor. I ordered two 1 lb rolls to try. They were shipped very quickly and I placed one in the fridge to thaw. The next day I sliced off a couple of pieces to try for lunch. Much to my surprise, for my taste, they were not strong at all and had a wonderful flavor and texture. Unfortunately the first roll didn't last 2 days as I found a reason to have it often. I just ordered four more rolls!  
Great quality and superb flavor, I will always have this on hand as part of my Paleo lifestyle!"

Robert B. of Lexington, SC 
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Recipe Corner

Here's a hearty number for a winter evening. The Domestic Man, Russ Crandall has put together a deliciously filling dish. The breading Russ uses for the fried chicken is gluten free. As usual, he also includes a bit of history and cultural information to go along with the recipe. We hope you enjoy this Fried Chicken Carolina Shrimp Bog!

Thanks to our friend Russ Crandall for this hearty cultural treat! Find more recipes and great paleo cookbooks at The Domestic Man.
Farm Photos  
The I-10 corridor from East Texas to northern Florida is a vastly under utilized winter grazing asset in the America. While the snow flies in the upper Midwest, cattle grazing south of I-10 rarely see more than a couple of night time lows below 25

Winter grass will continue to get stronger after December 21st with extra minutes of sunlight daily.  This group of cattle will enjoy the micro climate created by Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico during the first 5 months of 2018.  Green grass in January is a wonderful concept.

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