October 17, 2018    Canton, MO
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Health Article ~ 8 Ways To Get Grounded This Fall Season

Recipe Corner ~  Mincemeat Pie Filling

Golden Globe Update ~ Stormy Seas, Capsizing, & Flying Toolboxes

Apple Crop ~ 2018 Missouri Organic Apple Butter & Apple Sauce (Limited)

Sale Items ~ T-Bone, Kabobs, Bones, Shredded Beef, Salami & More
Category Sale ~ Save On 15+ 'KETO' Category Items

USWM Shout Out ~ Meat Myth Shutdown Contest & Total Transformations

Dear John,  

Fall Harvest Feasting
Fall has welcomed in a good harvest of Missouri apples here in northeast Missouri. We're offering a limited quantity of Apple Butter and Apple Sauce from our friends at Blue Heron Apple Orchard. Blue Heron was the first certified organic orchard in Missouri and they are just up the road a few miles from US Wellness Farms. Blue Heron uses a variety of sweet-tart apples to make their special recipe sauce and butter. 

For those of us who can't wait for Thanksgiving, we've got a wonderful Mincemeat Pie recipe in our Recipe Corner. This is a traditional family recipe from our very own culinary wizard. Laura is also on the US Wellness customer service team so many of our faithful customers have talked to her on the phone about how to prepare grass-fed and pasture raised meats. 

Health & Wellness | 8 Ways To Get Grounded This Fall Season
Ashley Martens checks in with 8 Ways To Get Grounded This Fall Season. Changing seasons can be hard on a body, but Ashley has some recommendations for staying on track and celebrating autumn.

Category Sale | KETO
This week we have an additional 15+ items on sale from our KETO category. Everything in the KETO category is 15% off through Saturday at 10 pm CDT. Stock up on foods loaded with healthy fats like: Beef French Ribeye, Anchor Salted Butter, Beef Tri-Tip Roast, Beef, Patties 55% Lean Keto Bombs, Pork Leaf Lard, and more!

Category sale items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart. Sale ends 10 pm (CDT), Saturday, October 6th.

Golden Globe Race | Stormy Seas, Capsizing & Flying Toolboxes
When you are piloting a 35 ft sailing vessel solo around the globe there are bound to be challenges. 9 of 18 sailors have retired from the Golden Globe Race. Storms have claimed at least a couple of boats, landing one sailor in the hospital. A flying toolbox from rough seas has left one pilot with injured ribs. Learn more about the history of the race, get the latest news and track their progress here! Listen to Istvan Kopar's latest radio transmission here.
Shout Out | Meat Myth Shutdown Contest & Total Transformation
Self-transformed leptin expert Kat James will be featuring Standard Soil's Allen Williams rebuttals to recent-and irresponsible-anti-meat propaganda claiming unsustainability of meat consumption on her upcoming radio show on SiriusXM. She'll also be featuring USWM's delicious products at her upcoming Total Transformation® Program on the Tennessee River, in support of her world-renowned leptin-harnessing protocol. We encourage you to check out her Program which has an unrivaled track record for transforming health and lives. 

Also, the James broadcast has inspired a contest. Send us your most concise science-supported rebuttal to the "meat consumption is unsustainable" argument and we'll choose and then feature the winning post in an upcoming newsletter and in James' upcoming show. We'll send the winner a mouthwatering collection of their favorite USWM products. Send your entry to GrasslandContest@gmail.com
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Weekly Specials


T-Bone Steak  16 oz
Beef Neck Bones 1.25 lbs
Beef Salami 8 oz   
Chicken Stock 2.2 lbs


Beef Marrow Bone Stock

All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. 

Beef Ribeye Primal
(6.25 lbs)

(16 oz)

Ground Chicken Backs
(1 lb)

Health & Wellness

Author: Ashley Martens
The carefree days of the summer season are behind us and we are beginning to get settled into fall. Unlike the summer months, the fall season is less about external action and more about internal action.

After a busy summer spent with family, friends and neighbors, take some time to get grounded.
Customer Feedback
Volume discount this week!

"I love these perfect little snacks!"

"I have found the perfect snack food for traveling!!! I now will never be able to live without these nutritious, all natural snack stick ends! They are absolutely delicious and have made me very, very happy!"

Mary M. of Stafford, VA 

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Recipe Corner
Here's a traditional favorite for fall...Mincemeat Pie. This delicious sweet & savory dish comes to us from our very own US Wellness culinary enthusiast, Laura L. Laura's mincemeat pie recipe is complete with a paleo pie crust so you'll be well prepared for family and friends with gluten or other grain sensitivities.

Our thanks to Chef Laura. Laura is the US Wellness Meats on-site chef and food consultant. She is a recipe developer and owns/operates Who Cooks For You?, a local catering company.
Farm Photos 

Wood Farms lead steer is leading 120 animals single file across a lake dam to the next paddock. Plenty of green grass for late season grazing. 

800 miles away cattle are grazing contently in South Alabama. Mid October is the best of both grazing worlds. Temperatures have cooled and gains are impressive.  

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