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Health Article ~ Get Hooked On Wild-Caught Seafood

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Golden Globe Update ~ Istvan Kopar Sails Toward Cape of Good Hope
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Dear John,  

Superfoods Provide Super Nutrition
It can be difficult for some people to get excited about eating organ meats. Others absolutely love the rich flavors. The nutritional benefits are well worth the effort to include them in your diet. Grass-fed organ meats boast a high concentration of a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Organ meats also provide more nutritional bang for your buck as they tend to be a real value. This article from our friend, The Paleo Mom, has a ton of useful information.

In previous generations, beef liver, chicken gizzards, hearts, organ sausages and other more obscure organ meats were relatively common foods. If you're struggling with how to serve these in your home, here are a couple ideas to try:

  1. Breakfast - Crumble grass-fed Braunschweiger or Liverwurst into your morning egg scramble, omelette, or casserole. This gets the day started on the right track and it's a delicious treat for young and old.
  2. Lunch - Beef Tongue Tacos are amazing and seriously...who doesn't like tacos?
  3. Dinner - Crumble grass-fed Liverwurst into your ground meat for hidden liver burgers or meatballs. Or, try USWM Keto Burger with Beef Heart in your next casserole.
Category Sale | All Organs
This week a bundle on USWM sustainably raised organ meatsCategory sale items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart.

Golden Globe Race | Puffin Update
Check out the updates here. Twelve sailors remain in the GGR class approaching the Cape of Good Hope. Istvan was able to repair the leak in the bow of Puffin and it seems to be sealed satisfactorily and holding. He's keeping up his energy with USWM protein onboard in the form of Pemmican. Protein + Healthy Fats = Energy
Winner Announced
Our thanks to Chef Gabriella Mezanava for hosting the Beyond The Bite Prize Pack Giveaway. Congratulations go out to Tristyn R. of Succasunna, New Jersey for winning the $100 AIP prize pack!
USWM Shout Out | Organ Meat Trifecta
Our thanks to Erin ( for sharing this superfood snap on Instagram. Be sure to tag us (#uswellnessmeats) on Instagram so we can share the joy and join in the conversation.
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Health & Wellness

Author: Ashley Martens
Wild-caught fish get their nutrients, specifically their Omega-3's, from eating aquatic plants. On the other hand, farm raised fish are fed corn, soy and high protein pellet fish feed that contain little to no nutritional value for the fish. This unnatural diet also means that some fish may accumulate unhealthy levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are inflammatory by nature...
Customer Feedback
On sale this week!

"Super flavorful and perfect for a hot grill!"

"This is my first time ordering skirt steak and I marinated it for an afternoon with fresh lime juice, soy sauce, ginger, star anise and roasted sesame oil. Perfect quick meal on the grill with some grilled zucchini, I'm so glad I purchased four packages!
Kathleen M. of Santa Cruz, CA
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Recipe Corner
Is it true, you can only get a good Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia?
The good folks at America's Test Kitchen have come up with a recipe that will leave you thinking you're in the city of brotherly love. Skirt steak is an inexpensive cut that makes great sandwich meat when sliced thin.

Our thanks to the chefs at America's Test Kitchen for uncovering the secret of the cheesesteak. ATK is the home of Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country magazines and is the workday destination for more than four dozen test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists.
Farm Photos 

Very content cattle taking a grazing break in a multi-forage species cover crop paddock.   The more choices in their pasture salad bar, the better the animals respond. This was never an issue 300 years ago in the Great Plains when huge herds of bison managed the landscape. 

These cattle are on a conventional perennial pasture which displays fewer choices to select from. The drought in areas of Missouri this summer have impacted pastures in a wide swath of the state. This pasture would be much greener and vibrant with normal rainfall.

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