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November 6, 2019     Canton, Missouri     





Scott Mendelson - Burning 20lbs For A Holiday Season Vacation With Flexible Fasting


Recipe Corner - Simple Baked Paleo Pork Belly


Turkey Time - Pasture Raised Turkeys Are In Stock


New Sale Items - Ribeye, Hickory Smoked Beef Bacon, Tri Tips, Sugar-Free Brats, Heat & Serve Pot Roast, Pemmican and More


New Products - New Sirloin Roast & Keto Steaks


Enter To Win - Win A $150 Bundle Of Farm Fresh Foods


Alabama Tailgate - Grass-Fed Beef And Football


Shout Out - Loving Liverwurst

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"Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it's how you combine them that sets you apart." - Wolfgang Puck, Chef


Holiday Flavor

This time of year is full of family gatherings, holiday get togethers, dinner parties, and social events. It's a time for joy and the season we get to practice our willpower and self-restraint. This can be downright challenging, especially when there are sometimes tables loaded with pies, sweet desserts, and other confections.


Some of our favorite holiday dishes include Pasture Raised Turkey baked to perfection and filling the house with that amazing aroma, Grass-fed Beef Standing Rib Roasts, Wild-Caught Shrimp for appetizers, Whole Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin for a melt-in-your-mouth treat, Boneless Grass-fed Leg of Lamb Roast with savory seasonings, and Pasture Raised Heirloom Pork Sirloin Roast


The holidays bring forth a multitude of rich flavors along with opportunities to overindulge. Make a plan now, before the holidays, and do your best to stick to it. Decide your limits and what you'll stay away from. Will it be one slice of pumpkin pie or two? Best to make those choices now and determine what's best while you're thinking clearly. Once you're sitting at the table, things get more complicated. Most importantly, enjoy the season and the people around you. An extra helping of turkey or even a dollop of whipped topping won't hurt that much!


Scott Mendelson has some ideas for staying fit and trim through the holidays. Check out his latest article on our Discover Blog. 


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Enter To Win | Win A $150 Bundle Of Farm Fresh Foods

We have numerous opportunities throughout the year to win free food. We like to share the joys of farm fresh, pasture raised foods so here's another chance to win! This contest ends Wednesday, November 13th and one lucky winner will be chosen at random. Of course you can't win the prize if you don't enter the contest. It's super simple, click here to enter...just takes a few seconds.


Turkey Time | Pasture Raised Holiday Turkeys Are In Stock

We just received shipment of various size pasture raised turkeys from our poultry farms. It's perfect timing to save money on your holiday food shopping. These birds are GMO free, antibiotic free, receive no hormones, and spend their time roaming green pastures in northeast Indiana. Order today while we have a good selection. Check out our Discover Blog for help with preparing your turkey for the big day.


New Products | Sirloin Roast & Keto Steaks

Our expert meat cutters are at it again. We recently added two new grass-fed beef cuts to our store. Our 2.5lb Beef Sirloin Ball Cap Roast makes a perfect holiday roast. Slow cooked with your favorite seasonings, slice and serve....mmm! For the Keto fans out there, we have a new thin sliced Beef Sirloin Keto Steak bundle. These flavorful steaks cook up fast and are ready for lunch, dinner or a protein pick-me-up!


Alabama Tailgate | Grass-Fed Beef And Football

Every great football tailgate needs great food. We recently had the opportunity to travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for a game day. Before Alabama and Arkansas faced off, we were serving up some delicious samples right outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Some of the samples we provided were grass-fed beef sliders, beef meatballs, sugar-free franks, and so much more. It was so fun meeting other passionate foodies and spreading the word of regenerative agriculture.


Are you a football fan? Check out the Captain's Corner Podcast sponsored by US Wellness Meats. Hosts John Parker Wilson and Rashad Johnson talk all things Alabama Football and are often joined by some very special guests. 


Shout Out | Loving Liverwurst

One product that has quickly become a favorite amongst our patrons may surprise some of you. It is Liverwurst! This delicious and nutritious organ sausage is made from Grass-Fed Beef Trim (50%), Beef Liver (20%), Beef Heart (15%), and Beef Kidney (15%). Over time we have seen our customers come up with different ways to enjoy Liverwurst. One of the most recent was by Tifani (@foxvalleyketocoach). Tifani enjoyed a lettuce, bacon, cheese, and sour cream salad, topped with Liverwurst. Thank you Tifani for sharing this tasty idea. 


If you'd like to share your favorite dish, meal, product, or unboxing, please tag your post with #uswellnessmeats and you may show up in this space!




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Beef Petite Ribeye Steak - 8 oz
Beef Petite Ribeye Steak - 8 oz
BEEF Sugar Free Bacon Slices - 1 lb.
BEEF Sugar Free Bacon Slices - 1 lb.
Beef Sirloin Tip Steaks - 2 (8 oz) steaks
Beef Sirloin Tip Steaks - 2 (8 oz) steaks
Natural Smoked Pork Bratwurst - Sugar Free - five 0.25lb. sausages
Natural Smoked Pork Bratwurst - Sugar Free - five 0.25lb. sausages
Regular Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs.
Regular Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs.
Beef Liverwurst - 1 lb.
Beef Liverwurst - 1 lb.


Beef Heart (2.4 lbs)


Beef Suet (5 lbs)



grassfed steaks

Burning 20lbs For A Holiday Season Vacation With Flexible Fasting


By Scott Mendelson




"My husband and I both need to lose 20 pounds of body fat before a vacation during the holiday season to Turks and Caicos so we can look great on the beach. What is the best way to set up fasting protocols in regards to the timing and the length? How should exercise be scheduled when using fasts?"


~ Monica, Chicago




Beef Liverwurst


"The Best Liverwurst I've Had"




"We love this and eat it for breakfast once or twice a week. My toddler loves it and I feel so good about feeding it to my family! Plus it tastes great!"


~ Stacey, California

pork belly

Recipe picture courtesy of Marla Sarris

Simple Baked Paleo Pork Belly Recipe


By: Marla Sarris


With cold weather approaching, many of us are craving something savory. We are so thankful to Marla Sarris for this Simple Baked Paleo Pork Belly recipe. This is a recipe that will fill your house with a delicious aroma. It will be a dish the whole family will enjoy. 


Learn more about Marla and discover new recipes on her blog. 



Happy cows and calves enjoying a beautiful day after 4 inches of rare October snow in Clark County Missouri. This landscape has been managed by US Wellness Meats founding member Mr. Kenneth Suter. Mr. Suter has been practicing regenerative agriculture on this property over the last 40 years. The cattle show signs of excellent body condition which ties to 40 years of healthy soil management. When the soils are healthy, soils expand, plants thrive, livestock and consumers flourish with minimal inputs.

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