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August 22, 2010   Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
Back to School
It is back to school time again!  It seems this time of year comes sooner each year.  Be sure to send your kids back to school with healthy study foods - our Back to School Sampler is the perfect going-away gift for students heading back to college.  It contains an assortment of meat snacks and many pre-cooked entrees which makes it easy for students to cook without Mom around!

One of the world's most impressive strongmen visited our area recently.  Steve Kirsch was visiting in Quincy, Il in July before performing at the Missouri State Fair last weekend.  Read the newspaper article for more information on his stunts, which include pulling a 205,000 lb Boeing 767, and his diet, which includes 4-5 lbs of salmon several times a week.  Salmon is one of the best sources of of anti-inflammatory omega-3's, and ours is wild caught, which means it is free of chemicals and antibiotics unlike most farm-raised salmon.

Are you registered to win a $100 US Wellness gift certificate?  We've made it super easy, simply send us your favorite summer recipe by midnight on August 24 and the best one will receive $100 worth of spending money.  The only requirement is that it contains at least one US Wellness product, and you get extra credit if you send us a picture!  Visit our blog for more information, and to enter.

Restocked Steaks!  Our meat cutters have been working overtime so we can finally get restocked on some of our most popular cuts: Flank Steaks, 6 oz. Filets and 9 oz. Filets are all back in stock this week.  Also, the Flat Iron is on sale this week, which is one of our best steak deals.  There are four 8.5 oz steaks in one package, perfect for feeding the whole family so be sure to stock up!

Speaking of steaks, one of our favorite chefs, Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness was kind enough to send us a video of our feature recipe this week: Marinated Filets with Tarragon Butter.  Be sure to watch the clip to see how easy (and delicious!) this recipe is!

If you will be in the Norfolk, NE area October 1-2, be sure to stop in at the latest Grassfed Exchange Seminar.  It is being held at the NECC Ag Complex in Norfolk and will feature seminars, farm tours, display pens and presentations from some of the leading experts in the grassfed industry.  Their goal is to educate both farmers and consumers about the benefits of grassfed production.  For more information and a seminar schedule visit the Grassfed Exchange.

Best End-of-Summer Regards,

John, LeeAnn, Megan, Tressa, and Jennifer on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats. 

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BreakingNewsSPF on Your Plate: Researcher Connects the Mediterranean Diet With Skin Cancer Prevention
Olive Oil
We all want that summer glow that comes from a day at the beach, but taking in the rays can have long-term implications for our health. Now Dr. Niva Shapira of Tel Aviv University's School of Health Professions suggests a way to make fun in the sun safer - what you eat can be your sunscreen.

In a study recently published in Nutrition Reviews, Dr. Shapira has shown that a diet rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids (grass fed meat and wild caught fish), like the diet eaten in Mediterranean regions where melanoma rates are extremely low, can help protect us from skin cancer.

Eating a diet rich in foods such as grass fed beef, extra virgin olive oil, wild caught fish, raw dairy cheese, milk and yogurt along with colorful fruits and vegetables will fight the oxidizing effect of the sun, along with safe sunscreens and cover-ups such as umbrellas, hats and clothing.

Previous research demonstrated that the sun's UV rays damage the skin by exciting its molecules and causing them to become oxidized. The theory is that if you could make sure your body is supplied with sufficient and relevant antioxidants, damage could be reduced.

The study was done at the Baltic Sea area. One group was provided a drink high in antioxidants, while the other enjoyed beverages such as sodas. Those who hydrated with the antioxidant-rich drink had fifty percent fewer oxidation products in their blood at the end of the two-week period, which included five to six hours of exposure to the sun daily.

Further studies proved that these antioxidants, especially carotenoids - fruit and vegetable pigments like red from tomatoes and watermelons and orange from carrots and pumpkins that accumulate in the skin where they serve as a first line of protection, had delayed the phenomenon of sunburn, which indicates the initiation of tissue and DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer.

This information is invaluable, especially in light of climate change. As temperature and humidity get stronger, which aggravates the damaging effect of solar UV rays; it is increasingly difficult for sunscreen alone to protect effectively. So while covering up, slathering on the sunscreen, and avoiding the sun during peak hours are still important to prevent a burn, consider dietary changes too, to promote skin health.

It might be tempting to load up on dietary supplements instead of changing the diet, but supplements are simply not as effective. Foods provide nutrient synergy, and foods, many vitamins and various antioxidants and bio-active ingredients work to support one another and the body's natural protective mechanisms. Synergies between the nutrients in your food, which make a significant contribution to health, may contrast with the relative isolation of a vitamin supplement.

It's not necessary to move to Greece, Israel or Turkey to get the benefit of the diet. Stock up on omega 3 rich grass fed meats, cheeses, and wild caught fish. Olive oil, organic greens, fruits and vegetables, red wine in moderation and dark chocolate should be on your shopping list.

ScienceDaily, Aug. 17, 2010

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catherineCatherine's Comment
by Catherine Ebeling, RN BSN
Catherine Ebeling
Dirty Secrets in Pet Food

You've seen the commercials for pet food- roasted chickens, fresh fish, braised beef, gravy, vegetables, and whole grains.  Makes you hungry doesn't it?  You figure you must be feeding your beloved pet healthy food, right?  The truth is, most pet food has some really nasty secrets about their ingredients, and you may be shocked to learn what your dog or cat may really be eating.  It's a far cry from those mouth-watering commercials.

You may think pet food manufacturers have your pet's best interests in mind, but realize this is not always the case as you may have discovered from the recent pet food recalls. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet.

Did you know dogs and cats have the genetic potential to live to 15-20 years old?  Most die in ten years or less due to chronic disease or cancer, and a lot of this poor health can be attributed to the poor quality of food these animals are eating.  Pets are simply not made to live on a diet of poor quality, indigestible protein and grain byproducts.

But even when you purchase the most expensive pet food on the market or you purchase from your pet veterinarian- are you getting the high quality food and nutrition your pet needs?  Purchase price is not always the best indicator of quality pet food, but often it can be a key indicator.  Think about it.  Obviously it would be impossible to purchase pet food in a 40 lb bag for under $10 if they used quality protein and other food sources.

So what is actually in that bag of dog or cat food?  Often the labels can be very misleading.  Protein comes from several different sources.  It can come from meat that is rejected for human consumption such as dead, diseased, dying or disabled animals, or it can come from the remains of a carcass used for meat for human consumption.  What is left for pet food is usually bones, blood, intestines, ligaments, duck bills, chicken and turkey heads and feet, hides, and even feathers.  These are known as "meat by-products".

The problem is these byproducts may be indigestible and also questionable that the items even contain usable protein to your pet.  Nutrient content can vary widely in the manufacturing process and can vary from vat to vat, even within the same company.  And while the ingredients are listed on the bag of pet food, there is virtually no information on the bio-availabilty of the nutrients in pet foods.  So your pet could actually be suffering from malnutrition. Is it a wonder they are begging for human food?


Check out foods that can help you burn fat in The Fat Burning Kitchen; Your 24-hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body A Fat Burning MachineCatherine and best-selling internet author of The Truth About Abs Mike Geary, have teamed up to help you burn fat effectively and eat the most nutrition-packed foods in the process. Change your kitchen and transform your body!
searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears
Stop Your Brain From Shrinking

By: Al Sears, MD
Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Did you know our brains shrink as we age?

Over the course of your life, your brain will lose five to 10 percent of its weight. It starts around your 20th birthday.  There are two things I want to tell you about today that can help prevent this very unfortunate consequence of aging.

One is an herb, and the other is a nutrient.

The herb I'm going to tell you about can actually help you to grow new brain cells.  For years, science believed that the adult human brain could not grow new brain cells. They thought we were born with all the brain cells we'll ever have. And that when they were gone, they were gone for good.

But a breakthrough study by Princeton biologists Elizabeth Gould and Charles Gross put all that into question.  The study published in the Journal of Science detailed their new discovery - the daily growth of new brain cells in the adult macaque monkey. At the time, their results strongly implied that the same thing happens in humans.

Because of this discovery, we now know your brain can grow new cells.  Putting back the growth factors that decline with age is the best way to slow down the shrinking of the brain.

One of the ways you can help your brain produce more of these growth factors is by taking an herb called Gotu kola.

In a recent study, Gotu kola extract helped increase neurite growth in human brain cells, proving that this supplement was responsible for this growth.

Here are three of the most common ways to take Gotu kola:
  1. As an extract, like the one used in the study. Take 10 drops per day.
  2. As a dried herb. You can make a tea of the dried leaf, three times daily. 
  3. As a powdered herb (available in capsules). Take 400-600 mg, three times a day.
Two of the most important structures that your brain replaces are your neurites and dendrites. These are the stringy root-like branches that are extensions of your brain cells.  They're like the wiring of a computer network. They allow one part of your brain to communicate with the other.

Loss of this network during your life can lead to memory loss and degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  Here's what you can do to help prevent this from happening to you...

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) is a nutrient that stimulates the brain to produce growth factors. Factors that help maintain and rebuild neurites and dendrites.  It increases the effects of nerve growth factor, which acts to re-grow neurites and dendrites.

The best sources of ALC are grass-fed beef, poultry, fish, and dairy products.  Fruits, vegetables, and grains contain relatively little.

You can also get it in supplement form at your local vitamin shop or health-food store.  I recommend taking 500 mg twice a day on an empty stomach.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD



1 Sarter, M, Bruno, JP. "Developmental origins of the age-related decline in cortical cholinergic function and associated cognitive abilities." Neurobiol Aging. 2004 Oct;25(9):1127-39.
2 Garcia-Alloza M, Dodwell SA, Meyer-Leuhmann, M Hyman BT, Bacskai BJ.  "Plaque-derived oxidative stress mediates distorted neurite trajectories in the Alzheimer mouse model."  J Neuropathol Exp Neuro. 2006 Nov;65(11): 1082-9.
3 Barhwal K, Hota SK, Jain V, Prasad D, Singh SB, Ilavazhagan G (June 2009). "Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR) prevents hypobaric hypoxia-induced spatial memory impairment through extracellular related kinase-mediated nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 phosphorylation." Neuroscience 161 (2): 501-14.

Ed. Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.
sadiquaMichael Korber, Artist

Michael Korber The Great Un-Truth

By: Michael Korber
Artist & Valued US Wellness Customer

In 2001 I embarked on my dream, to live and paint in Europe. I packed up my Studio in West Palm Beach, FL and got on an airplane, not knowing a soul, nor the language, and very little of my destination city of Prague, Czech Republic.

The concept was to take my work to a new level, to eliminate my comfort zone.  My belief is when artist's world becomes to familiar and comfortable, his art becomes stagnate. Thus, changes such as new people, new surroundings, changing colors and cultures, would mature my work and bring it to a new level.

My life focus became my art, health and a search to create balance- spirit, mind, body and soul.  My life was transformed, during this period I achieved optimum health, peace and balance in all areas of my life.  I achieved this through actively continuing my training of self defense and kick boxing, nutrition, very real and thus healthy relationships with people, and overall a high of quality of life.

Call it insanity, in 2005 I returned to the US and Caribbean.  My diet stayed the same, same ingredients, same quantities (what I believed at the time, constituted "the same" diet). That same year a serious injury from full contact sports caused old injuries to resurface, and I could not continue with my training.  The food I consumed from the outer appearance looked the same, but it wasn't.

I continued to gain weight to the point I weighed 289 lbs. compared to the 205 lbs. I arrived with.

Obviously, the weight gain was accounted from several factors like lack of exercise and a basic un-balance of my world from a stressful environment.  However the deterioration of both mine and my wife's health was way out of proportion, especially taking into account, that fast-food, junk food, sodas or processed foods were never in our diet.  We very rarely ate out; we prepared our meals at home from fresh ingredients, and generally followed good eating habits.  Fortunately neither of us developed any serious illness, but the uncontrolled weight gain and general lack of energy to us were of very serious concern, as this is always a definite sign that the health is deteriorating and illness is simply a consequence.

At this point, my wife and I both embarked on a search for truth about a healthy way of living.  My wife started researching different alternatives and we began re-educating ourselves on what was believed to be a healthy nutrition.  Our research showed that most of what we believed to be a healthy way is a great un-truth.  But the most terrifying discovery was that the food supply isn't simply "not so good for you".... it actually is harmful, and in many cases deadly.  These threats are not only limited to food, most everything else increases toxicity in our bodies, leading to deterioration, illness and death...

serranoDr. Eric Serrano M.D., M.S., B.C.
Eric Seranno
Dear Dr. Serrano,

I have a male subject, age 63, BMI 31, sedentary.  Since January, he has lost weight steadily, and beef, mostly restaurant quality ground and steaks (not very often grass fed) has been a substantial component in his low carbohydrate plan, which does also include one slice of whole wheat bread a day.

In the last 6 weeks, he has began having inflammation in his feet, and blood work by his physician shows pseudogout crystals.  Apparently, not much is known about the role of diet in psedogout.  Should he be avoiding high purine foods (as in gout) like beef?  Is it possible the wheat is triggering an autoimmune response?  Are you aware of any other nutrition issues relevant to this condition?

Thank you,
Bonnie B.


Dear Bonnie,

Pseudogout are still crystals, not from purines but from a type of calcium and it is definitely associated with diet.  I wouldn't stop eating meat but I would make sure to eat from organic sources at all times.

One of the biggest culprits is soda, and believe it or not tea is associated with it and I'm not sure why.  Food allergies and low magnesium levels could also be associated with the condition.

Bonnie, make sure his water intake is high, 0.6 X your body weight in pounds. Try to stay away from protein powder drinks, he must lose more weight.
I would stay away from wheat, corn, soy and dairy but make sure he uses organic butter, and alpha omega 3 - four tablets per day, and Multifood IV from Innate.
These recommendation should help tons.

All the best,

Dr. Serrano

This is a friendly reminder to email health and wellness questions to the email address below for Dr. Eric Serrano M.D. question and answer series. Please place Dr. Serrano's name in the subject line for quicker processing.

Answers will appear in future issues of the Newsletter and News Alert. Your full name will not be displayed. Dr. Serrano has been so kind to offer his expertise to literally any question related to health and wellness involving grass-fed meats.

Dr. Serrano has a wealth of knowledge from both his farm background, 15 years of clinical experience and an award-winning professor at Ohio State Medical School. Dr. Serrano has an outstanding family practice on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio and works with a select group of professional athletes.

Dr. Eric Serrano M.D.
With advanced degrees in nutrition, kinesiology and wellness
475 North Hill Road
Pickerington, OH 43147-1157

EMAIL QUESTIONS TO: eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

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Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
scott mendelson
Need A Training Lift?
By: Scott Mendelson


My husband and I are both in our late 40's and very concerned with a general physical deterioration.  We both feel like we have lost muscle and replaced that weight with body fat and then some!  We are tired frequently and lack energy! A body fat test put both of us in high risk ranges according to my doctor even though our body weight is not higher than average.  He suggested we both start resistance training to regain muscle, prevent injury and strengthen bones. How should we start so we are in better shape for our annual Labor Day pool party? 


Body Transformation for Labor Day - The 20 Minute Fat Burning Routine


Your situation reflects that of many that I help each year.  We are falsely led to believe that a certain body weight indicates success when in factor a body fat percentage with calipers or a bod pod reveals the truth and for many the results are a real eye opener!  The good news is that the trends can be reversed quickly with the right exercise and nutrition plan.  I start clients in your situation with body weight routines since they are easy to execute anywhere and are less stressful on the joints, ligaments, etc than other forms of exercise when performed correctly.  Make no mistake a body weight routine has nearly endless possibilities and can be cranked up even for the most advanced of trainees.  Our goal is to optimize your natural fat burning mechanisms.

20 Fat Burning Minutes

The body weight fat burning routine you can get your hands on by emailing scott@infinityfitness.com takes about 20 minutes per session a few times per week.  Due to short rest periods a great deal of work can be accomplished in a short period of time which is not only efficient, but great for fat burning since inadequate rest can lead to a surge in fat burning hormones.  These workouts can be done at home saving you a commute and related hassles offering you the flexibility to train when your schedule allows.  You can accomplish more in 20 minutes than others do in an hour with the right routine.  Matching the right exercises in a circuit fashion will enable you to train at a high level of exertion while minimizing rest.  Short rest alone is not the key, as the combination of high work output with diminishing rest is what really sets off fat burning wild fire.

Fat Burning Interval Sprinting Advancements

In previous columns I have emphasized the huge fat burning success created by interval cardio routines for my clients.  No fat burning effort is complete without the use of short intervals sessions (10-20 minutes) two to three times per week.  There are an endless number of interval venues including stationary biking, elliptical, stair climbing, swimming, jump rope, running and more.  A rotation of the venues provides new stimuli to make the body work harder thus burning more calories with every stride!  My clients drop body fat like crazy as we intensify the intervals with changing work to rest ratios, tension levels and more.  If you are not using a structured interval plan- you are missing a great opportunity!

Working Harder and Smarter

Most people assume a push up consists of a rapid decent to the floor and then right back up to the top.  Defining the tempo also known as speed of the repetition breaks down a time length of each portion of a repetition.  This takes exercise execution and productivity to a whole new level.  Try 10 push-ups rapid fire style and then after a 2 minute rest try 10 more lowering yourself over a 4 second count, pausing for 2 seconds on bottom without resting your torso on the floor and then come up in an accelerative fashion.  Which version was harder? Option 2 of course, as it made the muscles work much harder with every rep and time under tension for the muscles was much greater.  Making muscles work harder in this fashion not only burns more calories, but also helps to peak many fat burning mechanisms over the traditional easy tempos.  

Cleansing the Fat Cells for Rapid Fat Loss- Permanently

Is fat loss just a matter of burning more calories than what comes in?  No!  There are many other things to consider including hormones, enzymes and more.  Cleansing the fat cells consists of changing the raw material and hormonal landscape of the fat cell to accelerate fat loss.  This is one of the easiest steps you can take to ensure your long term success.  Without the correct strategy you will be running uphill endlessly.  Eating "clean" is not enough to earn the fastest rates of progress, the nutrition plan must evolve based on the current situation and goals, otherwise you will get stale quickly and fall short of your goals.  Email Scott@infinityfitness.com for a Fat Cell Cleansing Special Report!

Email scott@infinityfitness.com for your free copy of the Rapid Fat Burning Special Report and the 10 minute interval cardio workout to learn how to get rid of body fat forever!  Feel free to contact me by email or phone to discuss your individual goals 7 days per week.

Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dietitians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at InfinityFitness.com.  Copyright Infinity Fitness INC All Rights Reserved 2010

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided "as is"  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

Email new questions for Scott Mendelson via: eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Fresh Cut Pork Chops
I am a new customer and just wanted to tell you how fantastic your meats are!  My mother was visiting me this spring and we were talking about how hard it was to get meat that tastes "the way it used to", especially pork and chicken.  Well, that problem has been eliminated.  I recently tried your pork chops and chicken breasts and the flavor was wonderful.  I am looking forward to trying many more things and hopefully have a healthier future.

Shirley R.
recipeRecipe Corner

Marinated Filets with Tarragon Butter

Filet with Tarragon ButterIngredients: Marinade:
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped parsely, leaves only
  • 2 Tbsp finely chopped tarragon, leaves only
  • 2 Tbsp finely chopped rosemary, leaves only
  • 1 Tbsp finely chopped thyme, leaves only
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 1/2 cup olive oil
Watch Recipe Video HERE!

  1. Mix all marinade ingredients together.
  2. Place beef in a lock-top plastic bag, and pour in the marinade. Press out the air and seal the bag tightly. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or for up to a day, turning the bag occasionally.  Allow steaks to come to room temperature, about 20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the butter, tarragon, parsley and lemon or lime juice, salt and pepper and beat with a wooden spoon. Transfer butter mixture into a sheet of plastic wrap, and shape into a log about 4 inches long, and one inch thick. Wrap in the plastic wrap and chill until firm.
  4. Pre-heat oven to 350 F. Remove the meat from the marinade. Add coconut to a skillet and heat to medium - medium/high.  Place the fillets in the skillet and sear each side for 3 minutes. 
  5. After the filets are seared, put the skillet into the pre-heated oven for about 7 minutes.  Remove steaks from oven, cover, and allow to rest for a few minutes.  Top with a pat of the tarragon butter.
Recipe compliments of Underground Wellness.

Share your favorite recipes at: recipes@grasslandbeef.com

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picsAugust 10, 2010- Near Monticello, MO
August Cattle
Cattle enjoying a new pasture of fresh Brown Mid-Rib Sorghum on a hot August afternoon.
August Cattle
$25 Discount for 40lb. Increments

Do not forget to take advantage of the 40 pound $25 discount by ordering 40 pound combinations of beef, lamb, pork, butter, goat, shrimp, bison, condiments, honey, rabbit, single item chicken selections, snack foods, pet food, and raw cheese.

This is our way of saying thank you for purchasing in volume. This can be any combination of products totaling 40 pounds and does not have to be specific to any category. Each 40 pound interval will yield the discount. For example, 80 pounds of product will yield a $50 discount and a 120 pound purchase will yield a $75 discount.

Minimum Purchase Rules

U.S. Wellness requires a $75 minimum purchase and a 7 pound minimum combined purchase of beef, lamb, pork, gourmet rabbitbison, raw cheese, organic butter, poultry, seafood and snacks.

The weight minimum is to help ensure everything stays frozen during transit and the price minimum is required since we have built the cost of shipping into the price of the product.  You will only see a $7.50 handling fee at checkout.

The 20 pound bulk chicken and turkey orders ship from a separate cold storage center, so they are not included in the 7 lb weight minimum. 

The shopping cart will keep track and remind you if you are under the 7 pound limit for a combination of beef, lamb, pork, raw cheese, butter, goat, shrimp, soap and single honey bottle purchases. A Red font will appear under the shopping cart if you are under the minimum price or pound requirements.

Customer Change Contact Info Link

Need to change your address information or remove yourself from our customer newsletter? Click here. After opening, enter your email address and store password and you will be able to edit your customer file.

Confidentiality Guarantee:

We at U.S. Wellness Meats do not sell, trade or give away any subscriber information. This isn't just an ethical commitment, it's also a legal one.

Copyright 2009 by U.S. Wellness Meats and Catherine Ebeling. All rights reserved. The content, design and graphical elements of this newsletter are copyrighted.

Please secure written permission of the authors before copying or using this material. Address: caebeling@earthlink.net or eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

John Wood
U.S. Wellness Meats

Toll Free: (877) 383-0051

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Flat Iron Steaks
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