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March 23, 2008
Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
Spring is finally here! Or so it seemed yesterday...
Regardless of the crazy weather, we have made it through another winter.

We should be thankful for our good health and continue on the path to better and better health. For those who have been diagnosed with a serious illness, there is a way to improve one's health and overcome illness with a strong dedication and commitment to improving your diet and enhancing the nutrition you take in.

Eating the highest quality meats and vegetables--which means natural, grass-fed meats, and organic vegetables and fruits and whole foods, along with nutraceuticals, will point you in the right direction and make your body stronger.

We strive with each newsletter to do our best to help you maintain and achieve the most optimal health possible with our health and nutrition articles. We hope that by doing this we will not only improve your health, but your overall well being, which will spread to other parts of your life as well.

We strongly believe in our products and stand behind them as the highest quality nutrition you can buy. We hope you will pass on the good word to others and continue to strive for a healthier you.

Why Is Easter So Early This Year?

Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox (which is March 20).  The dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on the Roman calendar.
  • Easter can occur as early as March 22 - very rare
  • Those 95 or older have seen Easter on March 23rd (1913)
  • 2160 will be the next time Easter occurs on March 23rd
  • The last time for March 22nd was 1818
Thank you for your continued interest in your good health and for our business.

Warmest Easter Sunday regards

John, Lee Ann, Megan, Lacey, McKenzie, and Catherine
on behalf of the farm families of U.S. Wellness Meats. 

Toll Free: (877) 383-0051

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sirloin tip small


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This code only applies on orders weighing under 40
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Chocolate: Good for your Taste Buds and your Health

Good news for your health and your taste buds:  researchers in the science and medical communities are continually discovering additional health benefits associated with chocolate. Among the potential health benefits:
Lower blood pressure - In a recent German study, people with borderline hypertension were given 30 calories a day of dark chocolate; after four months, the number diagnosed with hypertension decreased from 86 percent to 68 percent. 
Metabolize more fat - Chocolate eaters in a small study conducted by Imperial College London produced metabolic profiles lower in LDL cholesterol than non-chocolate eaters with an identical diet (excluding the chocolate), indicating the chocolate eaters better metabolized fat.
Shield from and repair cell damage - Consuming naturally-occurring flavonoids, like those in chocolate, gives the body an antioxidant boost which helps protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Unfortunately, the potential health benefits associated with chocolate are often negated by added sugar, fat, and processing. The key to taking advantage of chocolate's health benefits lies in paying close attention to the processing and added ingredients.

The Raw Decadence Dark and Yoga White chocolate bars available at U.S. Wellness Meats are full of healthful flavonoids, antioxidants, and that great chocolate taste you crave - but without the processing, sugar, and additional ingredients to diminish the healthful properties.

The Raw Decadence Organic Dark Chocolate Bar is CCOF certified organic, 100% raw, gluten free, and contains NO trans fat, NO cholesterol, NO soy, and NO sodium.

Ingredients: organic dates, organic agave syrup, organic raw cacao nibs, organic raw cacao powder, organic raw pistachios, organic pecans, organic raw cashews, organic vanilla beans, organic coconut oil, organic cinnamon (all ingredients are raw and certified organic)

The Yoga White Chocolate Bar, the "Queen of Chocolates," is 100% raw, CCOF certified organic, gluten free, and contains NO soy, NO trans fat, NO cholesterol, and NO sodium. In warm weather, Yoga White Chocolate Bars straight from the freezer or refrigerator make a cool, smooth treat.

INGREDIENTS: organic dates, organic raw cashews, organic cacao butter, organic raw pistachios and organic honey (all ingredients are raw and certified organic)

Vegetables Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Risk
Cruciferous vegetables may help lower the risk of developing breast cancer, particularly for women who carry a particular gene variant linked to the disease, a new study suggests, in an article from Reuters Health on Monday, March 17th, 2008.

Researchers found that among more than 6,000 Chinese women, those with the highest intake of Chinese cabbage and white turnips had a somewhat lower risk of postmenopausal breast cancer than those with the lowest intake.

The findings, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, add to evidence that compounds in cruciferous vegetables may help fight cancer.

Chinese cabbage and white turnips are two cruciferous vegetables common in the Chinese diet; in Western diets, the most common cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower and kale. The vegetables contain certain compounds that the body converts into substances called isothiocyanates, which are thought to have anti-cancer effects.

In the current study, high consumption of Chinese cabbage and white turnips was linked to a moderately lower breast cancer risk. But the apparent benefit was stronger among women who carried two copies of a particular variant of a gene called GSTP1.

Among these women, those with the highest intake of any cruciferous vegetables had about half the risk of breast cancer as those who ate the fewest, according to the researchers, led by Dr. Sang-Ah Lee of Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

GSTP1 is an enzyme that helps detoxify the body of potentially cancer-causing substances. Some studies have suggested that having a particular form of the gene -- the Val variant -- may raise a woman's risk of breast cancer.

The current study found that women who carried two copies of the Val variant did, in fact, have a higher risk of developing breast cancer before menopause than women who had other variants in the GSTP1 gene.

But the excess risk was cut substantially in those who ate the most cruciferous vegetables.

"We cautiously interpreted this as diet being a factor that may reduce the impact of genetic susceptibility in overall breast cancer risk," Dr. Jay Fowke, one of the researchers on the work, said in a statement.

It's possible, according to Fowke and his colleagues, that people who carry two Val variants of the GSTP1 gene excrete the beneficial isothiocyanates more quickly, and eating more cruciferous vegetables helps counter this.

More research, they conclude, is needed to better understand how cruciferous vegetables might modify breast cancer risk.

SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2008.

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Deena Kastor
Gate River Run  - Jacksonville, FL

On March 8th Deena Kastor took first place in the women's division of the 15K Gate River Run in Deena's Olympic trial tune up schedule. Deena has competed in this race for the past 6 years which drew 15,199 racers in the 2008 race.

Deena's running exploits 5 years previous and good will earned  induction into the Gate River Run Hall of Fame on March 5th.

One of the challenges in the race, was fierce winds gusting to 45 miles per hour on the Hart Bridge that literally blew Deena from side to side. In spite of Mother Nature's resistance first place in the women's division was accomplished.

Next stop is this the Boson Marathon where a top three finish is required to punch the ticket to the Olympics in Beijing.  We wish Deena the best of success and look forward to seeing  you standing on the top pedestal with the gold medal in hand.

One closing quote from Deena Kastor:
"I have always taken the philosophy that you have to dream a little in this sport.  If you stay in your comfort zone, you're not going to do anything special."

CATHERINE'S CORNER   by Catherine Ebeling, RN BSN
Cahterine Ebeling

Prevent Cancer and Heal Your Body
With a Healthy Diet

In the seventies, the American public declared a "War on Cancer". In the ensuing years, billions of  dollars have been spent on the cause, but yet, a 'cure' for cancer, at least by regular medical standards, remains out of reach.

Cancer rates climb still higher in this century, and science now is looking to expensive and highly involved research with gene therapy. Hope for the development of a safe and effective and versatile cancer drug at this point seem futile. There is no magic cure coming. Cancer is a highly complex and varied illness and treating it can be an extremely challenging obstacle to overcome.

It is up to every individual to empower themselves with the knowledge to prevent and eradicate cancer without causing further harm to one's body. Although it is far easier to prevent cancer than to reverse it once it has taken hold, it can be, nevertheless, reversible with holistic therapies that address imbalances of he body, mind and spirit.

Healing from cancer includes the following:

    *   Excellent Nutrition
    *   Clean Water
    *   Detoxifying the body
    *   Building the immune system
    *   Lifestyle changes: adequate sleep, sunlight (vitamin D),  and          exercise
    *   A positive attitude
    *   Natural Chemotherapies
    *   Spiritual cleansing

Regardless of the type of cancer or how aggressive it is, the body will respond to a holistic approach-the speed and degree to which it does, is related to the diligence and extent to which these eight factors are applied.

No cancer treatment, conventional medical, or alternative and holistic, can come with any type of guarantee; however, think about this: orthodox treatments ravage the body and break down the immune system, while ignoring the underlying causes. Alternative therapy tends to strengthen the body and the immune system and accentuate its healing abilities, taking into account the possible underlying causes. A healthy diet is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. This includes plenty of organic fresh vegetables and fruit, organic grass-fed meats, raw dairy products, nutrient rich grass-fed dairy butter, and eliminating sugars and refined foods entirely.

The natural decision, it seems, would be to side with alternative therapies, or at least some (medically directed) combination of alternative therapy and conventional medical treatment.

These guidelines are only an overview of a part of a comprehensive holistic plan that a health care provider should be following. In this issue, I will primarily outline a generalized, effective, cancer preventing, and cancer fighting strategy utilizing diet and nutrition.

Dr. Al Sears
The Benefits of Raw Cheese

By Al Sears, MD
Author of The Doctor's Heart Cure

Picture this: you bite into a piece of the most flavorful, creamy
cheese you've ever tasted.  But instead of feeling guilty you
realize you're giving your body some of the most critical nutrients it needs for lifelong health.

I'm talking about cheese made from raw, unpasteurized milk taken from grass-fed cows.

Raw cheese is incredibly good for you. It's packed with vitamins A, D, B6, B12, E, as well as calcium, beta-carotene, protein, life-giving enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids you need, including conjugated linoeic acid, or CLA - an essential fat that's great for your heart, brain, nervous system, and overall health.

The fact is that for most of human history, people enjoyed the benefits of products made exclusively from raw milk, fresh from the source, without any health problems. It wasn't unusual even up until the late nineteenth century for folks to have their own cow. Pasteurization came along as the population grew and demand for milk increased. It enabled dairy farms to sell milk in quantity across great distances without having it spoil.

Unfortunately, fears that unpasteurized milk isn't safe have kept it illegal for human consumption in 22 states. And even in states where it's legal, it's tough to get.

That's a real shame. It's not that pasteurization and homogenization make milk bad for you. Pasteurized milk's still better than nothing. But when you force raw milk through metal pipes at high temperature - pasteurize it - or through tiny holes at extremely high pressure
 homogenize it - what you get is a lot less healthy product.

Pasteurizing and homogenizing dissolve healthy enzymes, eliminate a lot of the vitamin content, denature fragile milk proteins, destroy vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, kill beneficial bacteria, and make it easier for bad kinds of bacteria to flourish.

What's more, commercial milk products come from grain-fed cows. Cows were never meant to survive on grains. The result is an imbalance in fats and nutrients in their meat - and milk.

Luckily, cheese made from raw milk has all of the same health benefits, minus the hassle. It's legal in all 50 states as long as it's aged at least 60 days (which just about every cheese is). You can find it in some specialty cheese shops, health food stores, or on line.

You can find a range of delicious, perfectly safe, health-giving  raw cheeses right here.

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Eric SerannoDear Dr. Serrano,

Can you recommend grassland beef products that would contribute to the

strengthening and health of the thyroid to increase body temperature.

Greg G.

Dear Greg:

If you are consuming organically raised grass-fed beef to increase your body temperature, there are no research studies showing that. However, as a physician that takes care of a lot of patients that want to lose weight, we recommend to all of them to consume beef.  I will have to say yes, but if you want a healthy thyroid you must consume vegetables, for sure, and try to stay away from wheat and sometimes milk if you are having problems with your immune system or thyroid.


Dr. Serrano

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Shane Ellison, M.S. >The People's Chemist
shane ellison

How to Get Your Sweet Fix Without Sabotaging Your Health

By Shane "The People's Chemist" Ellison
Copyright 2008
If you could make one simple change in your diet to help you melt fat, sleep better, and improve your memory ... wouldn't you do it? What if that same simple dietary change could increase your energy, conquer depression, save your eyesight, restore your mental alertness, get your energy rockin', and increase your life span ? 

This may sound too good to be true. But it's not. And you don't have to take drugs. Nor do you have to try some newfangled experimental supplements. Or stop eating. Or even give up the foods you love.

It's as simple as reducing the amount of sugar you eat. 

This is not a trick. I said you don't have to give up the foods you love. And that includes sweets. You can actually give up sugar and keep your sweet tooth happy. This is the greatest health secret of all time. And I'm going to teach you how to incorporate it into your life.

Before I tell you how, I want you to know just why you should give up sugar.

It's not just because of all the aforementioned benefits. It's because sugar can have serious health consequences.
Have you ever been plagued by hard-to-diagnose health problems? You know something is wrong, but your doctor can't seem to figure out what's causing them? You ...

* can't lose weight, no matter how hard you exercise or diet
* feel depressed, even though you're typically a happy person
* can't get a solid night's sleep   
* feel sluggish at work
* lack mental focus
* have lost your libido
* suffer from rising blood pressure

Well, it's not all in your head. It could be your sugar addiction. 
My six-year-old can recite all the dangers of sucrose (table sugar) in a matter of two minutes. She can also warn you of the risks associated with those artificial sweeteners in pretty packets. And because she still likes to get her "sweet fix," she can tell you which natural sweeteners are best to use in tea, cookies, and cake. Not bad, considering that the self-appointed custodians of our health - physicians - are totally clueless about the sweetener epidemic that is sabotaging us.

If a first grader can master the problems with sugar and understand how to choose the right alternatives, you can too.

We all have the need to get a sweet fix. It's part of our biological makeup. When consumed, sweets elicit a chemical cascade of events that lead to the triggering of feel-good receptors within the brain. If this happens repeatedly, an emotional bond between happiness and sugar is formed. We become fully dependent on sweets.

Sugar addiction is best illustrated by children who break down with temper tantrums if not given sugar, women who consume chocolate in times of stress, and men who suck down soda to make it through the "afternoon blues." In a study comparing the addictive properties of sweeteners, saccharin and sucrose proved more addictive than cocaine!

The irony is that your body doesn't actually need any sugar. What you do need is glucose for energy. And you can obtain it from fruit and vegetables.

If left unchecked, an addiction to sweets spikes blood sugar and the fat-storing hormone insulin, disrupts satiety (causing users to overeat), and gives rise to age-accelerating molecules known as AGE products (advanced glycation end products).  These aging molecules (not cholesterol) are responsible for causing wrinkles and age-related blindness, as well as premature heart attacks and stroke. 

Over time, "sweetener addiction" leads to the hard-to-diagnose symptoms listed above, and a host of dreaded diseases like insulin resistance, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. To avoid the sabotage, you must understand how to get your sweet fix without becoming addicted. 

Years ago, people didn't eat much sugar - as little as 10-15 pounds per year. And their health was much better for it. As time passed and sugar production became easier, people gave into their sweet cravings and began to overindulge. Today, the average consumption of sugar is a whopping 160 pounds! It's suicide in slow motion. Sugar addicts eliminate a 11-20 years from their life span. 

Few people realize how much sugar they are putting into their body. They are simply giving into an addiction while slowly ruining their health. To judge whether or not you are at risk, read your food labels for one day and count how many grams of sugar you are eating. Insert that number into my People's Chemist Death by Sugar Calculator found at  Watch as the graph calculates how many pounds of sugar you are stuffing into your mouth annually. 

But that doesn't mean you should replace sucrose with artificial sweeteners to get your sweet fix. Artificial sweeteners are nothing more than drugs in disguise. Splenda is a perfect example.

Splenda contains the drug sucralose. Invented in a pesticide lab, this chemical is 600 times sweeter than sugar. To make sucralose, chlorine is used. Chlorine has a split personality. It can be harmless or it can be life threatening. In combo with sodium, chlorine forms a harmless ionic bond to yield table salt. When used with carbon, the chlorine atom in sucralose forms a covalent bond. The end result is deadly organochlorine, known simply as RNFOC (a Really Nasty Form of Chlorine). Unlike ionic bonds, covalently bound chlorines are a big no-no for the human body. They yield insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides - not something you want in your sports drink or your child's lunchbox.

Think aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet) is safe? Think again. Teaching organic chemistry, I taught my students how to identify the active ingredients in soda using a technique known as TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography). The byproducts of sodas containing aspartame are all known poisons (that would slowly kill you): methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. I never saw my students with a diet soda after that. 

Safe alternatives to artificial sweeteners are abundant: erythritol, agave, xylitol and luo han guo.

Choosing which natural sweetener to use depends on which one tastes best to you. Agave nectar usually wins. It stimulates taste buds exactly the same way sucrose does. But unlike common table sugar, very little of its active ingredient - inulin - is absorbed. Therefore, you are protected from the dangers of sugar addiction. 

As a "nectar," agave is a bit harder to bake with. This is where the safe and natural erythritol wins.  You can replace it gram for gram with sugar.  Even better, I like to use 25% table sugar and 75% erythritol in baking and ice cream.  You won't even notice the healthy difference.  That's the real magic here!

All natural sweeteners are known to help control appetite, keep insulin and blood sugar low, and prevent the formation of age accelerating molecules in our body.  None of them are addicting, nor will they diminish your lifespan.  They are perfect to use with my Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) program for reversing diabetes, losing fat and feeling great in 90 days.

Getting your sweet fix doesn't have to be deadly. If you learn to gauge your sugar intake with The People's Chemist Death by Sugar Calculator and start using natural sweeteners, you won't be plagued by hard-to-diagnose health problems. And you'll have more years to enjoy life and those you love.

About the Author
Ellison's entire career has been dedicated to the study of molecules; how they give life and how they take from it. He was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his research in biochemistry and physiology. He is a best selling author, holds a master's degree in organic chemistry and is the originator of the Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) program for reversing diabetes, losing fat and putting mom's-in-thongs.  Read the free report at

Live Young,

Shane Ellison, M.Sc.

Author, Organic Chemist

AKA The People's Chemist


...See my new Stinky Sulfur Awards here.

Get HealthFX here:

By Shane Ellison, M.Sc.
Author Health Myths Exposed and
Hidden Truth about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Organic Chemist

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plain franks
Hi everybody ...

Just let you know the order arrived in excellent shape around noon AND two of your outstanding beef sugar free hot dogs have been eaten  ... Taffy, my 4.5lb. Chihuahua, shared some, and agrees .... mm good!

Thank you so very much for your swift service, can't get over it, will
be ordering in a couple of weeks, maybe you will have the lamb kabobs
back in stock., for sure I will want to have extra beef dogs on hand!
WOW! such good food!! Glad to get the ground lamb.

May you have a busy order day!

Cordially, gratefully, grace and peace,

A.. S.
Norwalk, Conn.

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Delicious Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
pork tenderloin
  • 1 pork tenderloin, cleaned and trimmed
  • 3 slices of pork bacon
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon of Seasoning Salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried crumbled leaf basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried crumbled leaf oregano
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • Olive oil


  • Combine garlic powder, seasoning salt, basil, oregano, and black pepper; rub seasoning all over the pork tenderloin.
  • Wrap pork with bacon and secure with toothpicks.
  • Coat well with olive oil.
  •  Place in a 9x13 pan and bake uncovered in a 375 to 400 oven for 45 to 60 minutes, or until pork reaches about 155.
  • Make sure the bacon is really done. Remove and wrap in foil. Let stand for 10 minutes before slicing. This pork tenderloin recipe serves 2 to 4.
Shared by SuzyJ

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