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August 4, 2021    Canton, Missouri     




Health & Wellness - Higher Levels of Omega-3's Increase Life Expectancy by Almost 5 Years


New Product - Pasture-Raised Chicken Skins


Recipe Corner - Gluten-Free Pad Thai


Category Sale - Summer Vacation Savings


August Featured Chef - Meet Cheryl McColgan


Enter To Win - $150 Prize Pack, August Nourishing Food Giveaway


Sale Items - 85% Lean Ground Beef, Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak, Beef Coulotte Steak, Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon, Beef Top Primal Sirloin, Ground Chicken Backs (Pet Food)


Ancestral Health Symposium - AHS21 Proud Sponsors


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Fresh Chilled Beef - Order By Friday 8/6


Shout Out - Meatza Pizza

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Healthy Diet Hacks

When you start on a healthier diet like paleo, ancestral, or keto, you soon realize that alternatives to common processed foods are necessary. The good news is that there are wonderfully delicious all-natural alternatives to try, and by making a few switches, you can have classic dishes you know and love that meet the criteria of your new diet.


For example, you can make tasty pasta without the processed grains. The keto community has embraced a few veggies as noodle alternatives, such as summer squash and zoodles. Zoodles are spiralized zucchini, and they are not only a delicious combination, but it is also an excellent way to get your garden veggies while enjoying pasta recipes you love.


With summer in full blast, we can't forget about burgers and franks. If you want to ditch the traditional bread, we highly recommend going for a burger with a crunchy lettuce bun or sweet potato buns. Both are uniquely delicious, so much so that even your friends not following a grain-free diet will love them. A few recipes we recommend checking out; Whole30 Sweet Potato Bun Sliders, BBLT (Bison, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato), and Sweet Potato Bun Hot Dogs.


No matter your diet, we have favorites to fit your needs. You can shop diet specific foods for Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Sugar-Free, and AIP. Visit the Discover Blog for recipe inspiration and more!


Category Sale | Save 15% On Summer Vacation Favorites

Celebrate summer with mouth-watering favorites in our Summer Vacation category sale! Save 15% on items in this category including, Beef Sliders, Italian Beef Sausage Links, and Sugar-Free Beef Franks! Don't forget our Monday-Wednesday fast shipping even allows you to ship healthy foods to your vacation destination. This sale ends Saturday, August 7th.


August 2021 Featured Chef | Cheryl McColgan

Meet August Featured Chef Cheryl McColgan! Cheryl has been cooking from the early age of 12. As the oldest of four kids, cooking for her youngest siblings was one of her big sis duties. Like many of us, she learned kitchen tips and tricks from her family, most notably her southern grandmothers, who always focused on farm fresh ingredients. As the founder and editor of Heal Nourish Grow, Cheryl helps others develop the confidence and habits to create lasting change and greater. We are very excited to feature Cheryl and her recipes this month.


Enter To Win | August Nourishing Foods $150 Prize Pack

Don't miss a chance to win a $150 prize pack filled with delicious, nourishing food. This month's Featured Chef Contest features some of Cheryl McColgan's favorites. A few items you could win include Ground Beef Organ BlendAdobo Beef Meatballs, and Sugar-free Pork Bacon Slices. This giveaway ends Wednesday, August 11th, at midnight. It literally just takes a few seconds to enter, and the winner stocks their freezer for free!


Fresh Chilled Beef| Order By Friday 8/6

Once a month, we offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy fresh, never frozen, chilled beef delivered right to your door! Restaurants and families alike love these chilled beef bundles because the meats arrive ready to cook or thawing necessary. Order by Friday 8/6, and we'll ship your bundle Wednesday 8/11.


Shout Out | Meatza Pizza


What do you call a pizza with a ground beef crust? - A MEATZA


Patron Jaime of @_food4u_ created a carnivore pizza he nicknamed the "meatza". With a grass-fed ground beef base topped with traditional pizza classics such as pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, and cheese this was one tasty looking combination. We enjoy seeing the creative dishes our patrons make, and can't wait to try to recreate our own meatza. Thank you for sharing, Jamie!


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85% Lean Ground Beef - 1 Lb. package

85% Lean Ground Beef - 1 Lb. package


Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 6 oz

Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 6 oz


Ground Chicken Backs - pet food (1 lb.)

Ground Chicken Backs - pet food (1 lb.)


Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.

Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.


Beef Top Sirloin Primal - 4.5 lbs

Beef Top Sirloin Primal - 4.5 lbs


Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak - 6 oz.

Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak - 6 oz.







88820 - Pasture-raised Raw Chicken Skins - 1 lb pkg



155504 - Bison Liver - 8 oz pkg

10026 - Beef Ribeye Steak - 15 oz

15312 - Beef Ribeye Steak - 12 oz

18831 - Dr. Siegel's Raw Pet Food Patties

for Health Challenged Pets - 10 (8 oz) patties

20260 - Lamb Heart - 6.5 oz

20265 - Lamb Kidneys - 2 per pkg

82040 - Organic Turkey Breast Cutlets - 4 (4 oz)

18066 - Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin - 2.75 lbs

164502 - Paleo Treats Mustang Bar

164503 - Paleo Treats Bandito

Omega 3's, healthy fats, life expectancy

Higher Levels of Omega-3's Increase Life Expectancy by Almost 5 Years


Researchers have found that omega-3 levels in blood erythrocytes (the so-called red blood cells) are very good mortality risk predictors. The study concludes that “Having higher levels of these acids in the blood, as a result of regularly including oily fish in the diet, increases life expectancy by almost five years,” as Dr. Aleix Sala-Vila, a postdoctoral researcher in the IMIM’s Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group and author of the study, points out. In contrast, “Being a regular smoker takes 4.7 years off your life expectancy, the same as you gain if you have high levels of omega-3 acids in your blood,” he adds.



coulotte steak, grassfed steak

Grass-Fed Beef Coulotte Steak


"Me and my husband loves these! So tender and cooks pretty quick. Makes a great date night at home."


~ Lavonn F.

shrimp, gluten free pad thai, wild caught

Gluten-Free Pad Thai


By: Danielle Walker | Against All Grain


"I decided to use a combination of spiralized carrot and zucchini in place of the noodles. Doing this fills your plate with tons of vegetables, which conveniently, are hard to detect when topped with the amazing sauce. The sauce achieves a similar flavor to the traditional but instead calls for almond butter, tahini, and coconut aminos. I love adding shrimp to this!”



grass fed steak, beef

Happy cattle in a slice of Sorghum-Sudan grass on a 90 degree plus late July afternoon. The left side of this frame is where they grazed the day before. This is managed grazing and soil building at peak efficiency driven by solar power and a healthy soil biology below the surface. The cattle play a critical roll in this chain of biodiversity.

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