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The Real Truth about Saturated Fat

                                Monticello, Missouri
December 16,  2007

Dear John,

The Holidays are upon us again! For many of us, it is a time of parties, gatherings, and enjoying delicious meals with family and friends. U.S. Wellness Meats can be there for all occasions. Whether its an intimate dinner with your family, or a huge party, don't forget to put U.S. Wellness Meats on the table. With out-of-this world taste, everyone will be impressed and delighted that you care enough to serve the healthiest and tastiest meats of the season.

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U.S. Wellness Meats wants to wish you all the merriest of holidays. We want to thank you all for your continued support, and wish you all a very happy and very prosperous New Year.

Best Regards,

John, Lee Ann, Megan and Lacey
On behalf of the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats.

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Obesity rates seen to level off
Plateau may answer question: How fat can Americans get?

 The Washington Post
    November 29, 2007

WASHINGTON - The obesity epidemic that has been escalating for more than a quarter-century in the United States has leveled off among women and may have hit a plateau for men as well, federal health officials reported Wednesday.

While the proportion of adults who are obese remains high at more than 30 percent, the rate in 2005 and 2006 was statistically unchanged from the last time government researchers took a national snapshot two years earlier.

The findings confirm earlier indications that the increase in obesity among women had stalled and suggests that the same trend may have begun among men.

"This is encouraging," said Cynthia Ogden of the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the new data. "I think we can say that obesity in women is stabilizing, and I'm optimistic that that we may be seeing a leveling off in men as well."

If both trends continue, it could mean that the massive effort to stem the nation's growing girth could be starting to pay off, Ogden and others said.

"This doesn't show we've turned the corner on obesity, but we might be at the corner," said William Dietz of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "The first step in controlling any epidemic is halting a rise in the number of cases, and this suggests that might be happening."

But experts cautioned that it is too soon to declare victory, noting the lull could be fleeting and that about 72 million adults are still considered obese.

"This is still the biggest health problem of our time," Gary Foster, director of obesity research and education at Temple University. "It's not time to relax."

Ogden and her colleagues reported last year that the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, an ongoing program tracking obesity and other health issues, showed the increases may have stalled for U.S. women in 2003 and 2004.

But they said more data were needed to confirm whether the shift was real.

The latest data collected from a nationally representative sample of 4,400 Americans age 20 and older showed that while the proportion of women who were obese increased from 33.2 percent in 2003 and 2004 to 35.3 percent in 2005 and 2006, that difference was not statistically significant, and the rate has been stable since 1999.

Among men, Ogden and her colleagues found that the rate increased from 31.1 percent to 33.3 percent, but that change too was not statistically significant. But because the rate was still up compared to 1999, Ogden said more data are needed to confirm the stall.

Ogden said the reasons why the epidemic might be easing were unclear, but some have speculated that the nation may have reached a saturation point where most of those predisposed to obesity have already reached that point.

"Maybe we've gotten as heavy as we can," she said.

Several researchers noted that childhood obesity rates are continuing to increase.

"As more obese children reach adulthood, it is conceivable that obesity levels will begin to rise again," David Allison, director of the clinical nutrition research center of the University of Alabama in Birmingham wrote in an e-mail.

In response, the federal government this week is announcing plans to expand efforts to combat obesity among young people, including $10 million to build new school playgrounds.

The proportion of Americans who are obese has increased dramatically in the last quarter-century, doubling among adults and tripling among children since 1980. Because obesity increases the risk of heart disease,
 Deena Kastor

Deena Kastor will be featured in the Spirt of the Marathon in 2008.  The movie is the first non-fictional movie ever made of the sport.  Deena will be featured along side 5 other runners ranging from a first time marathoner up to Deena's U.S record holder status.

The movie is filmed on 5 continents and led by veteran team of producers with marathon running in their blood. 

Their passion carried them to top honors in the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival.  A short clip can be viewed here.

We anticipate the sequel will be filmed with Deena's Olympic Gold in 2008!
by Catherine Ebeling, RN BSN, Wellness Consultant

Cahterine Ebeling Eating Fat - What you NEED to know
As we start to pay attention to eating more GOOD fats, and begin to turn away from the high carbohydrate/high sugar/low fat diets that have been the stars of the food pyramid for the last several years, there has been much confusion on which fats to eat; how much of each kind of fat to eat; and what kinds of fat are actually the ones we SHOULD eat. It is very difficult to de-program ourselves from years of hearing how we should be avoiding animal fats and eating vegetable fats. But research has shown that eating animal fats, such as the fat found in grass-fed meat, raw cheeses and CLA rich butter, are the healthiest and contain the highest amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA.

The scientific literature is equally clear about the dangers of polyunsaturated vegetable oils--the kind that were supposed to be good for us.


Dr. Al Sears

 By Al Sears, MD

If you follow the latest developments in nutritional science, you've probably heard about the so-called "good" fats (omega-3s) and "bad" fats (omega-6s).

Omega-6s are prevalent in the American diet. We all need this type of fat in moderate amounts. But in excess, omega-6s have an inflammatory effect on the body and can lead to arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.

In contrast, omega-3 fats - which most people don't get enough of - are crucial to normal brain development, cell membrane formation and hormone production. They're also needed for efficient metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides, and increased cellular energy.

And unlike omega-6s, they actually ward off arthritis by reducing inflammation and joint pain. They're also a key to heart health. Omega-3s increase HDL cholesterol - the "good" kind - and reduce LDL cholesterol - the "bad" kind.

What's more, omega-3s have been proven to prevent macular degeneration in humans, a problem that commonly comes with aging. The macula, an area at the back of the retina, breaks down as we get older and can lead to blurry vision or even blindness.

While they're both critical to good health, omega-6s and omega-3s must be consumed in the right ratio - about 2:1. Yet for most Americans, the average ratio is a very unhealthy 20:1.

My recommendation? Boost your omega-3s. Make an effort to get this essential fatty acid everyday. Now what you'll hear most often is that fish is the best source of omega-3s. But here's something you won't hear: Free-range, grass-fed beef is comparable in omega-3 fatty acids to wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

Eric SerannoDear Dr. Serrano,
I have 2 questions regarding grass-fed beef:
1.  How does cholesterol, both good and bad, compare between grass-fed beef vs. feed lot raised?
2. Am I correct in thinking that it is the omega 6 EVA that causes artery clogging, and that by switching to grass-fed beef a person could reverse that problem?
Many thanks.    Jay Myers

Dear Jay;
Eventually i will have to address the cholesterol myth, but for now I will answer your two questions:
1. Cholesterol is cholesterol, it doesn't matter from what source, eggs, chicken, red meat etc, so no difference on the type, but on how much. You can find more good cholesterol in certain sources than others, but because I have not seen any studies or research separating good vs bad, I can't tell you for sure how much. Cholesterol is not bad when consumed with a moderate carbohydrate diet, because we need cholesterol to make 90% of our hormones;  it is an antioxidant, and it makes a major part of our cells. What is most important however, is the fat in meat, eggs, chicken and what these animals  are been fed.

2. The omega 6 are also necessary for life; it is the balance between all the fats, carbohydrates, proteins, micro nutrients and environment that causes artery clogging.
We consume way too much omega 6 and too little omega 3, but you can't forget about omega 9 and saturated fats--these fats are necessary for life. For example, our joints are composed of almost a 100% saturated fats.

The biggest "clogger" of arteries is not fat, but sugar and our  environment. The biggest marker for death of a heart attack is not cholesterol, smoking, or history but diet and INSULIN LEVELS.

Take Care!
Dr. Serrano

The People's Chemist
By: Shane Ellison M.S.
shane ellison

Three Energy Building Requirements for Busy Professionals
By Shane "The People's Chemist" Ellison 2007

Millions of American's suffer from fatigue. Their energy levels are so low that they require a pot of coffee to crawl out of bed. When afternoon hits, caffeine rich energy drinks flow freely to keep up at work. By evening, exhaustion sets in and it's straight to bed - only to repeat the lethargic process tomorrow. This isn't how the body was meant to operate.

Massive amounts of energy can be had without the above "fatigue masking" substances. Once possessed, anything is possible. Your energy will be the fuel behind your life's most important projects, thoughts, creativity and relationships. It's what the best athletes and entrepreneurs in the world are made of. And to get it, you have to adhere to three energy building requirements.

First, replace carbohydrate consumption with healthy fats three times per day. I'm not talking about heart disease causing trans fats and vegetable oils. I'm talking about Mother Nature's energy boosting fats like whole eggs, grass fed beef, coconut oil, seeds, nuts and avocados, just to name a few. Unlike carbohydrates, consuming healthy fat does not cause a spike in the fatigue causing, fat storing hormone insulin. But even better, it exponentially increases the production of a molecule known as ATP. ATP is the master energy and strength producing molecule within the body. The more you have, the better you perform.


lamb ground
Dear U.S. Wellness,

Just received burger patties and ground lamb today!

Thank you! Your service is excellent! Just got through with one of your delicious 75% burger patties! Cooked medium rare of course.

Keep up the good work.

B.G.  Yazoo City, MS.

French Bone Broth Steak Recipe
NY strip small

  • combine broth, wines, butter, salt and pepper and pour into non-aluminum pan
  • bring mixture to simmer
  • add steak of choice to the simmering broth mixture
  • remove after internal temperature reaches 125 degrees
  • figure 10 minutes of simmer time per each 6-8 ounces of steak
Recipe compliments of the La Gourmand Restaurant chef owner's Bruce and Sara Naftaly at 425 NW Market, Seattle, Washington. Reservation line (206) 784-3463

Do not forget to take advantage of the 40 pound $25 discount by ordering 40 pound combinations of beef, lamb, pork, butter, goat, shrimp and raw cheese.

This is our way of saying thank you for purchasing in volume. This can be any combination of products totaling 40 pounds and does not have to be specific to any category. Each 40 pound interval will yield the discount. For example, 80 pounds of product will yield a $50 discount and a 120 pound purchase will yield a $75 discount.

Important reminder:  If you are using a promo code for what ever reason, it will only work on orders under 40 pounds,  as the discount discussed above takes precedence on all order 40 pounds and up.


Our new format enacted in April 2005 requires a $75 minimum purchase and a 7 pound minimum combined purchase of beef, lamb, pork, nutraceuticals, gourmet rabbit, soap, organic shrimp, grass-fed goat, grass-fed bison, raw cheese, single piece poultry, and butter.

The issue is the bulk chicken and ten pound cheese bundles originate from separate cold storage centers where those products are produced. It is not efficient to ship one package of beef as a stand alone item when the balance of the order originates 400 miles away.

The shopping cart will keep track and remind you if you are under the 7 pound limit for a combination of beef, lamb, pork, raw cheese, butter, goat, shrimp, soap and single honey bottle purchases. Red font will appear under the shopping cart if you are under the minimum price or pound requirements.

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