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June 12, 2011
   Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
June Grazing
Happy summer greetings!  We are finally in the heat of summer which is a welcome change from the cool spring we had.  Our cattle are enjoying lush pastures and warm Missouri sunshine, which can be seen in our farm photos below.  If you are looking for some fresh new recipes to try for summer dinners, our Summer Eats recipe page is up with some amazing new photos and pictures!

The USDA unveiled its new Food Plate last week, which replaces the much outdated Food Pyramid.  The new food plate makes several healthy suggestions, but is still lacking in many key areas.  We were glad to see the removal of sweets from the pyramid and also glad to see the recommendation of water over sugary drinks.  The new model also has a strong focus on exercise which should be a part of any health routine.  The protein category has a very wide focus, and while we were happy to read that they recommend at least eight ounces of seafood a week, we were not so happy with the lean/low-fat meat suggestion.  If you make sure your meats come from grass-fed animals, the fat is good for you!  That is where the omega 3's and CLA come from, so don't hesitate to enjoy a well-marbled Ribeye Steak, as long as it is grass-fed.

Don't forget about Dad!  Father's Day is next Sunday, June 19 and the easiest way to tell him you care is by sending the gift of health.  US Wellness gift certificates let Dad pick out exactly what he wants, or you can really surprise him by sending him a Steak Gift Box - we'll deliver right to his door and hopefully he'll invite you over for dinner! 

Or you could win Dad some dinner!  If you are a father yourself, a soon-to-be dad or just enjoy food, this contest is for you!  In honor of Father's Day, we are sponsoring a super-easy Dad's Dish recipe contest with some of our best sellers and new items as an amazing prize package!  Just head over to Facebook for all the details. 

Protein for breakfast?  Yes, please!  A recent study from the University of Missouri shows that eating a high protein breakfast can reduce food cravings and overeating later in the day and also reduce the brain signals controlling "food motivation and reward-driven eating behaviors."  While the study suggested waffles as a high protein breakfast, we would prefer bacon or breakfast steaks along with free range eggs as a great way to start the day.  For an even healthier option - try our new Sugar Free Pork Bacon - we have been receiving requests for this product for years and are already hearing rave reviews!

We are honored and excited to have Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo as our latest Feature Chef.  This busy mother of three is a personal trainer, author of a very popular paleo blog, a paleo podcaster, and has somehow found the time to write an amazing new paleo cookbook - Everyday Paleo.  If you haven't picked up a copy of her book yet, you are definitely missing out!  Be sure and check out her Feature Chef interview and her Smoky Roast recipe for more paleo cooking tips.  For more family-friendly recipes from Sarah check out our Summer Eats page!

We have lots of new summer grazing photos on our Facebook page - be sure to stop by sometime and check them out! 
Summer Regards,

John, Lee Ann, Megan, Tressa, Jennifer, and Amanda on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats.

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Protein Drinks After Exercise Help Older People Build Stronger Muscles Than Those Who Drink Carbohydrate Beverages, Study Suggests BreakingNewsarticle  

A new reProteinShakesearch report appearing online in the FASEB Journal shows that what someone drinks after exercise plays a critical role in maximizing the effects of exercise. Specifically, the report shows that protein drinks after aerobic activity increases the training effect after six weeks, when compared to carbohydrate drinks. Additionally, this study suggests that this effect can be seen using as little as 20 grams of protein.

"It is not a mystery that exercise and nutrition help slow the aging process," said Benjamin F. Miller, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work from the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. "Studies such as ours help to explain how exercise and nutrition work so that we can better take advantage of those pathways to slow the aging process."

To make this discovery, scientists recruited 16 participants age 37 and older and instructed them to exercise on treadmills for 45 minutes three times a week for six weeks. After each bout of exercise, one group was given a protein drink and another group was given a carbohydrate drink. To measure the making of new structures in the muscle, metabolic pathways were measured using heavy water labeling. Subjects consumed heavy water, which becomes incorporated into many synthetic processes allowing measurement of the rates at which different components of the muscle are being made. Using ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry methods, scientists took muscle samples at the end of the six weeks and were able to determine how much of the muscle and its component pieces were new. In this case, new proteins, DNA, and membranes were measured. This showed that endurance exercise, commonly prescribed for older people for a healthful lifestyle, induces positive changes in skeletal muscle structure.

"If you want to age gracefully, this study shows that proteins taken after exercise keep your muscles strong and fit," Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. "You've got to feed your body with the proper nutrients after a work-out. Fortunately, protein shakes are cheap, readily available and some say taste good."  

Source: ScienceDaily 


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catherineCatherine's Comment
Catherine Ebeling
The Vital Nutrient Missing From Most People's Diet

By: Catherine Ebeling, RN, BS

Do you have any of the following health issues?
  • Anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Asthma
  • Blood clots
  • Constipation
  • Cystitis
  • Depression 
  • Diabetes, High Blood Sugar or Metabolic Syndrome
  • Facial ticks 
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Insomnia
  • Gallstones or Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Disease  
  • Leg Cramps
  • Muscle Spasm or muscle Twitching
  • Liver Disease 
  • Migraine 
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Osteoporosis
  • Reynaud's Syndrome 
  • Urinary Incontinence  
If so, you may very likely have a magnesium deficiency. A recent study showed that around 80% of the population is short on this very vital mineral. Surprising?

Magnesium plays a vital role in our health. It is one of several essential minerals we need on a regular basis to maintain health.

The majority of magnesium in our bodies is stored in our bones-about 60-65%. An additional 25% percent is found in our muscle and the rest contained in our body fluids and other cell types. Similar to other minerals essential to good health, it cannot be manufactured by our bodies, so it must be obtained through our diets or supplements...



Sign up for your free report on "Real Weight Loss" and weekly insider health tips newsletter at www.simplesmartnutrition.com.

Check out foods that can help you burn fat in The Fat Burning Kitchen; Your 24-hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body A Fat Burning Machine

Catherine and best-selling internet author of The Truth About Abs Mike Geary, have teamed up to help you burn fat, become healthier, and have more energy. Change your kitchen and transform your body!

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searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears 

The Sun IS Your Sunscreen   

By: Al Sears, MD

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Corporations would have you believe the sun is a cancer-causing ball of radiation threatening our planet.  But the fact is, the sun protects you from cancer. It enhances your health and is vital to your well-being.

One of the most important ways the sun protects you is through your skin, which makes vitamin D from its ultraviolet type B rays. And it's vitamin D that keeps you from getting not just skin cancer, but more than a dozen others.

Here's the proof in black and white:
  • A study by the journal Anticancer Research says very clearly that the more you make vitamin D from UVB rays, the lower your chances are of dying from 15 kinds of cancer. (1)
  • Another study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that vitamin D can lower the chance you'll get cancer by 77 percent. (2)
  • The European Journal of Cancer looked at cancer rates all over the world. Their study says plainly that vitamin D production in the skin decreases the likelihood you'll get any of these cancers: stomach, colorectal, liver and gallbladder, pancreas, lung, breast, prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.(3)
  • A study done for the journal Nature shows that the active form of vitamin D (calcitriol or D3), and its derivative vitamin D2, both cause skin cancer cells to die.(4)
  • And did you know that people who work outside like construction workers, roofers and lifeguards have a much lower risk of skin cancer than those who work inside? (5) 
I could go on...

Meanwhile, if you followed conventional medical advice, you'd be putting sunscreen all over your body.  But sunscreen lowers your body's ability to make vitamin D by up to 95 percent.

Today, I'm going to show you how to let the sun work with your body to prevent cancer. Keep reading to find out what's really in sunscreens, when you should use sun protection and safe ways to help prevent sunburns...



Editors Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.


serranoDr. Eric Serrano MD, MS, BC
Eric Seranno
Hello Dr. Serrano,

I wonder if you can tell me if there is a reliable blood test to check for celiac disease?  I suspect this may be my problem contributing to stomach discomfort after eating anything containing wheat.

Thank you,


Dear Donald,  

Wow, you are asking me for reliable test for celiac disease but you already know that when you eat wheat you don't do well. I am upset, you know the fire burns but you still want to touch it to make sure? The best test is what you are doing - the elimination diet and paying attention to what your symptoms are when you eat wheat.

In medicine, they will tell you that to diagnose celiac disease you need a biopsy of your intestines, and the blood tests are not as good. In practice we use Antiglidin, transglutaminase, and I am sure that we can use others, but again, the champion is the elimination diet, and you have done it.

Thank You,

Dr. Serrano


This is a friendly reminder to email health and wellness questions to eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com for the Dr. Serrano question and answer series.  Answers will appear in future issues of the weekly newsletter under your first name only.  Dr. Serrano has been so kind to offer his expertise to any question involving health and wellness.    

Dr. Serrano has advanced degrees in nutrition, kinesiology and wellness and has a wealth of knowledge from both his farm background, 15 years of clinical experience, and as an award-winning professor at Ohio State Medical School. Dr. Serrano has an outstanding family practice on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio and works with a select group of professional athletes. 

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Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
scott mendelsonmendelson

Why Under Eating and Exercising Too Much Increases Stubborn Body Fat


By: Scott Mendelson



We are in a panic to get really lean for a trip to the Caribbean. I store belly fat and my wife does on her buttocks region.  We take a family vacation each year including brothers, sisters, in laws, - a very large group. To say the least we are all very competitive with each other and how we look is very important.  My wife and I are in a panic because are not quite beach ready.  Previously in years past we have cut our food intake in half and cranked up exercise to an hour or more 7 days per week.  This does help with lowering body weight, but I believe a lot of muscle is lost and we have never looked what I consider to be really good, to show up the relatives! 





Sometimes we are our own worst enemies! The first obvious problem is overtraining.  80% of the population does too little work and 20% does way too much in my estimation, after reviewing thousands of training journals each year.  An over-trained status creates a hormonal disaster that will increase body fat levels and decrease lean muscle tissue.  Females are more notorious for overtraining using a combination of excessive cardio with a low caloric intake while some men would prefer to live in the gym through sheer determination.  Dr. Serrano conducted a great audio interview discussing several topics including how he helped two female fitness competitors earn a lower body fat level.  You can listen to the audio interview here


Blasting Trouble Spot Fat

You have made an important observation within your question regarding the location of fat storage.  These spots are not an accident.  Men have a high density of fat storage receptors in the mid section while women are more likely to store around the thighs and buttocks.  Shutting off these fat storage pathways is a key to success.  Email scott@infinityfitness.com for the Trouble Spot Slashing Special Report that details the causes of these unsightly areas and proven solutions.


Work Harder and Smarter to Earn Better Results


Consistent execution of the right methods ensures the fastest possible rate of success.  When taking on a new client in a situation like yours I often cut the training volume in half and increase the rate of progress.  How does so much less work result in better results?  By maximizing the body's fat burning mechanisms with the right exercise strategies.  Get professional help to make sure your hard work pays off!  Here is the good news, you both have a strong work ethic, otherwise you would have quit a long time ago.  The first thing I would aim to do with clients in your situation would be to channel more energy into the quality of work defined by intensity and cut back the volume.  In a vast majority of cases like yours I can pack in more weight training work than you have fit in 1 hour into 30 minutes by putting together the right sequence of super sets with short rest periods.  Pairing the right exercises along with other elements cuts recovery time between sets through a neurological phenomenon.  Packing more work into less time is vital for activating fat burning hormones while minimizing the catabolic hormones associated with body fat deposition and muscle wasting... 


Read More... 


Fat Burning Special Reports


Email scott@infinityfitness.com for copies of the Trouble Spot Fat Slashing Special Report, Fat Cell Cleansing tactics, The Extreme Crash Diet, and the Body Weight Fat Burning Routine. Contact Scott 7 days per week to discuss your goals.


Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dietitians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at InfinityFitness.com.  Copyright Infinity Fitness INC All Rights Reserved 2010

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided "as is"  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

Email new questions for Scott Mendelson via: eathealthy@grasslandbeef.com

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Customer Feedbackcustcomment

Pot RoastA few weeks ago I placed my first order from US Wellness Meats.  I have been raving about your products ever since. I can't believe the taste and quality of your meat products. 

On Sunday I made the roast I ordered and it was honestly the best roast I have ever eaten.  The cooking recipes and guides on your website are so helpful as well.  I will NEVER go back to eating grain fed meats again! Thanks so much for the great products and the wonderful customer service.
Woodstock, CT
Recipe Corner

 Grilled Steaks with Mushroom Sauce    

Grilled Steaks with Mushroom Sauce


  • 1 Top Sirloin Steak
  • 1/2 teaspoon steak seasoning
  • 1 pound small fresh mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup butter, cubed
  • 1/2 cup beef broth
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme



  1. Cut steak into four pieces; sprinkle with steak seasoning. Grill steaks, covered, over medium heat or broil 4 inches from heat for 5-7 minutes on each side or until meat reaches desired doneness. 
  2. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, saute mushrooms in butter until tender.  
  3. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil; cook until liquid is reduced by about half. Serve with steaks.  

Yield: 4 servings  


Recipe and photo compliments of Taste of Home.   


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picsLewis County, Missouri - June 2, 2011
June Grazing

Cattle enjoying fresh, green pastures in Northeast Missouri. 

June Grazing

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