September 6, 2017    Canton, MO
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Health Article Eating Protein Three Times a Day Could Make Seniors Stronger

Recipe Corner ~ Paleo Short Ribs with Oxtails

All Roasts On Sale - 15% Off All Roasts

Sale Items - Bones, Seasonings, Lamb, Steaks, and More!

Fresh Chilled Beef Orders -  Remember to Order Before Noon (CST) Friday, September 8th - Details Below!

Sugar-Free Product Reviews - Certified Diabetes Educator, Nicole Recine, Shares Her Thoughts on Type 2 Diabetes and Diet

USWM Shout Out -  Culver-Stockton College Hosts Taste of Canton

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Roasts | Bonus Sale
Twenty additional items are on sale this week from our Roast Category. Save 15% on every Roast in stock through midnight Saturday. 
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15% OFFWeekly Sale Items 
Now is the time to stock the freezer with your favorite roasts. Break out the slow cooker and prepare your tastebuds for the delicious flavors and tenderness of our grass-fed roasts. Nothing delights the senses more in cooler weather than the savory smell of a slow-cooked Beef Brisket, Tenderloin Wellington or Chuck Roast.
Recipe Corner
Paleo Short Ribs and Oxtails are on the menu this week and we have Marla Sarris to thank for this treat! Enjoy this gem while our Beef Oxtails are on sale.
Health & Wellness
Loss of muscle is an inevitable consequence of aging that can lead to frailty, falls or mobility problems. Eating the right amount of daily protein is one way to remedy it, but there seems to be a key for getting the full benefit. Find out more!

Sugar-Free Product Reviews
US Wellness Meats welcomes Nicole Recine as a guest product reviewer. Nicole is a Certified Diabetes Instructor and was a recent presenter at KetoCon 2017 in Austin, Texas. Her presentation focused on diabetes and low carb diets.

Fresh Chilled Beef | Order Deadline
Enjoy Fresh Chilled Grass-fed Beef shipped right to your door! Learn more about these special bundles. Please have your order in by Noon CST on Friday, September 8th to ensure shipping on Wednesday, September 13th.

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USWM Shout Out
Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Missouri recently hosted a Taste of Canton Expo. USWM was in attendance and shared our sugar-free Paleo Meat Sticks with students and faculty. Congratulations and best wishes to C-SC students on their academic pursuits.

The hurricane season hasn't let up. USWM has friends, family and livestock in the current path of Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts are also with all those battling wildfires in Montana, Oregon, California and Washington. Please join us in extending our thoughts and prayers to those who may be in harm's way and to those who are still cleaning up after Harvey.

Our Very Best Wishes,
John & Staff on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats

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All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, September 9th, 2017. 
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Health News

Loss of muscle is an inevitable consequence of aging that can lead to frailty, falls or mobility problems. 

The results of the study, which were published recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shed new light on the diet of people in an aging population.
Customer Feedback
"Tasty and tender"
"Braised 2 pounds of these for 3 hours at 300 degrees in a root vegetable, wine and stock mixture. Rich, deep flavor in fork-tender mini-roasts."

Steven H. of Batavia, IL    
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Recipe Corner
With a little help from your slow cooker, this Paleo Short Ribs with Oxtails recipe from past USWM Featured Chef Marla Sarris, will knock your socks off.

Our thanks go out to Marla Sarris who is the author of the cookbook Pigskin Paleo and upcoming cookbook, Paleo MX: Authentic Mexican Recipes, as well as executive producer of the documentary, Minimalism.
Farm Photos 

Four inches of much needed August rain has regenerated pasture growth in Northern Missouri. These cattle are quite content and enjoying their Saturday evening.  

Nebraska cattle are enjoying a lone shade tree not far from Niobrara State Park. Areas of this county are still in native prairie unspoiled by the 20th or 21st centuries!  
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