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June 29, 2022 Canton, Missouri



Use your special discount code "LAND" before midnight tonight.

Scott Mendelson - Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

Product Feature - 5 Healthy Meals on a Budget

Lifestyle Feature - Eat THESE Foods to Program Your Genes for Longevity

Recipe Corner - Meat and Potatoes Breakfast Hash

Fresh Chilled Beef - Order Before 7/1

Shipping Reminder - Fourth of July Shipping

Trustpilot Reviews - Learn More About Your Farmer

Sale Items - Ground Beef 55% Lean, Beef T-bone Steak, Beef Brisket Point, Pastured Ground Pork, Pastured Pork Lard, Pastured Chicken Drumsticks (19% OFF)

The Kat James Show - Check It Out!

Shout Out - Ross "TURBO" Levine - World Middleweight Champion

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Discount Code Alert - Enter "LAND" at checkout to save!

Offer ends tonight, 6/29/22 at Midnight!

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

~ Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is always a fun holiday we look forward to with much anticipation every year. It's not just the fireworks and BBQ; it’s about community, fellowship, and taking stock of the blessings we enjoy as a nation. Everyone in a community has the opportunity to offer the talents, skills, wisdom, and knowledge they bring to the table. This community of health and nutrition-minded individuals, professionals, families, farmers, athletes, trainers, foodies, and chefs all have something in common. We love all-natural, whole foods and the healing, transformative powers it has on our minds and bodies. Being sick can be extremely expensive, and nobody wants to feel down and out. If you are new to this community, continue to read and educate yourself on health and nutrition and learn about where your food comes from, who raises it, and how it's grown. Our farmers are dedicated to providing the cleanest, all-natural, 100% grass-fed, and pasture-raised proteins on the planet.

We believe our foods are the closest to nature's "wild,” as you will find. So, as we reach the middle part of 2022 and celebrate the freedoms we enjoy here in these United States of America, we think it's vital to continue to learn, support, and strengthen the communities around us. We have a fantastic community of patrons and advocates of sustainable farming who support our farms with food purchases online at As we remember the blessings of liberty this Independence Day, we also want to offer our sincere thanks to our loyal customers. THANK YOU!

Product Feature | 5 Healthy Meals on a Budget

Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. On the contrary, healthy meals can be made with many of the items you probably already have on hand in your kitchen and in only a short amount of time. If you are looking for some culinary inspiration for your own weekly menu, here are five healthy meal ideas that are also budget-friendly:

1. Sugar-free Breakfast Sausage & Bacon

2. Broth



Discount Code Ends Tonight!

The time is right to save on all-natural pasture-raised foods. Save with your special discount code. Add Discount Code "LAND" to your US Wellness Meats shopping cart at checkout and SAVE 15% storewide on over 350 all-natural foods.

- "LAND" discount code expires at midnight tonight, Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

- Cannot be applied to an order 40 lbs or more.

- Excludes sale items, volume discounts, and e-gift cards.

Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to items already on sale or discounted, and cannot be applied to previous orders.

Lifestyle Feature | Eat THESES Foods to Program Your Genes for Longevity

It is common knowledge that the lifestyle choices you make – the foods you eat, the frequency and intensity of your exercise, and dozens of other factors – play a significant role in how long and how well you live.

It is also well understood that your genes play a role in your “healthspan” (how long you stay healthy) and your lifespan (how long you live).

This article by Kelley Herring highlights a recent study published in the journal Aging, which sets out to determine which specific lifestyle interventions can reduce your epigenetic age.

Shipping Reminder | 4th of July Shipping

Our online store is open 24/7, but our office and Fed-Ex will be closed on Monday in honor of July 4th so families can be together. We will not be shipping packages on Monday but will resume our normal shipping schedule on Tuesday.

Our normal shipping schedule is Monday - Wednesday. Any order placed after 10 am (CDT) Wednesday will ship the following week. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Most orders are delivered to your door within 24-48 hours of leaving our facility. Shipping & Handling is always just $9.50, no matter the size of your order. See our FAQ link for more details.

Fresh Chilled Beef | Order Before Friday 7/1

Once a month, we offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy fresh, never frozen, chilled beef delivered right to your door! Restaurants and families alike love these chilled beef bundles because the meats arrive ready to cook or thawing is necessary. Order by Friday 7/1, and we'll ship your fresh bundle Wednesday 7/6.

Trustpilot Reviews | Learn More About Your Farmer

Transparency is important! We want you to have every opportunity to make good food choices. Trustpilot, a 3rd party review site, captures customer feedback. You will find the Trustpilot review center at the bottom of the US Wellness homepage. Read what others are saying or leave your feedback. We want to thank all those who have already left kind reviews and great suggestions for us to improve.

"You can trust John and all the hard work he and like-minded farmers put into their beef and swine. It’s clean meat. We’ve been customers for almost 20 years."

-TC, Illinois

The Kat James Show | Check it Out

Our dear friend Kat James has helped thousands of people reach new levels of personal health and nutrition through her Leptin Sensitivity protocols. Kat has her own podcast where she shares a wealth of information about health, nutrition, wellness, anti-aging, beauty, and quality of life. Tune in to listen live Saturdays at 3pm eastern on SiriusXM radio channel 131, or listen to archived shows available HERE.

Shout Out | Ross "TURBO" Levine

Congratulations to Ross Levine, Karate Combat Middleweight Champion! Last Saturday, Ross picked up the belt for the Middleweight Championship title. Since 2019, we've been providing proteins for Ross during his training. Check out some of Ross’s favorites: Ground Elk, Ground Bison, and Ribeye Steaks.

"US Wellness has been a tremendous part of this journey!!! Beating the scale and maintaining my strength is honestly half the battle and your help, providing the best for me, without it would be extremely difficult! Thank you so much for all of your support." — Ross "Turbo" Levine, World Middleweight Champion, Karate Combat

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Beef, Ground 55% Lean - 1lb

Beef, Ground 55% Lean - 1lb


Pork Lard - 2 lbs.

Pork Lard - 2 lbs.


Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs

Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs


T Bone Steak - 1 lb.

T Bone Steak - 1 lb.


Pasture-raised Chicken Drumsticks - 1.5 lbs.

Pasture-raised Chicken Drumsticks - 1.5 lbs.


Ground Pork - 1 lb. pkg.

Ground Pork - 1 lb. pkg.




If you'd like to try some of our popular favorites, here's a good place to start. Check out our Sample Farm Bundles in our online store. Choose your favorite curated bundle of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats for a delicious & nutritious variety of premium cuts. Find the bundle that's right for you, click, and pay.

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86101 - South Carolina Soy-Free, Pasture-Raised Chicken Parts Bundle - 25 lbs (ships separately from the farm)

86110 - South Carolina Soy-Free Pasture-Raised 6-Whole Chicken Bundle - 21 lbs (ships separately from the farm)

86034 - South Carolina Soy-Free Pasture-Raised 4-Whole Chickens & 16 Feet Bundle - 18 lbs (ships separately from the farm)

86020 - South Carolina Pasture-Raised 4-Whole Chicken Bundle - 20 lbs (ships separately from the farm)

86112 - South Carolina Soy-Free, Pasture-Raised 3-Whole Chicken Bundle - 17.5 lbs (ships separately from the farm)

10023 - Beef Tallow - 5 gal

10883 - Regular Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs

12406 - Beef Liverwurst - 1 lb

155525 - Ground Bison 95% Lean - 5 lbs (limited qty)

fat burning, exercise, nutrition, dietary fats, flexible fasting

Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

By Scott Mendelson


"I have had success losing body fat this year, but the stubborn body fat around my buttocks and thighs is still a big issue. What can be done to get rid of stubborn body fat with nutrition in particular? It seems like the stubborn areas get worse when I am stressed at work." - Bonnie


grassfed brisket, brisket point
pastured wings, chicken wings, chicken wing recipe

Meat and Potatoes Breakfast Hash

Recipe & Photos By Hayley & Bill | Primal Palate

This Meat and Potatoes Breakfast Hash is perfect for serving a crowd or meal-prepping for a week of nutritional fuel! Our friends, Hayley and Bill at Primal Palate, use US Wellness Meats 100% grass-fed ground beef and ghee, their Primal Palate clean and delicious Meat and Potatoes Seasoning blend, and hearty sweet potatoes for this simple and satisfying breakfast hash.

Hayley and Bill, thanks for sharing!


grassfed beef, grass finished, grassfed steaks

This picture could be switched out with North American Bison in the early 1700's with a very similar landscape. The predominant forage in this slice of a larger paddock is the native Eastern Gamma Grass. This was a dominant species in this area of Northeast Missouri when the bison periodically grazed the landscape before man and fences changed the Great Plains and the Midwest forever. Eastern Gamma Grass was referred to as the ice cream grass when this area was settled in the early 1800's.

— John Wood, 5th generation cattle farmer

and managing partner at US Wellness Meats

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