October 4, 2017    Canton, MO
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Health Article ~ How A Ketogenic Diet Helps The Body Protect Against The Harmful Effects Of Sugar

Recipe Corner ~ Roast Duck With Winter Vegetables

October 2017 Featured Chef ~ Meet Michelle Hoover

Burger Bundle Sale ~ Save On 75% Lean Burger Bundles

Sale Items ~ Burger, Sausage, Steaks, Fall Festivities Category & More

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Fall Festivities | Bonus Sale
Over 20 additional items in the Fall Festivities Category are 15% off through midnight Saturday. 
15% OFFFall Festivities 
20% OFF - 75% Lean Burger Bundle Reg. $205 Now $164
This is one big savings event and a great time to stock up before the cold winds blow. Enjoy the savory flavors packed into the Fall Festivities category. Our Beef Chuck Roast, Free Range Turkey, and Primal Palate AIP Seasoning is on sale along with our 75% Lean Burger Bundle. You'll also find our Paleo Treats® Bandito, Brownie Bomb, and Mustang Bar make excellent Halloween treats and paleo snacks.
Health & Wellness
Researchers know that a lower carb, ketogenic diet can help fight several cognitive diseases and help lessen the effects of aging. Now, they know why this helps your body protect itself. Read the study!

Specials This Week | Save Up To 20%
PLUS, save 15% on every item in the Fall Festivities category until midnight Saturday, October 7th. These items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart. Enjoy!

October Featured Chef
Meet Michelle Hoover, Our USWM Featured Chef for October! Michelle has overcome Hashimoto's Disease through her healing dietary plan. Find out about Michelle's diet, her recipes, and how she has found healing.

Enter To Win | Unbound Wellness Prize Pack
This month, our Featured Chef Prize Pack is worth approximately $150 and includes some sensational items from our store. Register to win...it's quick and easy!

Fresh Chilled Beef | Order Deadline
Order before Noon CST on Friday, October 6th to ensure shipping on Wednesday, October 11th. See our Fresh Chilled Beef items.

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Weekly Specials


Delmonico Steak 14 oz   
Beef Sliders 6 (3 oz)   


Beef Snack Sticks 6 (1.25 oz) sticks
Lamb Rib Chops 2 (6 oz)
Whole Duck 5 lbs 
All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, October 7th, 2017. 
Soy Free 5 Whole Chickens 5 (4 lb) chickens

Soy Free 6 Whole Chickens 6 (3.5 lb) chickens

Regular Beef Pemmican Pail
(2 lbs)

Honey Cherry Free Pemmican Pail
(2 lbs)

Beef French Ribeye
(16-20 oz)

Health News

For several years, medical researchers, doctors and dieticians have known that a low carbohydrate diet and plentiful fat can prevent a range of lifestyle and age-related diseases and thus promote healthy aging. 

But researchers from around the world have not been able to explain why this is the case. They have just been reasonably certain that the energy metabolism and its chemical intermediates (metabolites) play a central role.
Customer Feedback
"A Whole 30 Staple!"
"Phenomenal sausage. This is a weekend breakfast staple during our Whole 30 weekends. We thaw it a little, slice it in patties right through the bag, and cook it slowly on low heat. Highly recommended!" 
Michael F. of Egg Harbor Township, NJ
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Recipe Corner
Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man, shares his Roast Duck recipe for a timely seasonal favorite. You'll enjoy Russ's tips for capturing the absolute best flavors from this dish.

Thanks to Russ Crandall for sharing his recipe. Please visit The Domestic Man for more tips, recipes and his fabulous paleo cookbooks
Farm Photos 

Spring is blooming in Tasmania on the Western Plain Ranch that holds some of the finest soil in the world for grass production.  Soil organic matter in the double digits is off the chart for soil health and the energy it holds for the plants and the animals that consume it.

Meanwhile in Clark County,  Missouri the fall colors are beginning to emerge in a beautiful October sunset. Cattle haircuts are growing long as the winter weather is around the corner. 2017 has flown by in a flash.

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