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December 8, 2021   Canton, Missouri     




Health & Wellness - Taking It Easy As You Get Older? Wrong!


Recipe Corner - Maple & Bourbon Glazed Pork Loin


Holiday Shipping - Order Holiday Food Soon to Avoid Shipping Delays


Ground Beef Sale - Save A Bundle On Bulk Ground Beef


Trustpilot - 4.8/5 Stars Rating (Reviews From Real Customers)


December Featured Chef - Recipes By Marisa Tolsma of Bumblebee Apothecary


$150 Prize Pack Giveaway - Nourishing Food Giveaway


Sale Items - 75% Lean Ground Beef Bundle, Petite Top Sirloin, Small Beef Brisket, Beef London Broil, Center Cut Beef Shoulder Roast, Beef Tenderloin Primal


Category Sale - Save On Holiday Favorites


Muscle for Life - New Book by Michael Matthews: Win Bonus Gifts


Shout Out - Early Christmas... Unboxed!

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It's the Holiday Season!

The countdown to Christmas is on! With less than 20 days until Christmas Day, it's time to finalize those holiday dinner menus. What items are typically featured on your table? Our go-to products for a holiday feast include Standing Rib Roasts, Whole Turkeys, Pork Tenderloin, Leg of Lamb, and Whole Duck. If you are in the mood for something else, check out our selection of 400+ grass-fed, pasture-raised products. We know there will be something to satisfy your cravings - Explore recipes for added inspiration on the Discover Blog. Don't forget the desserts! We have a variety of health-conscious sweets to treat yourself this holiday season, plus some essential ingredients to assist you in your own baking fun, like tallow and butter.


We can't wait to see what yummy creations you make! If you share your holiday meal on social media, tag us @uswellnessmeats.


As we all know, the holiday season is a busy time, and shipping is no exception. Get your orders in early to avoid shipping delays. Save 15% on items in our Holiday Cheer category this week! Sale ends 12/11/21.


Muscle for Life | New Book by Michael Matthews

In his upcoming book, Muscle For Life, Michael shares his formula for eating, exercising, and recovering that makes losing fat and building lean muscle a breeze for anyone and at any age. Pre-order for a chance to win over $12,500 in free stuff including gift certificates from US Wellness Meats.


Leave Us A Review | Trustpilot Review Center

We do our best to be transparent and we want you to have every opportunity to make good food choices. In order to facilitate this, we've enlisted a 3rd party review site that collects reviews from customers and posts them on a separate website. On the bottom of the US Wellness homepage you will find the Trustpilot review center. Click and you can read what others are saying or leave feedback of your own. We would like to thank the nearly 4,000 patrons who have already left kind reviews and great suggestions for us to improve. 


"US Wellness Meats has high quality meats and hard to find items such as liverwurst. I have been buying products from them for 7 years and have always been extremely satisfied. Highly recommend!"


- Trustpilot Review By Tina G.


Category Sale | Save 15% On Holiday Favorites

Holiday prep made easy! Enjoy the flavorful wonders and joy of holiday festivities with 15% off everything in our Holiday Cheer category. A few items in this category include Beef Short Ribs, Pasture-Raised Whole Turkey, Pork Shoulder Roast, and more! Browse the entire category HERE.


December Featured Chef | Marisa Tolsma

We are pleased to introduce our December 2021 Featured Chef, Marisa Tolsma. Marisa is a certified GAPS diet coach and creator of Bumblebee Apothecary where she shares nourishing recipes, natural remedies, skincare, and home product ideas. 


"In my GAPS diet coach journey, I learned how important it is to source the highest quality foods, and what a difference it makes for our health. Along the way in this journey, I learned that grass-fed meats are a much healthier and more nutritious choice." ~ Marisa Tolsma


Prize Pack Giveaway | Nourishing Prize Pack

Here's another chance to win a bundle of all-natural food from US Wellness Farms. Enter our $150 Nourishing Food Contest. One fortunate person will stock their freezer for FREE! Our contest ends Sunday 12/12 at midnight. If you haven't entered, Click HERE


Shout Out | Christmas Unboxing

Christmas came early for USWM patron Bianca. Bianca shared an unboxing of her recent order. It includes some nutritious picks like lamb liver, beef kidney, and the ground organ blend. If you are looking to give the gift of delicious meats, check out our gift category. If you are pressed for time, we recommend sending an E-Giftcard. You can send a tasty gift to a loved one in just a few seconds.


If you have a favorite post, recipe, unboxing or video you want to share, tag us with #uswellnessmeats.




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Beef Small Brisket - 3 lbs.

Beef Small Brisket - 3 lbs.


Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin Wellington - 2.75 lbs.

Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin Wellington - 2.75 lbs.


75% Lean Ground Beef Bundle - 25 - 1 lb. pkgs.

75% Lean Ground Beef Bundle - 25 - 1 lb. pkgs.


Petite Top Sirloin -  11 oz

Petite Top Sirloin - 11 oz


Beef Center Cut Shoulder Roast - 3 lbs

Beef Center Cut Shoulder Roast - 3 lbs


Beef London Broil Steak - 2.25 lbs.

Beef London Broil Steak - 2.25 lbs.





10012 - Ground Top Sirloin Beef Steak Patties - 16 oz pkg

10871 - Beef Large French Cut Ribeye - 1.5 lbs

86034 - South Carolina, Soy-Free Pasture-Raised 4-Whole Chickens & 16 Feet Bundle - 18 lbs

86022 - South Carolina, Pasture-Raised 5-Whole Chicken Bundle - 20 lbs

86044 - South Carolina Pasture-Raised 45 Chicken Feet & 2-Whole Chickens Bundle

older, aging

Taking It Easy As You Get Older? Wrong!


Just about everyone knows that exercise is good for you. Some people can even rattle off reasons it keeps your muscles and joints strong, and how it fights off certain diseases. But how many people can tell you the story of why and how physical activity was built into human biology?


A team of evolutionary biologists and biomedical researchers from Harvard are taking a run at it (sometimes literally) in a new study published in PNAS. The work lays out evolutionary and biomedical evidence showing that humans, who evolved to live many decades after they stopped reproducing, also evolved to be relatively active in their later years.



standing rib roasts, holiday

Beef Standing 4 Rib Roast





"Have made beef standing rib roast from US Wellness for holiday feast on two occasions with rave reviews from guests"


~ Teresa R.

pork, maple glaze, pasture-raised

Maple and Bourbon Glazed Pork Loin


By: Russ Crandall of The Domestic Man


Hats off to Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man, for sharing this nutritious, mouth-watering Maple and Bourbon Glazed Pork Loin! Just in time for the holiday season. 


“We’re just coming out of the stretch of what I like to call “roasting weather”, wherein I adore the comforting smells and radiating warmth of cranking on the oven. This week’s recipe capitalizes on those aromatic smells I like so much, what with its flavors of sauteed onion, roasted apple, and a sweet and tangy maple glaze. The pork isn’t bad, either!


Today’s recipe looks (and sounds) fancy, but it’s not far from many of my other dry-roast recipes: bring the pork to temperature at a moderately low heat (225F), then add onions, apple, and glaze, and finally finish everything off in a very hot (500F) oven for that perfect external texture.”



lamb, farm

"Enjoying a rare 65° December afternoon in Lewis county Missouri is the only thought of the day for this group of happy grazers. This particular field parallels one of the original stage coach roads in 1840s. This field has been in heavy agricultural use ever since the first settlers settled in this area of Lewis County. This soil has improved dramatically in the last 20 years with active forage roots feeding the soil biology 24/7 twelve months of the year."


Take a walk through the pasture with John's latest On The Farm video.


Order Minimums


All orders must weigh at least 7 lbs in order to ship, to ensure everything stays frozen during transit.


$75 minimum purchase requirement, since we have built the cost of shipping into the price of each product.


You will never be charged extra for shipping.


There is a $9.50 handling fee upon checkout that helps defray the cost of insulated packaging materials.


South Carolina Chicken & Soy Free Pork Bundles ship from a separate location, so they are not included in the 7 lb weight minimum. The shopping cart will keep track and remind you if your order is under the 7 lb minimum.


BONUS Weight Discount


Receive a $25 discount for every 40 lbs you order. This offer excludes items that ship separate such as the South Carolina Chicken, Soy Free Pork, and Fresh Bundles. 


This is our way of saying thank-you for purchasing in bulk!


This can be any combination of products totaling 40 lbs and does not have to be specific to any category. Each 40 lb interval will yield the discount - for example, order 80 lbs and we'll take $50 off!

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