June 27, 2018    Canton, MO
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Health Article ~ Managing Seizures: The Keto Diet & Gut Bacteria

Golden Globe Race ~ USWM Is Proud To Sponsor Istvan Kopar

Recipe Corner ~  Grilled T-Bone Steak Recipe From America's Test Kitchen

Burger Bundle ~ Ground Beef Bundle Special...Save 20%
Sale Items ~ T-Bone Steak, Beef Jerky, Rabbit, Trail Mix, Broth, And More
Category Sale ~ Save On 80+ Items In "PALEO FAVORITES"

New Product ~ Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

Enter To Win ~ The Bordeaux Kitchen Prize Winner Announced

Chilled Beef Bundles ~ Available For A Limited Time

USWM Shout Out ~ Paleo Snack Shack

Dear John,

Circumnavigating The Globe | Powered By Pemmican
USWM has been exceptionally blessed to work with some of the world's outstanding athletes. We have customers on professional baseball and football teams, weight lifters, college athletic programs, cross-fit trainers, strongmen and strongwomen, marathon athletes and more. Athletes train their bodies to compete at the highest levels and require the highest quality nutrition. That's where USWM comes into the equation.
We are excited to announce our sponsorship of Istvan Kopar in the 2018 Golden Globe Race to solo circumnavigate the globe. Race rules require sailing vessels to be less than 35 ft with pre-1968 electronics. Navigation will be done by sextant and paper charts. USWM is providing nourishment for Istvan's nearly 30,000 mile voyage. Since he needs strength to endure, and space is limited on a small craft, Istvan will be taking along 2,968 Pemmican Bars, Sardines, Mackerel, and Pouched Salmon. The race begins July 1st from Les Sables-d'Olonne, France. Follow Istvan's progress here and on our social media channels at #PoweredByPemmican. Our prayers and best wishes are with you Istvan.
Holiday Shipping Reminder
FedEx and USWM offices will be closed July 4th in recognition of the holiday. Any orders placed after 10 am (CT) Wednesday, July 4th will be shipped the following week.
Category Sale | Paleo Favorites
Browse our Paleo Favorites category for savings on over 80 items in our store:  Paleo Meat Snacks, Braunschweiger, Beef Head Cheese, NY Strip Steaks, Liverwurst, Pemmican and lots more! This sale runs through Saturday, June 30th. 
Category sale items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart.
New Product | Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar
We are pleased to offer a new dairy-free chocolate bar to our store. These bars are made from beans sourced from Del Tambo, Ecuador and are dairy-free, gluten-free, certified kosher, and vegan. We hope you enjoy these delicious new artisan chocolate bars from our friends at Askinosie. See our Healthy Snacks category for chocolate, nut butters, trail mixes, jerky, nuts, pork rinds and more!
Winner Announced | Bordeaux Kitchen Prize Pack
Our thanks to the 3,400+ entrants in The Bordeaux Kitchen Giveaway. Congratulations to Fred S. of Paradis, Louisiana. Fred is the winner of The Bordeaux Kitchen by Tania Teschke and a bundle of US Wellness Meats!
Fresh Chilled Beef Bundles | Order Soon
Our fresh chilled beef bundles are available through Friday, July 6th. These bundles will be shipped Wednesday, July 11th. Find out more about our fresh bundles.
USWM Shout Out | Paleo Snack Shack
Thanks to Paleo Snack Shack for this very carnivorous meal. We love it! Paleo Snack Shack specializes in finding healthy snacks and meals for travel. Share your own moments or recipes and tag us on Instagram at #uswellnessmeats.
Best Regards,
John & Staff on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats

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Salt-Free Pemmican Pail
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Health News

UCLA scientists have identified specific gut bacteria that play an essential role in the anti-seizure effects of the high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet.

The study, published today in the journal Cell, is the first to establish a causal link between seizure susceptibility and the gut microbiota - the 100 trillion or so bacteria and other microbes that reside in the human body's intestines...
Customer Feedback
Volume Discount this week!

"This is delicious!  Very flavorful... I put some beef tallow on my griddle and cooked from there.  Sliced into thin medallions and we all loved it!  Will definitely be reordering this 
Kathleen R. of Oak Forest, IL     
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Recipe Corner
T-bone steaks are really two steaks - a tender New York strip steak on one side of the bone and a buttery, quicker-cooking tenderloin on the other. We wanted both parts to cook evenly and sport a dark (but not blackened) crust, smoky aroma, and deep grilled flavor.

Our thanks to the creative chefs at America's Test Kitchen for this instructional grilling how-to. For thousands of recipes and updated equipment ratings and taste tests or to sign up for a free trial issue of Cook's Illustrated or Cook's Country magazine, visit: CooksIllustrated.com or CooksCountry.com
Farm Photos 

This picture could have been taken in year 1718 and been completely the same today. Please note wild bison grazing with the legendary hills of the Badlands in the distance. This tour was led by our friends with Wild Idea Buffalo Company in
Rapid City, SD.   

The magic of the Gulf Coast is alive and well with fertile soils, summer annual grasses, and content cattle knee deep in high-energy grass. American agriculture has great diversity from the Alabama coast to the Badlands of South Dakota.   

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