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July 11, 2010   Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
Summer Sun
It is county fair time here in Northeast Missouri, and we have been experiencing hot muggy days and stormy nights.  But all the rain is great for growing grass so we can't complain too much!

July is National Picnic Month!  Our July blog page features new takes on old summer favorites with plenty of photos and a tasty fruit parfait recipe!  Looking for something different to grill?  See our recipe section below for a delicious (and easy!) grilled mussel recipe.  Now is a great time to stock up on mussels - they are on sale this week!  Don't feel like grilling?  Try our pre-cooked and sliced beef brisket, which is also on sale this week!

grass-fed butterBoth butters are back!  Our organic, grass-fed unsalted butter finally landed on Friday, so we are back in the butter business.  Both the salted and unsalted are in the store and ready to ship. 

Grilled Martini SteaksOur new featured chef this month has been winning recipe contests since age 12.  Today she is a food writer and website host for Better Homes and Gardens website: BetterRecipes.com.  See our feature chef section for her cooking tips and a unique recipe for a Grilled Martini Steak with a Twist!

Crossfit Update!  Our Crossfit team was training with the competition this week to get ready for the upcoming Crossfit Games.  Check out the blog for details on their workout and the latest training tales.

Don't forget about the fresh chilled meat deadline this Friday, July 16.  Please have your order in by 12:00 noon CST on Friday to ensure shipment on July 21, instead of waiting until the next shipping date of August 18.  See our customer comment section to hear what customers are saying about fresh chilled steaks!

Hot July Regards,

John, LeeAnn, Megan, Tressa, and Jennifer on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats. 

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Sockeye Salmon
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BreakingNewsOmega 3's May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Pink RibbonScienceDaily (July 8, 2010) A recent report in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, adds to the growing evidence that omega 3 fatty acids may play a role in preventing chronic disease.

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Wash., led by Emily White, Ph.D., a member of the public health sciences division, asked 35,016 postmenopausal women who did not have a history of breast cancer to complete a 24-page questionnaire about their use of non-vitamin, non-mineral "specialty" supplements in the Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) cohort study.

After six years of follow-up, 880 cases of breast cancer were identified using the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results registry.  Regular and consistent intake of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, was linked with a 32 percent reduced risk of breast cancer. The reduction in risk appeared to be restricted to invasive ductal breast cancer, the most common type of the disease.

Still, omega 3 fatty acids continue to excite many, as evidence emerges about its protective effect on cardiovascular disease and now cancer.

Harvard researchers are currently enrolling patients for the randomized Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (also called VITAL), which will assess the impact of fish oil supplements and vitamin D on cancer, heart disease and stroke.  The researchers plan to enroll 20,000 U.S. men aged 60 years and older and women aged 65 years and older who do not have a history of these diseases and have never taken supplements.

Recruitment for this National Institutes of Health funded study began in January, and more information can be found at www.vitalstudy.org.

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catherineCatherine's Comment
by Catherine Ebeling, RN BSN
Catherine Ebeling
Diet Trumps Genetics

Many of us think we are victims of our genetic background, however good or bad that may be. However, diet and lifestyle definitely have the ability to change the genetic expression of our heritage, and so keep us on the path of good health. Many health problems that may be looming over us like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's do not have to be our destiny after all.

Yes, we are each born with a set of genes, but the expression of those genes is certainly not set in stone. Genes can be either activated or silenced by many factors including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and even our minds. It is not the genes that dictate your future health, but rather the expression of those genes that matter.

New research shows that certain foods can actually change how genes associated with health conditions function-turning that gene on or off. It is a well-known fact that olive oil and a Mediterranean diet (high in omega 3 fatty acids and good fats) are associated with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, but a new research report just published in the July 2010 print issue of the FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Journal offers a surprising reason why:  

The Mediterranean diet actually changes the genes associated with development of atherosclerosis.

"Knowing which genes can be modulated by diet in a healthy way can help people select healthy diets," said Maria Isabel Covas, D.Pharm., Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work from the Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group at the Institut Municipal d'Investigacio Medica in Barcelona, Spain. "It is also a first step for future nutritional therapies with selected foods."

In this recent study, it was found that the group who followed the Mediterranen diet as opposed to their normal diets, had a down-regulation in the expression of atherosclerosis-related genes in their peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Additionally, the polyphenols in the olive oil made a significant impact on the expression of genetic changes influencing coronary heart disease. Results also show that the consumption of a Mediterranean diet can positively impact lipid and DNA oxidation, insulin resistance, inflammation, carcinogenesis, and tumor suppression...


Check out foods that can help you burn fat in The Fat Burning Kitchen; Your 24-hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body A Fat Burning MachineCatherine and best-selling internet author of The Truth About Abs Mike Geary, have teamed up to help you burn fat effectively and eat the most nutrition-packed foods in the process. Change your kitchen and transform your body!
searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears
Mutant Food Fight

By: Al Sears, MD
Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Did you hear the one about the mutant potato that almost took over Europe?

The United Kingdom (UK) had this big idea to create a new kind of potato. It would be resistant to all insects. It would grow so well, it would feed all of Europe.  The plans were to genetically modify the DNA of the potato so it would release a lectin. A lectin is a natural insecticide found in foods like beans, seeds, and grains.  

Turns out, the potato caused serious organ damage when it was fed to animals. They found pre-cancerous growths in their digestive tracts. It destroyed their immune systems. They soon became sick and weak and they had smaller brains, livers, and testicles.

Then there was a huge cover-up. It took an act of Parliament to bring it out into the open. Since then, Europeans have banned genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from any product used for human consumption.   

If this potato had been created in the U.S., you could be eating it in the French fries you get at McDonald's.  Unlike the UK, our government has taken the stance that GMOs are safe.

Mega-giant seed corporations like Monsanto want to prevent any bad news about GMOs getting out to the public. They require anyone who buys genetically modified seeds to sign what they call a "technology stewardship agreement." What does that mean?  It prohibits the buyer from doing any research on the seed.   

In other words, no one who has access to these "Franken-foods" is allowed to find out if they're safe.  But evidence of the dangers is leaking out from Europe, Russia, and many other countries around the world.

Here are just some of their findings: (3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

    Allergies increased. When GMO soy was introduced, allergies jumped by 50%. Allergen proteins were 7 times higher. Some were unique only to GMO soy.
    It wreaked havoc on digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes plummeted, and GMOs caused lesions in the digestive tract.
    Proteins that control stress response and energy creation in cells changed. This resulted in faster aging of cells.
    It caused reproductive problems. Sperm cells had trouble developing, and embryos showed altered genes. Offspring were smaller, and many more died.  

Now, here's the second part of our problem in the U.S.: Food manufacturers don't have to tell you when products have GMOs.  About 75 percent of American farms grow GMOs. Almost 90% of the soy... more than 60% of the corn... 75% of the canola, and 50% of the Hawaiian papaya crops.  

So, what can you do?  

First, I recommend you avoid all non-organic soy, corn, and canola products.  Next, eliminate commercial beef and poultry from your diet. They are raised on GMO corn, soy, and grains.

If you eat out, eat at restaurants that cook from scratch. Avoid suspect GMO foods like corn chips, tortillas, soy sauce, and sweet corn. If they use oil to cook, ask them to use a non-GMO oil such as olive, sunflower, or safflower.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD



1. Ewen SW, Pusztai A. "Effects of diets containing genetically modified potatoes expressing Galanthus
nivalis lectin on rat small intestine." Lancet. 1999;354(9187):1353-1354.
2. Waltz, E. "Under Wraps" NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2009 Oct; 27(10).
3. Smith, J. "Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods." Yes! Books, Fairfield, IA USA 2007 .
4. Interview: Jeffery Smith. www.seedsofdeception.com/documentfiles/138/pdf. Accessed 04 2010.
5. Malatesta M. et al. "Ultrastructural analysis of pancreatic acinar cells from mice fed on genetically modified soybean." J Anat. 2002;201(5):409-415.
6. Tudisco, R. et al. "Genetically modified soya bean in rabbit feeding: detection of DNA fragments and evaluation of metabolic effects by enzymatic analysis." Animal Science. 2006;82:193-199.
7. Vecchio, L. et al. "Ultrastructural analysis of testes from mice fed on genetically modified soybean." European Journal of Histochemistry. 2004;48(4):449-454.  
8. "Genetically modified soy affects posterity: results of Russian scientists' studies." REGNUM. 2005; www.regnum.ru/english/526651.html
9. Ermakova I.  "Genetically modified soy leads to the decrease of weight and high mortality of rat pups of the first generation. Preliminary studies." Ecosinform 1. 2996;4-9.

[Ed. Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.]
sadiquaShane Ellison, M.S.

shane ellison Better Than Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

By Shane "The People's Chemist" Ellison

Did you hear the one about the blockbuster drug which failed to increase lifespan, as proven by Big Pharma's own research studies?  Probably not.  

Most people don't like to hear jokes about their beloved drugs.  Life is more fun believing that Lipitor, Crestor or any other cholesterol pill is working around the clock to stave off heart disease.  Unfortunately, no matter how much you believe in a drug, if it isn't proven to work, it isn't ever going to work.  And cholesterol pill pushers are learning this the hard way.  Hopefully users don't have too.

A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, titled "Statins and All-Cause Mortality in High-Risk Primary Prevention," proves what previous ones already did:  Cholesterol pills don't increase lifespan.

Scientists followed 65,229 subjects.  Half took cholesterol pills, the other half didn't.  Participant ages ranged in age from about 50 to 75 years and all were considered "high risk" due to having supposed high cholesterol.  Deaths and lifespan was monitored over a period of almost four years.
It was suspected that lowering cholesterol would grant users more time to obliterate themselves with reality TV, botox, acai berries, the HCG Diet, or all of the above.  Wrong.
I've been saying this for so long that the repetition is driving me mad.  I'm ready to swallow the Fukitol™ pill, retire, and invest in erection meds...But, when they start targeting kids as the new market for such cholesterol pills, I get motivated to spray more rhetorical bullets on the open drug market. (Now, that would make a great reality show!  Oprah and Dr. Oz would be the first in line.)

Pfizer now has a chewable cholesterol pill for kids.  They apparently missed the conclusions of this study and more:
"We observed that statin therapy for an average period of 3.7 years had no benefit on all-cause mortality in a high-risk primary prevention population."  

Earlier, the New York Times told the world that, "When the FDA approved a new type of cholesterol-lowering medicine in 2002...The trials offered no evidence that it had reduced heart attacks or cardiovascular disease, the goal of any cholesterol drug."

Better than cholesterol drugs is simply minimizing sugar and using the myriad of anti-inflammatory compounds provided by nature such as brewer's yeast and grass fed beef, as outlined in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures.  Other aggressive, little-known methods exist, but the lack of patent and monopoly rights keep them hidden from the masses.  All cost less than $10 per month to use, which explains why media moguls aren't touting the benefits on your boob tube.

About the Author:
Shane is an award winning organic chemist and author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures.  He teaches people about natural medicine, but is not a shill. He is a perfect candidate for being "medicated to death" - according to psychiatry, but chooses living young instead. He has been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman's World, as well as Women's Health and has served as guest speaker for large corporations like BP and appeared on Fox and NBC as a natural medicine advocate.  Learn about the $8 cancer buster FREE at www.otcnaturalcures.com.

serranoDr. Eric Serrano M.D., M.S., B.C.
Eric Seranno
Dear Dr. Serrano,

I read from many different sources that when fats (mainly animal fats) are cooked (heated, exposed to high temperature) they create problems. I think it is the oxygenation which leads to inflammation, correct me if I am wrong.

I know that some oils and fats are safe to cook with, like coconut and butter, but it is still not very clear to me what happens when you cook meat (even the best quality meat). One way I read to avoid/minimize the problem is to cook the meat very lightly, that is rare or medium rare, or even raw or marinated, like a saviche type. What is your opinion?




Dear Renee,

Any time you cook or heat something above certain temperatures it will change that food, protein, carbohydrates or fats, and even the micro-nutrients.  Heat can cause molecular changes that we still are not aware of in the scientific community.
Heating fats at very high temperatures can cause damage to butter or coconut, and even lard.  Just the damage is less and the fats that you started with are more stable, meaning they have less chance of changing with the heat.
It is true that every time you use fats you should use the right fat, but I think the most important thing is not only the fat, but the source.  If you are going to use any kind of fat make sure that is from an organic source.  If you are going to use medium temperatures you can use olive oil or peanut oil, but at very high temperatures use coconut oil or palm oil, and not butter.

Thank You,

Dr. Serrano

This is a friendly reminder to email health and wellness questions to the email address below for Dr. Eric Serrano M.D. question and answer series. Please place Dr. Serrano's name in the subject line for quicker processing.

Answers will appear in future issues of the Newsletter and News Alert. Your full name will not be displayed. Dr. Serrano has been so kind to offer his expertise to literally any question related to health and wellness involving grass-fed meats.

Dr. Serrano has a wealth of knowledge from both his farm background, 15 years of clinical experience and an award-winning professor at Ohio State Medical School. Dr. Serrano has an outstanding family practice on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio and works with a select group of professional athletes.

Dr. Eric Serrano M.D.
With advanced degrees in nutrition, kinesiology and wellness
475 North Hill Road
Pickerington, OH 43147-1157

EMAIL QUESTIONS TO: eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

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Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
scott mendelson
Need A Training Lift?
By: Scott Mendelson


I have 2 months to lose as much body fat as humanly possible before a Labor Day business/social event and I am absolutely desperate to look great!  After looking at pictures from a few years ago with my body weight actually written on the back of the photo I have determined I need to lose 20 lbs of fat and keep my muscle.  What would you do for a highly motivated client to maximize fat loss if this goals was their number 1 priority? 

Mark, NY


How to lose 20 lbs of Fat or More in 60 Days

Yes, a dramatic body transformation is possible between now and early September if the correct plan is executed.  One advantage is the tight time line and firm goal date to keep the client focused.  A general goal of losing fat with no deadline or specific target is a dream- not a goal!  A lack of focus and positive pressures can result in low motivation levels and poor consistency.  I get this type of request very often and I have put effective tactics into place many times for professional athletes getting ready for training camps, entertainers preparing for appearances and many every day people who are highly motivated to get ready for an event like you. 

Quality over Quantity
Surprisingly there is not a massive amount of training time needed to maximize progress, but the correct organization and tactics are crucial.  A premium is placed on execution, a high intensity workout is worth more than twice as much as an average effort.  I measure intensity and overall productivity in many ways which can include performing more work than the prior training session in the form of reps, loading, diminished time to complete the same workout as before, sprint distance etc.  If progress is not on target, program elements must change!

Multiple High Impact Exercise Sessions Per Day
It is no secret that exercise increases metabolic rate, but many do not realize that short interval sprint sessions of 15-20 minutes can result in more benefits than 30 minutes or more of steady state exercise.  Performing 2 short interval sprint sessions on specified days provides 2 significant metabolic activations per day, which in my experience is far better than one longer session in regards to fat burning.  Metabolism is elevated for several hours following exercise.  A morning and early evening session ensures that the metabolism is on fire all day! 

These sessions can be accomplished with no equipment in many cases, allowing the client to save time on commuting to a gym making 2 day sessions possible without interfering with work and other obligations.  Where there is a will, there is a way especially if you want to lose 20 lbs of flab fast!

Sprints can be done running, on stationary bikes, performing functional tasks, swimming and more.  A variety of venues is great for avoid staleness and making sure the body is burning as much fast as possible.  Over time the venue and sprint timing must become more challenging to keep results going at the fastest possible pace.

Weight Training for Fat Loss
As mentioned before in many previous columns, accelerating fat loss with weight training is vital for both men and women.  These sessions can be short, using a high intensity coupled with low rest periods to activate fat burning hormones.  A customized approach will improve rates of progress by maximizing efficiency and correcting weaknesses.  Proper weight training is often the missing link for rapid fat loss success, especially for females who have been led to believe that aerobic based exercise is their only option.  

Forcing The Body to Use More Stored Fat as Fuel
Making the right food choices is a good start.  Consuming grass-fed beef and other organically raised protein sources is crucial for success.  Take it a step further by putting a strategy into place to force the body into using more stored fat as fuel.  Fat loss is not a matter of only calories in vs. calories out.  You must consider hormones, fat burning enzymes, fat cell status and more.  A history of trans fat consumption and other items that screw up fat cell function will make fat loss a very low process even if you are doing many things right.  Optimize the Fat Cell function to accelerate progress and prevent body fat from coming back! The correct combination of foods, timing and rotations can more than double your rate of fat loss.  Dr. Serrano's macronutrient cycling concepts represent a significant breakthrough! 

Using The Right Tools
I often use the example of a mechanic to explain my points about the importance of using the right procedures.  If you had a problem with your car brakes would you try to figure it out yourself sitting in the garage all day to only find out later that the repair was done wrong resulting in a crash?  Big waste of time, effort and money resulting in failure!  A smart person would bring the vehicle to an expert to fix it correctly the first time who has the experience to get the job done right. 

The same thing holds true with training, nutrition, supplementation etc.  I wish I had a penny for every time someone told me that they were just going to eat clean and workout "hard" to reach their goals.  I have never seen it magically happen yet, without the right plan do not get your hopes up to achieve anything significant by way of progress.

Recovery- Recovery- Recovery
So much time is spent on discussing exercise- the newest infomercial exercise torture device and how it will make you feel like you have been through a war. More attention needs to be placed on recovery!  Exceeding your capacity to recover by doing too much exercise will bring progress to a halt.  The workout may not always be the problem, but lifestyle elements including high stress levels, poor sleep, alcohol consumption and more can hinder recovery.  Priming the recovery environment will accelerate progress dramatically with not even a single extra tear of sweat!

Email Scott@infinityfitness.com for a complimentary copy of the 12 tips for Rapid Goal Achievement and the macronutrient cycling fat loss nutrition plan.

Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dietitians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at InfinityFitness.com.  Copyright Infinity Fitness INC All Rights Reserved 2010

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided "as is"  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

Email new questions for Scott Mendelson via: eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Fresh Ribeyes on grille
We got our order today and had our very first fresh, grass-fed Ribeye steak cooked on our hibachi over Ono charcoal that we cut down to fit in our little cooker.

All I can say is - MORE, we want MORE!!

It was delicious - it was tender - it was too much to eat for one person but we ate it anyway and are now comfortably miserable but happy!

I have ordered the frozen hamburgers and the sirloins in the past and took a chance on the bigger, more expensive steak and it was worth it.

Thank you!

Akron, CO
recipeRecipe Corner

Grilled Mussels with Curry Butter

Ingredients:Grilled Mussels
  • 3 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 2 cloves garlic, pressed
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 lbs. mussels, scrubbed and debearded
  • 1 cup chopped red bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 lime, thinly sliced
  • 1 lime, cut into 4 wedges
  1. Preheat an outdoor grill for high medium-heat and lightly oil grate.
  2. Whisk together the butter, garlic, curry powder, cumin, and salt in a small bowl.
  3. Arrange four large sheets of aluminum foil on a flat surface. Divide the mussels into four even portions and place one portion on each piece of foil. Dot the mussels with the curry mixture. Sprinkle the red bell pepper and parsley over the top of each portion. Top each with lime slices. Wrap foil tightly around the portions.
  4. Cook the packets on the preheated grill until the mussels have opened, 5 to 10 minutes. Discard any mussels which do not open.
  5. Transfer the mussels to small bowls and garnish each with a lime wedge to serve.
Recipe and photo compliments of All Recipes.com.

Share your favorite recipes at: recipes@grasslandbeef.com

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picsJuly 2010- Near Monticello, MO
Summer Grazing
Summer grazing shots!
Summer Grazing

$25 Discount for 40lb. Increments

Do not forget to take advantage of the 40 pound $25 discount by ordering 40 pound combinations of beef, lamb, pork, butter, goat, shrimp, bison, condiments, honey, rabbit, single item chicken selections, snack foods, pet food, and raw cheese.

This is our way of saying thank you for purchasing in volume. This can be any combination of products totaling 40 pounds and does not have to be specific to any category. Each 40 pound interval will yield the discount. For example, 80 pounds of product will yield a $50 discount and a 120 pound purchase will yield a $75 discount.

Minimum Purchase Rules

U.S. Wellness requires a $75 minimum purchase and a 7 pound minimum combined purchase of beef, lamb, pork, gourmet rabbitbison, raw cheese, organic butter,poultry, seafood and snacks.

The weight minimum is to help ensure everything stays frozen during transit and the price minimum is required since we have built the cost of shipping into the price of the product.  You will only see a $7.50 handling fee at checkout.

The 20 pound bulk chicken and turkey orders ship from a separate cold storage center, so they are not included in the 7 lb weight minimum. 

The shopping cart will keep track and remind you if you are under the 7 pound limit for a combination of beef, lamb, pork, raw cheese, butter, goat, shrimp, soap and single honey bottle purchases. A Red font will appear under the shopping cart if you are under the minimum price or pound requirements.

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John Wood
U.S. Wellness Meats

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Pacific Blue Mussels
The following delicious sale items will expire at 10 PM CST July 17, 2010.

Pacific Blue Mussels
- 1 lb package

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- 8 (1.5 lb) packs

Eye of Round Roast
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Lamb Loin Chops
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Volume Discount

Turkey Provolone Sausages

Turkey Provolone Sausages
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