Grass-fed and Grass-finished Steaks ~ Pasture Raised Beef, Lamb, Bison, Pork, and more
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Picture of Cattle on the farm

September 28, 2022 Canton, Missouri

Picture of pork rinds and Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Picture of Grass-Fed Beef Burgers on table
Picture of burger, hot dogs on the grill
Picture of Grass-Fed Ground Beef Tacos, 25% off Ground Beef Burger Bundle
Picture of Grass-Fed Beef Meatballs with Zucchini Spirals, Trustpilot Reviews
Delicious Delights
75% Lean Ground Beef Bundle - 25 - 1 lb. pkgs.

75% Lean Ground Beef Bundle - 25 - 1 lb. pkgs.

Pasture-raised Chicken Backs - 2.75 lbs

Pasture-raised Chicken Backs - 2.75 lbs

Beef Sandwich Steaks - (4-7 slices) 16 oz. total

Beef Sandwich Steaks - (4-7 slices) 16 oz. total

Beef Neck Bones - Avg. 1.25 lbs.

Beef Neck Bones - Avg. 1.25 lbs.

Salt Free Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs.

Salt Free Beef Pemmican Pail - 2 lbs.

Stew Beef - 1 lb.

Stew Beef - 1 lb.


Picture of Cattle in a pasture and a flock of geese flying in the sky with a sunset

Mother Nature Welcomes Fall

On the left: A flock of geese did a flyover while John Wood was checking cattle Monday evening. These geese were locals that hatched back in early Spring. It is incredible how fast they mature and are in full adult travel mode by Fall.

On the right: This group of cattle is enjoying the fresh fall grass in sixty-degree air, which is nearly the perfect climate for growing cattle. Two October rain showers have lessened drought conditions, and the thirsty soil absorbed almost three inches of rain in ten days with zero runoff. When soil pores are active with abundant soil biology, it makes the perfect sponge to store every drop that falls.

Photos and Words by John Wood, 5th generation cattle farmer and managing partner at US Wellness Meats

Take a virtual walk through our pastures narrated by John Wood.

Charcuterie Boards

The term Charcuterie comes from the French and refers to a type of cooking involving prepared meat products like sausages, bacon, deli meats, pâtés, etc. A charcutier is a butcher or someone who specializes in preparing these delicious presentations. A charcuterie board is a tray of appetizers, including various types of meat, cheeses, crackers, and bread. Many will also include olives, nuts, pickled vegetables, dried fruits, chocolates, preserves, and spreads. Finger foods make beautiful appetizers for dinner parties, tailgates, BBQs, holiday gatherings, and office parties.

Variety is essential for a well-presented board. Presentation is a big part of a traditional charcuterie board. Many will even use edible flowers to dress up the tray of bite-sized, ready-to-eat morsels. While appearance is essential, the flavor is crucial once your guests enjoy it earnestly. Then it's all about the combination of savory and sweet flavors that will have people complimenting your culinary skills.

We have nearly everything you'll need for the main components of a well-dressed charcuterie board. Start with the featured MEATS: Grass-fed Beef Liverwurst, Beef and Chicken Braunschweiger, Rustic Lamb Sausage Links, Summer Sausage, Salami, Head Cheese, Venison & Beef Snack Stick Ends, Paleo Choice Meat Sticks in Original & Jalapeño, and Fully Cooked Smoked Beef Brisket. Then consider our wide variety of delicious raw, grass-fed CHEESES: Jalapeno Cheese, Grass-fed Gouda, Unsalted Cheddar, Havarti, Sharp Cheddar, and more! You'll also need some organic, raw & sprouted NUTS and CHOCOLATES: Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Tropical Love Bites, Dark Chocolate Avocado + Rosemary, 100% Dark Chocolate, 72% Dark Chocolate, and more! We also have some other items your guests might find appealing: Raw Honey, Pemmican, All-Natural BBQ Sauce, and Grass-fed Butter (Butter Boards, anyone?). Now you have the makings of a gourmet charcuterie classic!

For an in depth look at our favorite products for a charcuterie board, follow along with our Build the Best Charcuterie Board guide.

Health + Wellness | 5 Fall Wellness Tips ~ Fall in Love with the Fall Season

With the official start of the autumn season comes cooler days, fall foods, and nourishing fall spices. Here are five fall wellness tips to help you fall in love with the fall season: warming foods, warming beverages, and more!

Product Feature | Cheese is One of the Most Neuro-Protective Foods

Cheese is a wholesome food that provides vital nutrients, including healthy fats and vitamins. Food has a powerful effect on brain health and long-term cognitive function. A study of 1,787 adults revealed that out of 49 whole foods, cheese was “by far” the most protective food when it comes to avoiding age-related cognitive problems. Eating cheese daily may be a simple way to keep your brain sharp! Read more...

Browse our various raw cheeses made in small batches from grass-fed A2-A2 milk: sharp cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, and more

Special Gifts | Weddings, Back to School, Care Packages, Birthdays, and more!

Gift cards, bundles, subscription food delivery, and more. Consider blessing the newlyweds, graduates, new parents, and others in your life with nourishing, grass-fed meats. Allow our 100% grass-fed and pastured proteins to fuel their next chapter!

Know Your Farmer, Trust the Source | Honest Work Music Video

Early mornings and late evenings are common for small family farms. Whether it's fixing tractors or moving cattle from one pasture to another, there is never a lack of chores. It's hard work, but it's meaningful work and something we can be proud of with each bite of a nutritious meal our patrons enjoy. Sing along with our farm song "Honest Work".

"What some call too much trouble, I call honest work."

New Products | New Nutrition!

With a mission to develop healthy, delicious meats for all cooking and flavor preferences, we have three new products: Chicken Braunsweiger, Chicken Braunsweiger End Pieces, and Rustic Lamb Sausage Links. Discover your new favorites today!

Fresh Chilled Beef | Order By 10/7/2022

Once a month, we offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy fresh, never frozen, chilled beef delivered right to your door! Restaurants and families alike love these chilled beef bundles because the meats arrive ready to cook or thawing is necessary. Order by Friday 10/7, and we'll ship your fresh bundle Wednesday 10/12.

Trustpilot Reviews | 4.8/5 Stars

Transparency is important! We want you to have every opportunity to make good food choices. Trustpilot, a 3rd party review site, captures customer feedback. You will find the Trustpilot review center at the bottom of the US Wellness homepage. Read what others are saying or leave your feedback. We want to thank all those who have already left kind reviews and great suggestions for us to improve.

“This is the cleanest grass fed/finished meat I have found. Prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. Service was great and very responsive to a few questions I had. I will be ordering all my meats from US Wellness Meats."

~ Joe, IL

Shout Out | Grilling Delicious

Get out your pens and notepads! Laura, the Foodology Geek, teaches us how to cook the perfect ribeye. With fall in full swing, we are looking for every reason to spend more time outdoors! "I don’t know about you but I’m still kicking it with my grill until at least October." Order your favorite grass-fed steaks and keep the grill fired up as long as you can!

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--> Restocks | Grab Your Favorites Before They Are Gone

164405 - Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar

30327 - Anchor Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter - 1 lb

50025 - Primal Palate Organic Steak Seasoning

10058 - Beef Tallow - Small Pail (1.7 lbs)

70751 - Sugar Free Canadian Pork Bacon Ends - 1 lb.

70752 - Sugar Free Canadian Pork Bacon Slices - 1 lb

82060 - Chicken Apple Sausage Links - 1 lb


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