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Sugar Overdose
Breakfast cereals, fruit drinks, sodas, snacks, sauces and most everything on the grocery store shelves come loaded with an extra helping of sugar. One serving can easily put a person over the top for their daily recommended sugar intake. 

Check your labels! Choose to eat healthier. When something catches your eye, turn the package over and read the ingredients. What's hiding inside that makes it so irresistible?

Children are especially susceptible to the affects of sugar. It makes sense, their bodies are smaller. US Wellness Meats offers a wide variety of sugar-free foods your family will love: snacks, sausages, bacon, and more!

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Nicole Recine | Keto and Snacking
Nicole explores the why's of snacking. Is there a place for it? Dieting is individualized. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Ketogenic diets may offer a solution to the constant cravings that bring on binge snacking. 
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Jenna Mostowski is our March Featured Chef. If you haven't been introduced, see her Q&A page and favorite recipes.

USWM Shout Out | How To Stop Eating Sugar
Writing for the NY Times, David Leonhardt examines why sugar has been added to almost every food item and what you can do to avoid it. Cudos to David for shedding some light on a increasingly disturbing issue.
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Health News

By: Nicole Recine, RN MSN CDE

I am often asked about snacking while on a ketogenic diet. Snacking is an interesting topic. There are a lot of factors to consider when making recommendations, and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  

Context matters. In this article, I will discuss the topic of snacking on a ketogenic diet, and provide a few suggestions for snack options in cases where snacking may be indicated...
Customer Feedback

"Beyond words..."
"Cooked up beautifully in the crock pot and the taste was exceptional as well as the tenderness. Didn't leave that funky white haze on the walls of the ceramic bowl or leave the house 'stinky of cooked meat', either. Joey, my puppy, sat and looked up at the counter for most of the day hoping to have a sample of what he thought would be part of his dinner. Hands and paws down, this is the absolute best tasting meat! There REALLY is a difference!!" 
Adele B. of Rancho Mirage, CA     
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Recipe Corner
Sometimes you just need a burger! Why settle for any old burger though? This recipe from Chef Laura is quick and easy. It's the perfect lunch when time is limited. Start with 100% grass-fed ground beef and bison for a rich flavor profile. Serve this up to your hungry family and watch them devour this beef & bison burger!

Our thanks to Chef Laura for this delicious burger. If you're ever in Northeast Missouri and need a chef, look up Who Cooks For You?
Farm Photos 

Happy cattle taking a midday break while preparing for the late afternoon trip to the pasture salad bar. Meanwhile the upper Midwest and Northeast are still in the grip of Old Man Winter.  

Absolute contentment in ideal pasture conditions is the rule of this perfect March day. Only 15 miles away, the Gulf of Mexico shoreline is over-flowing with Spring Break college students!  

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