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May 19, 2021     Canton, Missouri     






Scott Mendelson - Enjoy Desserts Without Wrecking Your Fat Loss Progress


Recipe Corner - BBQ Baby Back Ribs


Livestream Cooking Class - Cook With Chef Jarrett Stieber, Little Bear Restaurant


FAQs - You've Got Questions...We've Got Answers


Contest Winner - And The Winner Is...


New Products/Services - Auto Ordering, Sample Bundles, Site Improvements


Archived Newsletters - Read Past Articles


Sale Items - Top Sirloin, Beef Brisket, NY Strip Kabobs, Beef London Broil, Eye of Round Roast, Sugar-Free Beef Bologna


Farm Anthem - We Do What We Do


Shout Out - Grass-fed Beef Chuck Roast

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"I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back.


~ Alice Waters, American Chef & Restaurateur

Nothing Compares To Home Cooked Meals

Everyone loves a delicious meal prepared at their favorite restaurant, but did you know you can prepare healthier, tastier meals every day from your own kitchen? A little practice, some all-natural ingredients and the desire to cook great food will have you serving up flavorful dishes that are as good or better than your favorite restaurant. Of course, a night away from doing dishes and clean-up is still nice from time-to-time. If you're new to cooking, ask around for advice on cookbooks. Every kitchen has a tried and trusty cooking companion on the shelf. Usually the best will have stains, drips, and spots from past cooking adventures. 


A good recipe, quality ingredients, and clean seasonings are 3 keys to a delicious dish! If you have children at home, involve them early in preparing meals. You may even discover they have a gift for cooking that will be the delight of the whole family. Children love the opportunity to help in the kitchen and the sense of achievement and responsibility they earn will be appreciated for a lifetime.


Remember to place your order for Memorial Day festivities. Burgers, brats, steaks, chops, ribs, roasts — whatever your grilling favorites, we've got you covered. Take advantage of our special discount code available in this issue for 15% off over 350 grass-fed and pasture-raised foods in our store.


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Livestream Cooking Class | Cook With Chef Jarrett Stieber, Little Bear Restaurant

We are pleased to announce an opportunity to cook with one of the rising young chefs in Atlanta, Georgia. Chef Jarrett Stieber is the Chef and Owner of Little Bear Restaurant in Atlanta and a “Rising Star Chef” Semi-Finalist. Home cooking enthusiasts will love this streaming, interactive format. Click here to find out more about how you can participate in this livestream cooking class.


Archived Newsletters | Read Past Articles

Did you miss your last newsletter? No worries! We have all of our newsletters archived for safe keeping. If you want to read an article again and didn't keep the email, just click on over to our archives for every newsletter we've published since 2006.


Contest Winner | And The Winner Is...

We're pleased to announce the winner of our May 2021 Well Thymed Giveaway. Congratulations to Melanie R. of Grand Prairie, Texas. Melanie will be receiving a $150 bundle of sustainably raised foods. Watch this space for upcoming contests and your chance to win!


New Products/Services | Auto Ordering, Sample Bundles, Site Improvements

There are many reasons why you might want to try our brand spankin' new subscription food delivery service: 1) Save time on shopping, 2) Save subscriptions are discounted 10% automatically, 3) excellent for wedding gifts, birthdays, or thank you's! Our subscription food service is extremely simple to set up. Customize your own food bundle, or choose one of our special curated sample bundles with select favorites. See our Discover Blog for more details or call our Customer Service team for help setting up your subscription: (877.383.0051). 


We're also excited to announce the addition of improved Accessibility to our online store. If you click on the round circle icon in the right hand corner of our website, you'll have numerous options to improve your on-site experience. For those who are vision impaired, have reading difficulties, or cognitive challenges, this will allow you to easily adjust the page settings so you can make the most of your visit.


Farm Anthem | We Do What We Do

It hasn’t been that long ago when most rural families had a cow, a couple pigs, some chickens, and enough ground to grow what they needed and then some. Many small farms survived through recessions, depressions, and world wars only to face mounting debt, rising prices, droughts and floods. While the nation lost a whopping 100K farms in the last 10 years, there is rising optimism among some of America's youth. We'd like to dedicate this song as an anthem for rural communities and small family farms as a new generation considers agriculture. Follow this link for details and enjoy!


Shout Out | Grass-fed Beef Chuck Roast

Our sincere thanks to Melinda (@melindakeen) for sharing her scrumptious looking Grass-fed Beef Chuck Roast over rice. Delicious & nutritious! Check out Melinda's cookbooks at Try your very own Grass-fed, Grass-finished Chuck Roast and WOW your guests.


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Petite Top Sirloin -  11 oz

Petite Top Sirloin - 11 oz


Beef Bologna - 1 lb

Beef Bologna - 1 lb


Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs

Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs


Beef NY Strip Kabobs - 1 lb.

Beef NY Strip Kabobs - 1 lb.


Beef London Broil Steak - 2.25 lbs.

Beef London Broil Steak - 2.25 lbs.


Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs

Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs




164403 - Askinosie Artisan Davao White Chocolate Bar

164406 - Askinosie Artisan Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

desserts, fat burning, grass-fed beef, scott mendelson

Enjoy Desserts Without Wrecking Your Fat Loss Progress



By Scott Mendelson




"How do I enjoy some desserts every once in a while without stalling out my fat loss results? My husband and I really like having a dessert once per week at the very least. I have been using a cheat meal one time per week and I cannot seem to make any fat loss progress after the first month."


~ Sharon and Mitchell



grassfed beef bologna

Beef Bologna


"GREAT Bologna"




"This bologna tastes like bologna should. The texture is great, and it is so very delicious on sourdough bread with a little mustard. I am so happy to have found lunch meats from grass-fed cows. thanks so much for making quality meat products."  

~ Roberta, Washington

BBQ baby back ribs

Recipe and Photos courtesy of Sean Coonce, Pastured Kitchen

BBQ Baby Back Ribs


Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and warmer weather brings out the flame kissed flavors of BBQ. While this recipe can be prepared in the oven, we love the smoky flavors that come from cooking outside on a grill. Grab your BBQ apron, some tools, a beverage, and let’s get busy making these delicious Baby Back Ribs.



Our thanks to Sean Coonce of Pastured Kitchen for sharing this classic American BBQ favorite!



grassfed beef, grass finished beef

Happy cows in tall Missouri grass during a stretch very rainy weather in the last 7 days. The weather forecasters had been preaching drought for the past 90 days, but it appears for now they have been fooled by Mother Nature. Wet and cool May weather is ideal for cattle and soil performance. Grasslands and herbivores team up to sequester large amounts of carbon daily. This system has served the planet well for a myriad of centuries. The first settlers were amazed by the high quality soils of the Midwest and Great Plains. Sadly, no one realized how fragile the soil is when the surface cover is abused by over grazing and use of the horse drawn plows that broke the virgin sod and exposed soil to the elements of erosion. The Dust Bowl in the 1930's created the birth and dramatic need for soil conservation. The landscape above eliminates top soil loss and generates new soil annually in harmony with the grazing cattle that will only spend 6 to 8 days a year on this plot of land.


Follow us on our Youtube Channel for farm videos, cooking demos, tips, and information.

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