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Health Article ~ Exercises That Encourage Lean Muscle Mass & Why

Recipe Corner ~  Paleo Bacon Beef Burger & Sweet Potato Mash
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Burger Bundles ~ Save 20% On Grass-fed Ground Beef 
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Dear John,  

Sneaky Superfoods For Back To School
Back to school is an exciting time for everyone involved. However, this time of year can be high stress and require a lot of extra energy out of you and your student. How do you pack the most nutrition into your child's lunches and snacks? Try adding organ meats and bone broth to the menu. Organ meats are packed with nutrients and literally are superfood. You might be thinking you'll never get your kids to eat liver. Not so fast! As a parent, you have license to be as sneaky as you need to be to keep your family healthy.

Here are some 'sneaky' tips to consider:
1. Liverwurst & Braunschweiger are exceptionally nutrient dense. Try smoking some slices on the grill for a snack. The smokiness can help offset the rich flavor of the organ meat. Slice up some grass-fed cheese and you've got an irresistible snack or lunch option.
2. Grind liver or organ sausage into your ground beef when making sliders. This adds a subtle depth of flavor to the burgers and you can't beat the added nutritional benefit. 
3. Send along some spiced up bone broth or homemade soup from broth. Bone broth helps build up immune defenses and proves to be a worthy cold and flu fighter.
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Stephanie Lodge | Exercises That Encourage Lean Muscle Mass & More
Stephanie shares some thoughts from the gym about how to build lean muscle. Which exercises are most appropriate when you need to improve lean mass?

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USWM Shout Out | Sneaky Grass-fed Meatballs from @wellnesswitham
Amber D. (@wellnesswitham) shares this snap of her sneaky creation, Grass-fed Meatballs. This looks amazing and it has all of the super nutrition of grass-fed beef liver. Share your sneaky creations on instagram and be sure to tag us (#uswellnessmeats) so we can post them here. 
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Health & Wellness

Author: Stephanie Lodge
When it comes to building lean muscle, there are multiple components that come into play. Some of the factors involved in building muscle include nutrition, recovery, sleep, a good program, and of course what exercises you're choosing to do in the first place. No matter what kind of lifestyle you may lead, adding resistance training and other types of physical activity are sure to add some health benefits to the overall quality of your life ...

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"Beyond delicious, tender and the most enjoyable filet I've ever eaten! Surpasses the best restaurants over all these years I thought I was eating the very best. 
I am so grateful to have come across US Wellness Meats as there isn't anything I can compare when it comes to the overall quality, freshness and taste of assorted fishes, meats and poultry. Each order is carefully packed with ice bags in a cold Mylar-type bag and sealed tightly in a cooler with a handwritten note of gratitude. The outer box arrived warm because of the environment where I live, yet the contents of my order were still frozen and in excellent condition.
There REALLY is a difference! With my gratitude and thanks!"
Adele B. of Rancho Mirage, CA
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Recipe Corner
Whoever originally came up with the idea of pairing bacon with burgers was a genius. It's a combination made in culinary heaven! Of course, you've always got to fight with the bacon to keep it from sliding off the burger. Chef George Bryant has solved this dilemma.

Our thanks to George Bryant, from Civilized Caveman Cooking for sharing his amazing creation. Check out the other exciting paleo recipes George is cooking up. 
Farm Photos 

This shoulder deep forage was planted in a 12 species cover crop. Pastures are in perfect form for growing beef and building soil on the eve of August 7th in Lewis County, Missouri. Cattle are enjoying this loaded salad bar in peak performance.  

This unique picture in from our South Alabama pasture operation showing cattle under the watchful eye of 25 cattle egrets perched on the fence and the lawn behind. These birds are natural fly and insect feeders that will perch on cattle backs and provide very economical fly and pest control!   

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