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April 27, 2022   Canton, Missouri     




Health & Wellness - 10 Tips To Transition Your Health & Wellness Routine From Winter to Spring


Recipe - How to Cook a Pot Roast


Product Feature - How to Choose the Best Meat for Pot Roast


Gifts for Mom - eGiftcards and Artisan Chocolates


Music Video - Honest Work


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Category Sale - Savory Spring Food - 15% OFF!


Sale Items - Beef Patties 55% Lean, Beef Small Brisket, Bone-In Beef Short Ribs, Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon, Pre-Cooked Beef Pot Roast & Gravy, Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage 


Metabolic Health Summit - Join Us May 5-8


Fresh Chilled Beef Bundles - Order By Friday 5/6


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Trust the Source - Do You Know Your Farmer?


Shout Out - Amy Slater's Sprouted Lentils with USWM Beef Tallow

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Mother's Day Preparation


Roses are red,

Chocolate is sweet,

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is at US Wellness Meats.

Mother's Day, May 8th, is just around the corner. Who are the women in your life you wish to celebrate? Let us help you with Mother’s Day gifts and dinner plans! Browse the Gifts category and find popular favorites that bring delightful surprises. Giftcards and nutrient-rich food bundles are the way to go. Choose from artisan chocolates, seasoning staples, tender steak bundles, and more. Here are some tasty recipe ideas for your Mother’s Day celebration:


Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon Steak with Black Truffle Butter 


Beef Short Ribs with the Fairy Gutmother


Treat her to a beautiful country breakfast with our popuar picks, favorite Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage, Sugar-Free Pork Bacon, and Chicken Apple Sausage Links.


The time is now to make your Mother’s Day plans! Order by next Wednesday (5/4) to get your goods in time for this memorable holiday.


Product Feature | Pot Roast

One of the most important choices you have when making pot roast is the beef itself. You want a tender cut, nothing too gristly, tough, tender, etc. This article covers all things pot roasts: the best cuts, how to choose good pot roast meat, pro tips on cooking pot roast, and our favorite pot roast recipes. 


Sing Along Song | Honest Work

Allow these lyrics to inspire you as you glimpse US Wellness Meats' pastures, livestock, and workforce. This music video highlights the honest work behind the products that nourish people throughout the country. We are grateful for the visionary farmers who set the foundation 21 years ago and continue to toil each day for the health of the soil, their animals, and our bodies. 

Patrons, thank YOU for your honest work in all that you do. May your courageous efforts and passions be purposeful!


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Don't be a stranger! You can keep up with US Wellness Meats on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and the Discover Blog. Follow us as we share recipes, farm updates, and overall mouthwatering food pictures daily. If you are active on social media, don't be scared to tag us in your US Wellness Meats creations!


Category Sale | Save 15% On Savory Spring Foods

Browse these seasonal treats and make your kitchen sing with the savory flavors of spring! US Wellness Meats offers a wide variety of sustainably raised, clean, whole foods for you and your family to enjoy. We leave out the junk ingredients to rest assured that these all-natural foods are what your body has been craving. Save 15% on items in our Savory Spring Foods category, including Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon, Beef Petite Ribeye Steaks, Beef Large NY Strip Steaks, Beef Summer Sausage, and more! This sale ends Saturday, April 30th


Metabolic Health Summit | Join Us May 5th-8th in Santa Barbara, CA

Our team had so much fun attending the Metabolic Health Summit in 2020 and are excited to be heading back to the in-person summit this year! It was a pleasure connecting with patrons new and old over four days of life-changing scientific speakers. We hope to see you there in person or virtually this May. See our Discover Blog for money saving ticket details. This year's summit will take place May 5 - 8th in Santa Barbara, California. We'd love to see you there!


Fresh Chilled Beef | Order By 5/6/22

Once a month, we offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy fresh, never frozen, chilled beef delivered right to your door! Restaurants and families alike love these chilled beef bundles because the meats arrive ready to cook or thawing is necessary. Order by Friday 5/6, and we'll ship your fresh bundle Wednesday 5/11.


Know Your Farmer | Trust the Source

Know your food, know your farmer is something we talk a lot about here at US Wellness Meats. We hope this saying inspires people to take a minute to ponder where their food is sourced. For vegetables, is it sourced from farms free of pesticides, herbicides, and non-Gmo? What about protein - have these animals been raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones? These are questions we all deserve to know when deciding how to fuel our bodies. Are we helping nourish our bodies with every bite or holding them back from achieving our best selves?


Trusting a source is a big leap of faith. We know this, and it is the reason we do our very best to be transparent about our farming and processing practices from start to finish. We hope to allow a window into our everyday lives on the farm and in the warehouse through our social media channels, blog, and email newsletter. Take a virtual walk through our pastures where we follow regenerative agricultural practices and a look at our state-of-the-art meat cutting room where we carefully package products for your families. If you are looking to take that next step of growing your own fruits and vegetables check out our Garden Feature by past USWM Featured Chef Alicia Diehl


Shout Out | Sprouted Lentils and USWM Tallow

This recipe by Amy Slater is just the thing for busy moms. Her Sprouted Lentil Soup is perfect for a batch cook to save you time in the future. Amy sauteed her lentils in USWM Beef Tallow for a bit of crunch. Not only is this recipe delicious, but it is also excellent for gut health. A true win-win!


If you have a favorite post, recipe, product, or unboxing you want to share, tag us with #uswellnessmeats. Follow us on social media (@uswellnessmeats).




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Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage - 1 lb.

Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage - 1 lb.


Beef Short Ribs - 1 lb.

Beef Short Ribs - 1 lb.


Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 9 oz

Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 9 oz


Beef Small Brisket - 3 lbs.

Beef Small Brisket - 3 lbs.


Beef, Patties - 2 (6oz) 55% lean for Keto Diet

Beef, Patties - 2 (6oz) 55% lean for Keto Diet


Pre-Cooked Beef Pot Roast & Gravy - 2 lbs.

Pre-Cooked Beef Pot Roast & Gravy - 2 lbs.







50075 - Primal Palate Garden Ranch Seasoning Mix - 6 pk

155504 - Bison Liver - 8 oz.

10037 - Beef Cheeks - 1 lb

10092 - Beef Suet - 5 lbs

155503- Bison Stew Meat - 1 lb pkg

155513 - Bison Sirloin Tip Roast - 2.25 lbs

155516 - Bison Ribeye Steak - 8 oz

155605 - Bison Sweetbreads (Thymus) - 1-2 oz

155610 - Bison Pancreas - 5 oz

155615 - Bison Kidney - 12 oz

155620 - Bison Adrenal Glands

164409 - 100% Dark Chocolate ZERO Sugar Bar

farmers market, vegetables, fruit

10 Tips to Transition Your Health and Wellness Routine from Winter to Spring


by Ashley Martens


The spring season is here, so it is time to ditch the winter layers and get outside into the great outdoors as Mother Nature awakens to the start of a new season. As spring is the season for new beginnings and a fresh start, renew and revitalize your health and wellness routine from winter to spring with these ten tips.



chuck roast, roast
pot roast cooking demo, grassfed roasts

Pot Roast Cooking Demo


By: Carley Smith | Fairy Gutmother


Join Carley Smith in this cooking demo where she takes you back to your childhood with a cozy pot roast. With a pasture-raised chuck roast and homemade bone broth, the Fairy Gutmother kicks up the nutrition to make sure this “comfort food” truly nourishes your gut and leaves you, well, comfortable! 




farm, beef

Spring grass has finally burst into robust growth in Northeast Missouri 

after colder than normal March and April temperatures. The grass growth is 

approximately ten days behind normal, but Mother Nature can catch 

up well with plenty of soil moisture and warm days followed by warm 

nights. These cattle are in complete bliss as pastures rarely exceed 

the quality in this picture. Below ground, the soil biology is trumpeting 

the great news of rapidly expanding plant root development which is 

where the soil regeneration magic takes place.

Thank you,


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