December 12, 2018  Canton, MO
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Surviving Mother Nature
The 30,000 mile race is grueling enough, but this week was particularly rough for our friends sailing around the world in the Golden Globe Race. Susie Goodall was in 4th place until she was caught in a fierce storm and capsized breaking her mast. Her boat was tossed around in rough seas for days before a cargo ship, the MV Tian Fu came to her rescue. Unfortunately, her boat will be lost as it is filling with water, but she is alive and well.

Another GGR sailor, Igor Zaretskiy had to seek the nearest port in Western Australia due to a massive growth of barnacles on the under side of his boat. Barnacles have slowed progress of several boats in the race.

Good news for USWM sponsored pilot, Istvan Kopar. He has fashioned a bearing for his steering mechanism that seems to be holding up nicely and he's picked up speed nearing Cape Horn. Istvan loaded almost 3,000 USWM Pemmican Bars on his boat, Puffin, at the start of the race for sustenance. He's also carrying Pouched Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel. Istvan has sailed over 18,000 nautical miles since the start of the race July 1st. Click Here to follow the Golden Globe Race.

Health & Wellness | 10 Winter Wellness Tips
Many people dread winter. It brings along darker days, less sunshine, and cold. It can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, it also offers up many opportunities to gather with family and friends to celebrate. Ashley Martens shares 10 Tips for Winter Wellness.

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This week we're offering our Holiday Cheer category at 15% Off. Save on more than 20 of our favorite holiday food items.

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Last Chance To Enter
You still have a few hours left to enter our December Featured Chef Contest. One lucky reader will win a $150 bundle of tasty USWM foods.

30 Days Of Whole30 Giveaways | Dr. J.J. Gregor
Our friend and Whole30 Coach Dr. J.J. Gregor is hosting 30 Days of Giveaways during the month of December. You might even see some prizes you recognize.
Shout Out | USWM 'Naked Bacon' With Brooke Perlman
Our Sugar-Free Pasture Raised Pork Bacon is uncured and has two ingredients: hickory smoked pork & sea salt. We also have DIY Fresh Side Bacon for the adventurous. If you haven't tried our 'Naked Bacon', you really don't know what you're missing. Brooke Perlman shares this snap of her latest USWM order ready to cook. 

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Health & Wellness

Many of us resist winter. It's dark, cold and let's face it, winter can be downright depressing. Like the Earth, our bodies and minds naturally gravitate towards restoration and an overall slower pace of life during the winter months, yet society demands we continue the same dizzying pace we maintained during the warmer weather months of spring and summer...
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"Made it Sous Vide... such an awesome method to cook your wonderful grass fed beef! Second time I've purchased these great little steaks. I used my new sous vide cooking method this time. I thought they were good before, cooking them sous vide gave them a taste and texture like tenderloin!"

Lauren L. of Mokena, IL 

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Recipe Corner
Here's a classic breakfast dish that will have you up with the sun and ready to enjoy a savory early morning meal. Of course this dish isn't reserved only for breakfast as it makes a wonderful lunch or dinner as well.

Our thanks to Sean Coonce of Pastured Kitchen for sharing his sous vide recipe.  
Farm Photos 

Missouri cows and calves taking in the afternoon sun on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Missouri has many acres not suitable for crop production but ideal for cow calf operations.  By using managed grazing, the land can be vastly improved via carbon sequestration.  

This group of cows are in excellent health and body condition. They have produced a high quality set of calves this Fall. These mother cows are good guardians. They fend off coyotes, bobcats and a few mountain lions living along this Mississippi River bluff pasture.  

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