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Christmas Gift Ideas + Petite Sirloin & Rare 87% Burger Sale

Monticello, Missouri
December 3, 2006

With the holiday season upon us, U.S. Wellness has created USW Steak Gift Box to compliment Box 46B Gourmet Gift Box containing steaks, burger, bacon and pre-cooked meats.

The new USW Steak Box will contain 2 ribeyes, 2 tenderloin filets, 2 petite sirloins and 1 delmonico steak.

Keep in mind U.S. Wellness offers a great list of gift certificates from $25 up to $250 dollars. Please call the office if the value is under $75 on the gift certificate choices. We can process your gift certificate over the phone for the lower amounts.

U.S. Wellness encourages corporate gift box orders as our staff has the capability to process several hundred orders should the situation arise. Personal notes can be attached to the orders.

Significant Inventory Re-stocking
U.S.Wellness Grass-fed Goat department has been replenished from top to bottom. Plus, We have added the following new goat entrees per your requests:

The following beef items have been replenished in good quantity; except for center cut shoulder roasts and they will be back in strength late next week.

    On Sale Items for week of December 3rd, 2006

With appreciation and regards,

John & Nan, Lee Ann, Stephanie and Julie for the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats

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