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October 5, 2022 Canton, Missouri

Scott Mendelson - Training Productively or Going Through the Motions

Recipe Corner - 6 Fall Meal Prep Tips

October Giveaway - Enter to Win FREE FOOD!

October Featured Chef - Danielle Christy

Fresh Chilled Beef - Order by Friday 10/7

Sale Items - Large Top Sirloin, Pasture-Raised Chicken Necks, Large New York Strip Steak, Beef Eye of Round Roast, Ribeye Pork Chop, Rustic Lamb Sausage Links

Farm Videos - Take A Virtual Walk In The Pastures

Shout Out - Fall Grilling - Tomahawk Steak and Lamb Sweetbread Skewers

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"To live life without veal or chicken stock, fish cheeks, sausages, cheese, or organ meats is treasonous."

~ Anthony Bourdain, Celebrity Chef and Author

Fall Meal Prep

Fall sure is a busy time of year. During the week, daily commitments can be hectic, with many families juggling work and children's schedules. The weekends can prove to be even busier. With high school, collegiate, and professional sports at the height of their season, there always seems to be something to do— not to mention the cooler weather offering the perfect scene to get outdoors for various activities.

A few weeks of non-stop work and play can run you ragged and be overwhelming if not planned accordingly. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep ourselves from just going through the motions:

1. Planning: This one may be a no-brainer, but we recommend setting yourself up for success with some planning. Having a calendar to keep track of upcoming daily, weekly, and monthly events keeps surprises and last-minute stresses much lower. Take it one step further with meal planning! This tip has been a game-changer in our homes, and we highly recommend meal prepping to make those busy days run a little smoother. Some easy ways to accomplish this include packing children's lunchboxes the night before, making two batches of dinner and freezing one for later, and cooking easy grab-and-go meats for other meals during the week. Meal prepping tasty and quality food early also eliminates scrambling for meals which can sometimes lead to unhealthy items we may not usually choose. Spending less time figuring out what to eat gives more time to focus on essential tasks.

2. Rest and Recovery: Don't be afraid to take time to rest. Taking that time can help avoid burnout and create better focus when completing tasks. Take time to clear your mind with a nature walk, stretching routine, and time for better sleep. Support your body with good supplements and nutrition. Reach for a warm and soothing cup of bone broth, and make meals utilizing quality meats to power and restore your body. A few of our favorites for fall include stews, soups, and crockpot meals.

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Enter to Win | $150 October Savory Foods Giveaway

Looking to stock your freezer for FREE? Check out our October Giveaway! This month's bundle is filled with Featured Chef Danielle Christy's favorites, including NY Strip, Ground Beef with Heart, Kidney, and Liver, Beef Chuck Roast, and more! You can't win if you don't enter - so don't delay. ENTER HERE!

Featured Chef | Danielle Christy

Our Featured Chef for October is Danielle Christy. Danielle is passionate about building healthy relationships with food and getting back to home cooking. She loves to create colorful dishes that allow the natural flavors and nutrients of food to shine. Check out her four delicious recipes: Beef Liver Meatballs, Open Faced Steak Sandwiches, Grass-Fed Steak with Pistachio Salsa, and Crispy Pork Belly Tomato Eggplant Pasta.

Fresh Chilled Beef | Order By 10/7/2022
Once a month, we offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy fresh, never frozen, chilled beef delivered right to your door! Restaurants and families alike love these chilled beef bundles because the meats arrive ready to cook or thawing is necessary. Order by Friday 10/7, and we'll ship your fresh bundle Wednesday 10/12.

Shout Out | Early Fall Grilling

Calling all autumn fans! The crisp air delivers something cozy to the soul, and it's a gorgeous time of year to spend outdoors. As the temps drop, we can gather around the grill and bonfire. @fancycarnivore is soaking up this early fall season by grilling a Tomahawk Steak with Lamb Sweetbreads and Kidney skewers marinated in yogurt. Join us on the Grass-Fed Meat and Organ Train to boost your nutrition!

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Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs

Beef Eye of Round Roast - 2 lbs

Rustic Lamb Sausage Links - 1lb pkg

Rustic Lamb Sausage Links - 1lb pkg

Ribeye Pork Chop - 16oz

Ribeye Pork Chop - 16oz

Beef Large NY Strip Steak - 14 oz.

Beef Large NY Strip Steak - 14 oz.

Pasture-raised Chicken Necks - 2.5 lbs.

Pasture-raised Chicken Necks - 2.5 lbs.



sample grass-fed beef bundle

If you'd like to try some of our popular favorites, here's a good place to start. Check out our Sample Farm Bundles in our online store. Choose your favorite curated bundle of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats for a delicious & nutritious variety of premium cuts. Find the bundle that's right for you, click, and pay.

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70730 - Italian Pork Sausages - Sugar Free - Fully Cooked - Five 0.25 lb. sausages

70740 - Polish Pork Sausages - Sugar Free - five 0.25 lb. sausages

12091 - Plain Slow Roasted Shredded Beef - 1 lb.


82105 - South Carolina Pasture-raised Turkey- 10lbs

85125 - South Carolina Pasture-raised Turkey- 12lbs

85001 - South Carolina Pasture-raised Turkey- 14lbs

85002 - South Carolina Pasture-raised Turkey- 16lbs

85003 - South Carolina Free Range Turkey-18lbs

85004 - South Carolina Pasture-raised Turkey- 20lbs

85005 - South Carolina Free Range Turkey- 22lbs

burn body fat, weight training, exercise, stubborn fat, fat burning, scott mendelson, lower body workout

Training Productively or Going Through the Motions?

By Scott Mendelson


"How do I know if I am getting the most possible fat loss benefits from my exercise sessions? I am using the same weight training/cardio routine from 10 years ago when I was in great shape, but I do not seem to be getting the same results even though I have been very consistent."

~ Tammy


French Ribeye Steak, Grass-Fed Beef, Tomahawk Steak
6 fall meal prep tips

6 Fall Meal Prep Tips

Recipe and Photos by Ashley Martens

Whether you are a meal prep maven or are a newbie, fall is the perfect season for meal prepping. Find tips on baking, slow cooking, making granola, repurposing foods, and more.


grassfed beef, grassfed steaks

Fresh well rests Mother Nature has prepared a smorgasbord for this group of grazing cattle on a perfect October 1st afternoon in NE Missouri. Good mix of near dormant prairie grass, a combination of clovers, and about five species of cool season grasses that offer fantastic forage quality between now and late November. This hillside has been in forage production since 1993 and continues to generate better soil health year after year.

— John Wood, 5th generation cattle farmer

and managing partner at US Wellness Meats

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