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Scott Mendelson - High Calorie Day For Excellent Rates Of Fat Burning With High Energy

Recipe Corner - Thai Peanut Zoodles With Curry Meatballs

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Greetings John,   

Know Your Food
The healthy, real food community is ever growing and reaching new areas of the population. This is encouraging because the efforts of so many people are paying dividends in health and wellness. Real people are living happier, healthier lives.

For over seventeen years, USWM has been working to spread the word far and wide. We hope you're sharing this information with your friends and family too. Please feel free to pass along the links you find in these newsletters. Whether you enjoy delicious recipes, health articles, contests, or new personalities, every little bit helps in the effort to build awareness. Do you know your food and where it comes from? 

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Scott Mendelson | High Calorie Day For Excellent Rates Of Fat Burning With High Energy
Do you ever get tired of your food choices when trying to stay on a diet? Scott has some ideas to change things up and improve your fat burning efforts. Read his High Calorie Day article for tips on getting more out of your meal plan.

Prize Pack Winners
January has been a busy month for giveaways at USWM. Congratulations to the winners listed below:
  • Kathy S. of Arvada, CO won the New Year's Pivot2Table Prize Pack
  • Lauren J. of Chambersburg, PA won a USWM/Whole30 Prize Pack
  • Joy R. of Providence, RI won a USWM/Whole30 Prize Pack
  • Walter C. of New Haven, CT won a USWM/Modern Athletic Health Prize Pack
Keep your eyes open for more opportunities to win this month. It's not over yet!

USWM Shout Out | Vote For Paleo Magazine's "Best Of Paleo"  
Here's your opportunity to vote for your favorites in the paleo community. Paleo Magazine is giving you the opportunity to share your opinions. US Wellness Meats is listed under the Best Meat/Seafood Delivery category. Here's where we put in a shameless plug for your vote! Hurry...get your vote in before it closes on the 19th.

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Athlete's Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
We are just two weeks into the New Year and I am getting bored as well as hungry with our food choices. This has us worried as in the past it has been one of the factors that has made consistency very hard as it pertains to the right food choices necessary for losing body fat. What can we do to keep things fresh? 
~ Brenda and Matt, Buffalo Grove, IL  
Customer Feedback
"Stew was the best!"
"I tried your stew meat last night and my family didn't talk at dinner, except a few grunts. For about 10 minutes there was no talking, just eating. That's the sign they LOVE what they are eating. I'm 60 yrs old, been cooking since I was 10, I've never seen such meat, stew meat that so beautiful! Not all grizzle and fat. Bravo!!! I'm back for more!"

Barbara T. of Salem, MA   
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Recipe Corner

Have you noticed the increased interest in Thai food? There seems to be a growing attraction. Well, here's a relatively quick dish that offers the combination of grass-fed beef and Thai flavors that is sure to impress. Try this Thai Zoodles recipe and you may find yourself falling head over heels for Thai food too. 
USWM thanks to our friend Peyson Shields for this amazing Thai Zoodles Recipe. Peyson is a recipe developer and writer who makes her home in Kansas City.
Farm Photos  
While most of the USA shivers,
the land south of I-10 escapes with
minimal frost damage and these cattle
are quite happy with their location on
the Gulf Coast.

Mid morning siesta for this group of cattle.  While they rest, the 4-chambered GI track is working tirelessly producing meat rich in omega 3, CLA and branch chain amino acids. Sunshine, soil carbon, water and green plants are a winning combination.

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