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bone broth

October 7, 2020     Canton, Missouri     





Scott Mendelson - Integrated Approaches Create Rapid Fat Loss Conditions


Recipe Corner - Chile Lime Roasted Chicken


Product Focus - Free-Range Pasture Raised Chicken: Everything You Need To Know


Enter To Win - Win A $150 Keto Food Bundle


Winners Announced - 20th Anniversary Giveaway


Review The Food - What Customers Say


Weekly Sale Items - Whole Beef Tenderloin Primal, Whole Chicken, Grass-fed Butter, Chicken Backs, Wild-Caught Pouched Salmon, 100% Wild Rice Bundle


October 2020 Featured Chef - Mike (Gormy) Gorman


Shout Out - Keto Pizza From Scratch

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"There is nothing like soup. It is by nature eccentric: no two are ever alike, unless of course you get your soup in a can."

~ Laurie Colwin, American Writer

Conquer Colds & Flu

Cooler months usually bring along cold and flu season...Ugh! This year it doesn't seem to have ended. With Covid being a part of our lives for several months now, staying healthy remains on the top of our minds. Good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices have never been more important than they are today. We want to give our bodies a fighting chance and the best way to do that is through a healthy gut, exercise, and nourishment with good quality, whole foods. Quality matters! Too many sugars, pesticides, herbicides, dyes, stabilizers, etc. cause the body to expend valuable energy on processing extraneous or foreign ingredients. That's energy that the body could use to build, repair, and fight off attacks. 


What are some good whole foods to help us stay healthy and ward off sickness? Superfoods are a good place to start. Grandma would have said a good soup with plenty of bone broth is a must. As usual, she'd be right. Bone broth has been linked to improved gut health and digestion along with numerous other health benefits. So, when you roast a whole chicken or turkey, make sure you save the carcass for broth. US Wellness carries bones for broth too. The tastiest soups begin with a rich, flavorful stock. Organ meats are another excellent source of concentrated nutrition. We have a variety of organ meats available, from beef and bison liver and kidneys, ground beef with blends of organ meats, to sausages like Liverwurst or Braunschweiger. There are obvious advantages to eating "nose to tail" as so much good nutrition is stored up in parts of the animal that many might throw away. We encourage you to eat healthy and know where your food comes from.


Product Focus | Free Range Pastured Chicken

What's the difference between free range, pasture raised chicken and conventionally raised chicken? Imagine yourself not having access to the outdoors and being confined and crowded into a small, enclosed space all day long. That doesn't sound like a very healthy arrangement. Conventional poultry spends most of its time inside. Free range, pastured poultry spends most of the day outside wandering green pastures foraging for food. Read more about the differences on our Discover Blog.


Enter To Win | Win A $150 Bundle Of Keto Food

Here's a great opportunity to load up on free food! Stock your freezer for FREE! It takes only seconds to enter and there are several options to choose from. Our contest ends midnight Wednesday, 10/14 so enter soon. After the contest ends, we'll choose a random winner for this Keto Prize Pack loaded with Featured Chef, Mike Gorman's favorites.


Discount Code Ends Tonight

Stock up on all-natural, farm fresh foods and save with your special discount code. Add discount code "FOCUS" to your US Wellness Meats shopping cart at checkout and SAVE 15% on your order. We have over 400 all-natural reasons to smile in our store.


- "FOCUS" discount code expires at midnight tonight, Wednesday, October 7th.

- Cannot be applied to an order 40 lbs or more.

- Excludes sale items, volume discounts, and e-gift cards.


Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to items already on sale or discounted, and cannot be applied to previous orders.



Our normal shipping week is Monday - 10 am (CST) Wednesday. Orders placed after 10 am Wednesday will be shipped the following week. Your order is packaged with care and delivered express through FedEx. See our FAQ link for more details. Shipping is FREE & handling is only $9.50 no matter the size of your order. 


Featured Chef | Meet Mike (Gormy) Gorman

Mike (Gormy) Gorman is our Featured Chef for the month of October. Mike is a nutrition coach, keto chef, and podcaster. His podcast, The Fat Guy Forum, is a forum to learn from other people's experiences with food addictions. Mike also has some fantastic recipes to share with us this month. 


Winners Announced | Anniversary Giveaway

We're thrilled to announce the winners of our Anniversary Giveaway. We had two separate contests with two separate winners who will be enjoying a bundle of all-natural food on us! Congratulations to Christina M. of Chicago, IL who won the Instagram contest, and Richard V. of Goldsboro, NC who won the contest on our website.


Review The Food | What Actual Customers Say About US Wellness

We love hearing feedback from our customers. On the bottom of the US Wellness homepage you will find the Trustpilot review center. Here you can read what others are saying or leave feedback of your own. We would like to thank everyone who has already left kind reviews and great suggestions for ways we can improve. 


Shout Out | Keto Pizza From Scratch

Pizza is a staple food for a lot of people. While it's probably not the healthiest of foods, it is a delicious temptation. Janet (@janet_keto_chef) has a solution to this dilemma. Make your pizza from scratch using the best ingredients and cauliflower crust. Take a look at this gourmet pizza featuring US Wellness Bison Chorizo Sausage! Is your mouth watering yet? Mmmm...


If you have a favorite dish or US Wellness product you'd like to share, if you visit any of our retail or restaurant partners or you'd like to share an unboxing, please tag your social media post with #uswellnessmeats and you may show up in this space!




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Anchor Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter - 8 oz.
Anchor Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter - 8 oz.
Pasture-raised Chicken Backs - 2.75 lbs
Pasture-raised Chicken Backs - 2.75 lbs
Whole Chicken - 4.5 lbs avg
Whole Chicken - 4.5 lbs avg
Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin Wellington - 2.75 lbs.
Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin Wellington - 2.75 lbs.
Wild Red Boneless Skinless Pouched Salmon - 6 oz.
Wild Red Boneless Skinless Pouched Salmon - 6 oz.
Natural Wild Rice 100% Grade A Black Jumbo - 5lbs
Natural Wild Rice 100% Grade A Black Jumbo - 5lbs


50023 - Primal Palate Organic Garlic & Herb Seasoning

50075 - Primal Palate Garden Ranch Seasoning Mix - 6 pk

50079 - Primal Palate French Onion Seasoning Mix - 6 pk

20230 - Lamb Kabobs - 1 lb

20281 - Lamb Denver Ribs - 2 lbs

82068 - Chicken Stock - 2.2lbs (38 oz)

82069 - Chicken Gelatin - (38 oz)

whole30, aip, ketogenic, paleo

Integrated Approaches Create Rapid Fat Loss Conditions


By Scott Mendelson




"Should thought be put into using a nutrition, weight training and cardio program that in some way work together when wanting to maximize body fat loss?"


~ Sharon & Mark, Phoenix, AZ



Grassfed All Beef Franks

Sugar-Free Garlic Beef Franks


"Best meat in America!"




"Best meat in America, low in fat high in nutrients. Their steaks and roasts are so good and their garlic sugar free hotdogs are perfect for an indoor "tailgate" party."


~ Dennis, Oklahoma

pasture raised chicken

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of Jessi Heggan, Jessi's Kitchen

Chile Lime Roasted Chicken


Recipe Author: Jessi Heggan, Jessi's Kitchen


Fall and winter months bring us opportunities to prepare special dishes for family and friends. Holidays bring families together to celebrate and fellowship and good food plays an important role. This Roasted Chicken recipe is a great example of food that can bring people together.


Our thanks to Jessi Heggan for sharing this flavorful recipe. Check out Jessi's Kitchen for more fabulous recipes, home/lifestyle and beauty tips.



grassfed beef

As the seasons change in Northern Missouri so do the forage plants. Native prairie grasses go dormant in late September as they concentrate on storing root reserves. Cool season perennial grasses produce excellent forage into December before hard freezes push them into dormancy. Grass farmers let some paddocks grow for 60 to 90 days to stockpile winter feed from cool season perennial grasses that actually improve in quality after moderate Fall freezes. Cattle are busy building fat stores with cold weather not far off. Soil critters are busy storing carbon and generating new top soil for planet earth.


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