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September 7, 2022     Canton, Missouri     


Scott Mendelson - Strike the Fat Burning Jackpot


Recipe Corner - Easy Sheet Pan Greek Chicken


FREE eBook - Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy


September Giveaway - Enter to Win FREE FOOD!


Shipping FAQs - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How


Sale Items - Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon, Beef Top Sirloin, Keto Beef, Ground 55% Lean, Ground Beef Heart Pet Food, Smoked Pork Loin, Ground Lamb, All Purpose Seasoning


Shout Out - Organ Meats

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Offer ends tonight, 9/7/22 at Midnight!


"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start."


~ Anthony Bourdain, Celebrity Chef and Author

Taking Fitness Outdoors

Nutrition is just one part of health and wellness. Everyone needs a little exercise. For most parts of the country, fall brings cooler weather and more opportunities to enjoy nature outdoors. The hot, muggy summer months are nearly over, and it's much more comfortable outside. This is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors and get some exercise before the holidays are upon us. Here are a few fun activities to consider for the fall months: 

1. Picnics - pack a meal and ride bicycles or walk to your favorite park or outdoor space. Children love picnics, and the food doesn't have to be fancy. 

2. Hiking - All you need is a decent pair of sneakers or hiking boots, and you're all set to explore the nearest trail. There are great hiking trails and national parks in every state. Plan ahead for your difficulty preference: easy, medium, or difficult. A walking stick can be handy; children love choosing a good stick on the trail. 

3. Kayaking/canoeing - A kayak or canoe is an essential outdoor tool for those of us with nearby rivers and streams. It's an excellent exercise for the upper and lower body, and the sites and sounds of a stream are incomparable. 

If you're not already a regular exerciser, start slow. Don't expect to run a marathon if you're not used to walking around the block. Building a fitness routine slowly will allow you to appreciate better sleep, looser clothes, and more energy. Remember to bring along plenty of water and snacks for the trip. Try our Paleo Choice Meat Stiks in Original and Jalapeño varieties. They taste great and are made with our 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork with minimal, all-natural ingredients. We offer a variety of shelf stable and and jerky snacks for the perfect energy boost to keep you moving. 


Discount Code Ends Tonight!

Save on all-natural, pasture-raised foods with your special discount code. Add Discount Code "CHARGE" to your US Wellness Meats shopping cart at checkout and SAVE 15% storewide.


- "CHARGE" discount code expires at midnight tonight, Wednesday, September 7th.

- Cannot be applied to an order 40 lbs or more.

- Excludes sale items, volume discounts, and e-gift cards.


Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to items already on sale or discounted, and cannot be applied to previous orders.


FREE eBook | Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy

Have you ever wondered whether the ketogenic diet is right for you? Have you read the academic materials available on the subject of how a ketogenic diet has been used to treat a multitude of health-related issues?


We’re excited to share our friends at Metabolic Health Initiative @metabolichealthsummit have just released their FREE Year in Review Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy Research eBook! If you want to learn the most cutting-edge science on metabolic health and therapy, you won’t want to miss this amazing resource!


Enter to Win | $150 September Food Giveaway

Looking to stock your freezer for FREE? Check out our September Foods Giveaway! This month's bundle is filled with Featured Chef Jaime Alba's favorites, including Ground Beef, BBQ Fully-Cooked Short Ribs, Bison Chorizo Sausage, and more! You can't win if you don't enter - so don't delay. ENTER HERE!


Shipping FAQ

Our normal shipping schedule is Monday - Wednesday. Any order placed after 10 am (CST) Wednesday will ship the following week. Most orders are delivered to your door within 24-48 hours of leaving our facility. Shipping is free, but we do charge $9.50 on every order regardless of size to help defray the cost of packaging materials. We answer more questions on our Discover Blog Shipping FAQs page.


Shout Out | Organ Meat Review by Seth Kardos

Seth Kardos shares his US Wellness Meats Organ Meat Review. Check out his channel and use this opportunity to stock up on nutrient-dense organ meats like grass-fed-and-finished liver and liverwurst


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Ground Lamb - 1 lb.

Ground Lamb - 1 lb.

Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 9 oz

Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon - 9 oz

Beef, Ground 55% Lean - 1lb

Beef, Ground 55% Lean - 1lb

Beef Heart Ground (Raw Pet Food) - 1 lb

Beef Heart Ground (Raw Pet Food) - 1 lb

Pork Loin SMOKED-1.4 lbs

Pork Loin SMOKED-1.4 lbs

USWM All Purpose Seasoning

USWM All Purpose Seasoning



sample grass-fed beef bundle

If you'd like to try some of our popular favorites, here's a good place to start. Check out our Sample Farm Bundles in our online store. Choose your favorite curated bundle of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats for a delicious & nutritious variety of premium cuts. Find the bundle that's right for you, click, and pay.

Now placing your food order is simple as 1, 2, 3.


Also see our Volume Discounts for more ways to save

on nutritious, sustainably raised foods!


18831 - 10 (8 oz) Frozen Raw Patties 70/30 (Health Challenged Pets) - 5 lb pkg

18861 - 10 (8 oz) Frozen Raw Patties 85/15 (Healthy Pets) - 5 lb pkg

31342 - Raw Grass-Fed Jalapeno Cheese - 10.5 oz

31348 - Raw Grass-Fed Havarti Cheese - 10.5 oz

31358 - Raw Grass-Fed Mozzarella Cheese - 10.5 oz

77073 - Pork Leaf Lard - 2 lbs

10057 - Beef Kidney - 1 lb pkg

10086 - Teres Major Shoulder Tender Beef Steak - 1.35 lb pkg

burn body fat, weight training, exercise, stubborn fat, fat burning, scott mendelson, lower body workout

Strike the Fat Burning Jackpot


By Scott Mendelson




"Are the first couple of weeks of a fat loss effort crucially important or is it more of a long game issue of consistency to make lasting fat loss change? I was not successful with body fat loss this summer and cannot figure out why."


~ Cheryl



grassfed sirloin, beef top sirloin
easy sheet pan greek chicken

Easy Sheet Pan Greek Chicken


Recipe and Photos by Allison Schaaf


Look no further! This is the super simple weeknight dinner that will nourish and satisfy your family. This Sheet Pan Greek Chicken recipe by Allison Schaaf at Prep Dish uses Boneless, Skinless Pastured Chicken Thighs, red onion, lemon, olives, artichoke hearts, and your favorite pasta or potatoes. 



grassfed beef, grassfed steaks

Paddock rest periods are even more impressive in drought conditions. This strip of pasture has had less than a half inch of rainfall since July 9th and has still managed to recover well from the last grazing by finding moisture and nutrients at much deeper rooting depths than pastures grazed nearly year around with no managed rest periods. Soil critters love the rest breaks, too.


— John Wood, 5th generation cattle farmer

and managing partner at US Wellness Meats


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