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August 19, 2012
 Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
Avocado Burger
Another month is flying by here in Northeast Missouri.  We are still hoping for more rain, but did get a small shower earlier in the week that we are more than grateful for.  We have been enjoying cooler nights that already have us looking forward to fall weather!

It's a big week here at US Wellness - our best selling 75% Lean Ground Beef is on sale!  This is a real rarity so now is the time to stock up! 

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth last weekend at the Ancestral Health Symposium.  We were so lucky and proud to be involved with such an esteemed event, surrounded by some of the best and brightest in the health community.  This was only the 2nd Annual Symposium and it has sold out both years!  If you missed out, we highly suggest ordering tickets early next year - we are already looking forward to coming back!  We've posted some photos on Facebook - be watching for more feedback to come! 

One of the most devastating side effects of heart failure is one you may be surprised about: depression.  Depression affects your mood and motivation - two complications that can lead to early death after heart failure.  A recent study suggests that exercise can turn this trend around.  They followed over 2,000 stable heart failure patients, some on a aerobic exercise regimen and the rest on usual treatment - and the results are showing that those on an exercise routine had less depression symptoms than those who were not.  Read more details here - yet another great reason to get in the exercise habit early! 

Does the paleo diet work?  We asked this same question two weeks ago and received some great feedback and noticed that hundreds of you went to the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry to voice your experiences and opinions on whether or not the paleo diet is worth the hype.  If you haven't checked it out yet, we highly recommend reading some of the very interesting results from studies thus far, coming from consumers just like you. 

Coming Up: the next Grassfed Exchange will be held September 20-22 in Norfolk, NE.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet with some of the leaders in the grass-fed industry.  This event brings producers and consumers together to exchange ideas and work together to improve the grass-fed industry.  For more information visit their website or follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and seminar information.

As we look ahead to next month we are gearing up for our 12-Year- Anniversary!  Time flies when you're having fun, and we have certainly enjoyed being your source of high quality grass-fed proteins over the years.  We are continually trying to expand and improve our offerings and to thank you for your continued support we will be giving away gifts and prizes all month!  Stay tuned to our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter for all the details!

Speaking of September, Labor Day will be here before we know it - so if you are planning a special meal or annual barbecue, we highly suggest ordering now!  All orders must be in by next Wednesday, August 29 at 10:00 am CST to ensure delivery before Labor Day.   Our offices and FedEx will be shut down on Monday, September 3 for the holiday.  


Happy End-of-Summer Regards,

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Jennifer, Amanda and Laura on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats.

Toll Free:  (877) 383-0051
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searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears
Your Anti-Stress Hormone     

By: Al Sears, MD

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Today I feel strongly compelled to bring something up with you.

Now before you say "I already know about that," give me a chance to point out what most of my colleagues are getting wrong about this substance.

I'm talking about DHEA. You've probably heard about this, right? It stands for dehydroepi-androsterone.

Most people will tell you that it's a precursor to testosterone. And you take it to enhance libido in women and it enhances sexual performance in men. But I can tell you from experience that it has very little effect for both of these.

But the point is there's something else that it's much better at doing.

It's your body's built-in stress diffuser.

I call it the "anti-stress hormone." Your body makes it when times are good - when you are well-fed, secure and free of stressors. The more of it in your body, the less effect stress will have on you.

When your DHEA is at the level it should be, you'll notice:
  • Enhanced energy
  • A boost in immune system function
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased libido
  • Sharper memory
  • Halt in wrinkles and signs of physical aging 
Your DHEA peaks when you're in your 20s and gradually declines with age. By the time you're 65 years old, you'll only have about 10% of the DHEA that you had when you were 20.

Plus the modern world causes you to overuse your DHEA - draining your levels faster than nature intended. Your ancestors had only brief periods of stress, lasting a few minutes at a time...

Continue Reading...


Editors Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.



Kelley Herring kelleyherring 
Kelley Herring


A Healthy, Portable Back-to-School Breakfast (in 5 minutes!)

By: Kelley Herring



You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's true. And it's especially true for kids. Their growing brains and bodies need a steady supply of energy and nutrients.

Unfortunately, many kids skip breakfast altogether. According to Healthy Children Magazine, approximately 30 percent of adolescents go without a morning meal.

This can have a big impact on academic performance. Study upon study shows that kids who eat breakfast do better in school. They also have better concentration and more energy.

And that's not all. In addition to robbing kids of the energy and brainpower they need to get through the day, skipping breakfast also makes it more likely they will gain weight. A 2008 study in the journal Pediatrics reported that adolescents who ate breakfast every day had a lower body mass index than those who never or only occasionally ate breakfast.

Smart Fuel to Start the Day

Although eating before school is imperative, not all breakfasts are created alike...


A quick bowl of cereal, a muffin on the way out the door, or grab-and-go breakfast bar might stave off the hunger. But these "foods" do nothing to nourish the body and mind. And they're full of sugar. When the rush wears off, a crash is soon to follow.

Fast food breakfasts and microwaveable breakfast sandwiches are almost as bad. These meals are made with "factory farmed" eggs and meats. They are highly processed and loaded with hormones and antibiotics. They're also high in inflammatory fats (often trans fat) and contain harmful preservatives like MSG.

MSG (monosodium glutamate) impacts hunger hormones and encourages the storage of fat. But it can also have powerful negative effects on the brain.

MSG is an "excitotoxin." It can literally stimulate brain neurons to death. It also reduces levels of dopamine - an important neurotransmitter associated with concentration. In fact, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences reported that increased levels of glutamate were found in the brains of children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

These "foods" might be fast and convenient, but none of them supply the protein, healthy fats and nutrients that kids (and adults) need for "brain fuel" and energy...


Continue Reading...  




Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is the Founder and Editor of Healing Gourmet  - the leading provider of organic, sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss. Be sure to grab Healing Gourmet's free books - Eating Clean & Saving Green: Your Guide to Organic Foods on a Budget (includes 100+ foods at the best prices) and Eat Your Way Into Shape: Flip Your Body's Fat Blasting Switch and Melt 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks (includes a delicious 7 day meal plan!). Claim your free copies here...  


Recent Health News
Honey: A Sweet Alternative for Treating Cough in Children

By: Jennifer Garcia


Honey is more effective than a placebo in controlling nighttime cough in children with upper respiratory infections (URI), according to the results from a new randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. The results were published online August 6 in Pediatrics.

The World Health Organization recommends honey as a nighttime treatment for coughing in young children with URIs. However, prior studies either tested only a single type of honey or were not blinded.

In the current study, children with URIs and nocturnal cough were given either 1 of 3 different honey products or a placebo 30 minutes before bedtime, based on a double-blind randomization plan. The primary outcome evaluated was a subjective change in cough frequency, based on parent surveys. Secondary outcomes measured included a change in cough severity, the effect of the cough on sleep for both the child and the parent, and the combined score on the pre- and postintervention surveys.

Herman Avner Cohen, MD, from the Pediatric Ambulatory Community Clinic, Petach Tikva, Israel, and colleagues compared symptom scores for each treatment group before and after the intervention and found that patients in all 3 honey groups demonstrated significant improvement compared with patients treated with placebo. There were no significant differences among the different types of honey.

"The results of this study demonstrate that each of the 3 types of honey (eucalyptus, citrus, and labiatae) was more effective than the placebo for the treatment of all of the outcomes related to nocturnal cough, child sleep, and parental sleep," the authors write.

The researchers enrolled 300 children with URIs, aged 1 to 5 years, who were seen at 1 of 6 general pediatric community clinics between January 2009 and December 2009. Patients were eligible if they had a nocturnal cough attributed to the URI. Children were excluded if they had symptoms of asthma, pneumonia, laryngotracheobronchitis, sinusitis, and/or allergic rhinitis.

Patients who used any cough or cold medication or honey in the previous 24 hours were also excluded.

Parents were asked to evaluate the children the day of presentation, when no medication had been given, and then again the day after a single dose of 10 g of eucalyptus honey, citrus honey, labiatae honey, or placebo (silan date extract) had been administered before bedtime. Pre- and postintervention subjective assessments were obtained using a 5-item Likert-scale questionnaire regarding the child's cough and sleep difficulty. Only those children whose parents rated severity as at least a 3 (on a 7-point scale) for at least 2 of the 3 questions related to nocturnal cough and sleep quality on the preintervention questionnaire were included.

Of the 300 patients enrolled, 270 (89.7%) completed the single-night study. The median age of these children was 29 months (range, 12 - 71 months). There was no significant age difference among the treatment groups. Symptom severity was also similar among all 4 treatment groups.

Adverse events were reported for 5 patients and included stomachache, nausea, and vomiting and were not significantly different between the groups.

The authors acknowledge the limitations of the study, including the subjective nature of the survey and the fact that the intervention period was limited to a single dose. In addition, they note that some of the improvement measured may be attributed to the natural progression of URIs, which may improve with supportive care and time.

"On the basis of our findings, honey can be offered as an alternate treatment to children >1 year of age," note Dr. Cohen and colleagues.

"Honey may be a preferable treatment of cough and sleep difficulties associated with childhood URI," they conclude.

Funding for this study was provided by a research grant from the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association, Materna Infant Nutrition Research Institute, and the Honey Board of Israel. The authors have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

Pediatrics. Published online August 6, 2012.  Reprinted from Medscape Today News August 6, 2012.
Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A



Burn 10-15 Lbs of Abdominal Fat in 30 Days!    

By: Scott Mendelson




I am lean pretty much everywhere except for my mid-section and this stubborn fat just will not go away no matter what I seem to do.  I want to go to the pool and beach here in California and show off a six-pack!  What do I need to do?     






My inbox has been overflowing since weather improvements hit in March. I wish I had a penny for every person who emailed me telling me there were lean all over except for one trouble spot.  A consistent execution of the right tactics can lower midsection body fat very quickly, but this is not the type of program you can design out on your own.   You can make a great deal of progress quickly by making the right program adjustments.  In your case, it is not a matter of dropping a tremendous amount of body fat; rather we need to optimize some hormonal and metabolic factors to burn off stubborn fat.  In order to fix this problem, we need to attack the cause!  


Introducing the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Plan  


You might recognize the term KISS (keep it simple stupid!) which is what I have to tell myself at times when building a nutrition program concept to be advanced, yet simple to execute.  During elaborate testing with clients the average rate of fat loss is 10-15 lbs in the first 30 days and 10-15 lbs of fat in the 45-60 days following.  Most fat loss plans produce little results after the first month for several reasons related to stalling out metabolism.  KISS is designed specifically to build metabolic and hormonal momentum leading to sustained fat loss by sending the body the proper signals to optimize fat burning!  


Load Up on Organic Protein Sources  


The KISS plan calls for plenty of organic protein sources, strategic carbohydrate loading, and ample good dietary fats to turn your body into a rapid fat burning machine.  This program was designed not only to burn body fat quickly, but to attack stubborn fat deposits for men and women by effectively addressing the leading causes of these problem areas.  Email for a copy of the program so you can get going   


Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors  


All men have a high density of fat storage receptors while women have more problems with fat storage in the lower body.   These fat storage receptors must be shut off so the body can burn more stored fat as fuel.   Read more about shutting off fat storage receptors here.   Many trainees sabotage themselves by over-training and making big mistakes with diet which leads to activating fat storage receptors and ultimately making matters worse.  Those with high stress levels will have the most stubborn trouble spot fat deposits as their hormonal make-up can also trigger fat storing...  


Continue Reading...




Email to discuss your goals and for copies of the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Plan, Great Abs and Rapid Fat Burning Tools Special Reports, as well as the 10 Minute Fat Loss Interval Workout.  Check out our new blog for great tips, exercise video clips, success strategies and more.   ____________________________________________ 

Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dietitians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at  Copyright Infinity Fitness INC All Rights Reserved 2010

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided "as is"  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

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Customer Feedbackcustcomment
Fresh Cut Pork Chops
U.S. Wellness,

I just want to write real fast and thank you for our fast order.

Product received fast and still very chilled. Froze immediately. We will definitely be using U.S Wellness again in the near future.

As CrossFitters we understand the value of grass-fed meats and it's farms like ya'lls that make it easy for us to get high quality meats.  So thank you and keep up the great hard work!

Kenneth T.

Recipe Corner

Baby Pizza Bites  


Baby Pizza Bites   


  • 12 button mushrooms, wiped of any dirt and stems removed  
  • 1/2 lb Italian sausage 
  • 1 egg white  
  • 1/4-1/2 cup pizza sauce or no sugar added marinara sauce  


  1. Turn on your grill so it's hot. Make sense. 
  2. Wipe down your mushrooms and remove stems. Then place them stem side up on a plate. 
  3. Throw your Italian sausage in a bowl along with your egg white. Use your hands to combine it all together. 
  4. Then make tablespoon size balls of the meat mixture and plop them into the cap of the mushrooms.  
  5. Place on top rack of grill and cook for about 8-10 minutes or until sausage is cooked through.
  6. Top each mushroom and sausage cap with either hot or cold pizza/marinara sauce! 
  7. Stick a toothpick in it and EAT IT. Careful, these things get wicked hot.  



Recipe and photo compliments of Juli at PaleOMG.  For more paleo-inspired, CrossFit-friendly recipes and photos be sure to visit her website!  If you are a blogger or food artist and would like to see your recipes published simply email them to


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picsUS Wellness Cattle - Southern Alabama


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