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grassfed beef

September 2, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Health & Wellness - Excessive Fructose Consumption May Cause Leaky Gut, Leading To Fatty Liver Disease


Recipe Corner - Teriyaki Pineapple Shrimp Kabobs


Product Feature - Discover Wild Rice


Holiday Shipping Reminder - No Shipping Labor Day Monday


Meet Tim G. - September Featured Chef


Enter To Win - September $150 Healthy Proteins Prize Pack


Sale Items - Delmonico Beef Steak, Top Sirloin, Beef Coulotte Steak, 100% Natural Wild Rice, Pastured Chicken Drumsticks, Pastured Chicken Apple Sausage Links and More!


Category Sale - Save On Summer Celebration Food Favorites


Fresh Chilled Beef - Order Before Friday 9/4


Shout Out - Unboxing The Goods

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"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."


- Aristotle

20 Years and Counting

Science and medicine are at new heights in the modern world. And yet, the simplest, least expensive and often-times most effective solutions are passed over for something else entirely. Take nutrition for example. Modern medicine tends to focus on pharmaceuticals to treat a condition and too often dismisses good nutrition altogether. The very foods we put into our bodies can help us heal or slowly make us sick.


"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison." - Ann Wigmore, Naturopath & Raw Food Advocate


Factory food companies sell a lot of food. It’s estimated that processed foods make up nearly two thirds of American grocery purchases. As Americans continue to discover the health benefits of good nutrition, we're making better choices. It takes time to reverse a trend, but US Wellness Meats has continued to grow due to the loyalty of it’s patrons and increasing interest in healthier diets and lifestyles.

Twenty plus years of nurturing the land back to health has provided a means for small family farms to be successful in the year 2020 and beyond. By eliminating the pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, antibiotics, and junk, a more natural approach has taken shape and allowed the soils to become fruitful again. Ultimately, holistic land management and common sense nutrition paves the way for a healthier future. As we celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary, thank you for your loyal support!


Product Feature | Discover Wild Rice

Discover the origin and nutrition basics of 100% Wild Rice. Wild rice is not the same as brown or white rice. In fact, wild rice isn't really rice at all. It's actually a seed from an aquatic grass. It is a good source of protein, magnesium, zinc and all nine essential amino acids. Native Americans made this a staple of their diets for generations. Read more on our Discover Blog.


Category Sale | 15% Off Summer Celebrations

Labor Day usually marks the close of summer and the beginning of a new season. This week we are offering our end of season specials. The cooler weather makes grilling outdoors even more enjoyable. Now through Saturday 9/5, save on everything in our Summer Celebrations category!


Holiday Shipping Reminder

US Wellness Meats and FedEx will be closed on Monday, 9/7 to observe the Labor Day Holiday. We will not ship on Monday but will resume normal shipping on Tuesday, 9/8.


Our normal shipping schedule is Monday - Wednesday. Any order placed after 10 am (CDT) Wednesday will ship the following week. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Most orders are delivered to your door within 24-48 hours of leaving our facility. Shipping & Handling is always just $9.50, no matter the size of your order.


Meet Tim G. | September Featured Chef

We're pleased to introduce you to our September 2020 Featured Chef Tim Ganley of Yoga Energy Studio and co-creator of Spartan Mind Strength. Tim is a Master Yoga Instructor, Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist. He also has a love for adventure. You'll notice with Tim's recipes that he is not afraid to explore new territory. They might not be what you're used to, but we assure you they are delicious!


Enter To Win | September $150 Healthy Proteins Prize Pack

Enter to win this Featured Chef Prize Pack valued at over $150. Our September free food bundle includes these healthy proteins: Chuck Roast, Beef Liverwurst, Beef Tallow, Filet Mignon, Lamb Chops, Sugar-Free Pork Bacon, and much more! It just takes a few seconds for a chance to stock your freezer for free. Click here for your chance to win!


Fresh Chilled Beef | Ready To Serve

Here's a great opportunity to try our 100% grass-fed beef chilled...not frozen. These fresh bundles are perfect for upcoming special occasions, family gatherings or dinner parties. Order before Friday, September 4th for shipping on Wednesday, September 9th.


Gourmet Steak Bundle (10 steaks), Ground Beef Bundle (15 lbs), Roast & Ground Beef Bundle (12 lbs), Steak & Ground Beef Bundle (8 lbs), and Fresh Chilled Striploin (7.25 lbs).


Shout Out | Fundamental Health

Our thanks to Linda (@ldd.ldarts) for sharing her recent unboxing video on Instagram. Linda's box included our pasture raised heirloom pork belly, bison chorizo sausage, oxtails, keto sirloin steaks, and more! You can see what she cooked up here! Mmmm...thanks again for sharing Linda!


If you have a favorite post, recipe, unboxing or video you want to share, tag us with #uswellnessmeats.




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Pasture-raised Chicken Drumsticks - 1.5 lbs.
Pasture-raised Chicken Drumsticks - 1.5 lbs.
Chicken Apple Sausage Links - 1 lb
Chicken Apple Sausage Links - 1 lb
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
T Bone Steak - 1 lb.
T Bone Steak - 1 lb.
Petite Top Sirloin -  11 oz
Petite Top Sirloin - 11 oz
Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.
Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.


10086 - Teres Major Shoulder Tender Beef Steak - 1.35 lbs

70742 - Sugar Free Pork Belly DICED - 1 lb pkg (limited quantities)

10072 - Beef Jerky Portions Plain - 8 oz pkg

10073 - Beef Jerky Portions Spicy - 8 oz pkg

18800 - Ground Beef with Liver, Heart, and Kidney 75% Lean - 1 lb pkg

20230 - Lamb Kabobs - 1 lb pkg

sugar-free foods

Excessive Fructose Consumption May Cause Leaky Gut, Leading To Fatty Liver Disease


Excessive consumption of fructose — a sweetener ubiquitous in the American diet — can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is comparably abundant in the United States. But contrary to previous understanding, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine report that fructose...



chicken sausage

Chicken Feta/Spinach Sausage Links






"Amazing! I cannot recommend US Wellness Meats enough! Their products are absolutely delicious! Their spinach and feta chicken sausage was the best sausage I’ve literally ever tasted! They even make liverworst taste amazing! I live in a tiny town many hours away from the closest large health food store and US Wellness meats still allows me access to healthy, humanely treated meat. Thank you so much!! Will be a customer for life!"


~ Casey, Oklahoma

wild caught shrimp

Recipe & Photo courtesy of Sean Coonce | Pastured Kitchen

Teriyaki Pineapple Shrimp Kabobs


By Sean Coonce | Pastured Kitchen


Not only are these grilled shrimp kabobs extremely tasty, they are also nutritious. Add some of your favorite veggies like summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers and you have yourself the full meal deal. So, grab your skewers, shrimp, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, veggies and let’s get down to work. 


Our thanks to Sean Coonce of Pastured Kitchen for sharing this delicious summertime dish for the grill. For more of Sean's healthy recipes, check out his food blog, Pastured Kitchen.



grass fed beef steaks

These happy cattle are taking a morning rest break in Baldwin County, AL. US Wellness has had a year round grazing program tucked in behind Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico since November 2011. This pasture group has been grazing a summer annual forage that thrives in the heat and and moisture of the deep South. 80 inches of annual rainfall is icing on the cake for high quality summer grazing. The glistening hair coat indicates ideal conditions for this group of cattle.


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You will never be charged extra for shipping.


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Receive a $25 discount for every 40 lbs you order. This offer excludes items that ship separate such as the South Carolina Chicken, Soy Free Pork, and Fresh Bundles. 


This is our way of saying thank-you for purchasing in bulk!


This can be any combination of products totaling 40 lbs and does not have to be specific to any category. Each 40 lb interval will yield the discount - for example, order 80 lbs and we'll take $50 off!

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