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Health Article ~ Omega-3 Supplementation: Is The Hype Real?

Recipe Corner ~ 
 Seven-Hour Slow Cooked Leg Of Lamb

Golden Globe Update ~ Southern Sea Storms, New Zealand & Barnacles

New Look ~ Website Updates

Sale Items ~ Sugar Free Bacon Brats, Steaks, BBQ Ribs, Gelatin & More
Category Sale ~ Save On 15+ 'All Sausage' Category Items

Fresh Chilled Beef ~ Limited Time Bundles Available

USWM Shout Out ~ Carrie Forrest Discusses 8 Tips For Reintroducing Meat

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A Time For Feasting
This is the time of year for enjoying the fruits of labor. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with it comes the wonderful flavors of pasture raised turkey, ham, leg of lamb and standing rib roasts. If you're looking forward to a feast on farm fresh, all-natural foods this holiday season, consider ordering early to make sure you have what you need for your gatherings. Enjoy the season!

Eating healthy requires a certain level of trust and knowledge of where your food comes from. US Wellness maintains a level of trust with our customers that is unsurpassed. For almost 20 years our farm families have been dedicated to the task of improving soil quality, raising healthy animals, and offering clean, whole foods to as many people as possible. Thank you for supporting our farm to table approach.

New Look | Website Updates
If you've been to our online store, you'll notice we've freshened things up a bit. We hope the new look is appealing. If you haven't seen it, now is as good a time as any.

Health & Wellness | Omega-3 Supplementation: Is The Hype Real?
Nicole Recine shares this report on Omega-3 Supplementation and challenges some of the hype surrounding these products. Is there a difference between the benefits of dietary supplements and nutrition found in whole foods?

Category Sale | All Sausage
This week we have an additional 15+ items on sale from our All Sausage category. Everything in the "All Sausage" category is 15% off through Saturday at 10 pm CDT. Stock up on healthier alternatives: Beef Liverwurst, Salami, Bison Chorizo, Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage, Bratwurst, and more!

Category sale items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart. Sale ends 10 pm (CDT), Saturday, November 3rd.

Fresh Chilled Beef | Limited Time Bundles
We have a limited quantity of Fresh Chilled Beef Bundles available until Friday, November 2nd. These bundles will be shipped Wednesday, November 7th. For more information on our Fresh Chilled Beef, see our FAQ.

Golden Globe Race | Southern Sea Storms, New Zealand, & Barnacles
We've been following the progress of our brave sailors for over 120 days now. These men and women are approaching New Zealand's southern coast while the leader has pulled ahead of the pack. Storms and barnacles have become the bane of several sailors. Some have attempted to remove barnacles while others have learned to live with the irritating crustacean. Learn more about the history of the race, get the latest news and track their progress here!
Shout Out | How To Reintroduce Meat After Being Vegan Or Vegetarian
Former featured chef, Carrie Forrest was a strict vegan for over 3 years before changing course and seeking more nourishment from a wider range of whole foods. Carrie discusses this topic candidly and shares from her own experiences.
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Beef Minute Steaks  4 (6 oz)


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Beef Tongue
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Health & Wellness

Author: Nicole Recine, APRN
In recent years, omega-3 supplements have become the popular supplement for cardiovascular health. Other proposed, but less established, benefits of omega-3 supplements included improved brain health, decreased risk of breast and colorectal cancer, and reduced inflammation...
Customer Feedback
On sale this week!

"Wonderful flavor!"

"Cooked this steak for 2-3 minutes on each side in a screaming hot pan and then let it rest. Sliced it thin and put it on a large green salad. So delish and healthy. Definitely will buy again!"

Sandra P. of Auburn, WA 

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Recipe Corner
This simple leg of lamb recipe originates from the Pyrénées mountain in Southwestern France and is adapted from our August 2017 Featured Chef Tania Teschke's book, The Bordeaux Kitchen, published by Primal Blueprint. 

Our thanks to Chef Tania Teschke for this beautiful dish. Tania is on a book tour promoting her new cookbook, The Bordeaux Kitchen. For More recipes and cooking tips, check out Tania's food blog.
Farm Photos 

These cattle are waiting patiently for the control wire in front of them to open. In a matter of minutes they will be enjoying well-rested pasture.  

Happy Red Angus cows and calf are resting after last round of grazing for the day. They will be up at dawn to repeat the daily grazing sequence.  

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