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Holiday Meal Planning &
How to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

November 10, 2013
 Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
November has started off busy here at US Wellness Meats.  We are gearing up for another busy holiday season.  If you have not bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, now is the time!  To ensure delivery with enough time to thaw and prep your bird we highly recommend placing your order this week.  Be sure to see the recipe section below for a wonderful turkey recipe from our good friends Bill & Hayley at Primal Palate

If you are hosting a holiday dinner party this year, then you must read our latest feature chef interview.  Meg Opel is the author of the blog Peaches & Cake, where she shares unique paleo-inspired recipes as well as entertaining tips and ideas - making your next gathering a breeze to plan!  For some fall comfort foods that are sure to be crowd pleasers, visit her recipe page

The holidays can be a rough time for anyone trying to lose weight, or for those trying to maintain their healthy weight.  Trainer Scott Mendelson gives some excellent advice in his article below, on how you can not only avoid the holiday weight gain - but actually lose weight!

You won't want to miss the 15% discount code in this newsletter, as this will be the last newsletter promo code before Thanksgiving!  Now is the time to stock up on your holiday essentials.  If you need an order before Thanksgiving, we suggest ordering as soon as possible.  The week of Thanksgiving will be a short shipping week since we will not be able to ship on Wednesday.  To ensure timely delivery of your holiday order, please have your order placed no later than 10:00 am CST on Wednesday, November 20.

If you want to impress your holiday guests with unique new recipes - have you thought about trying bison?  We have expanded our bison line to include everything from the very versatile ground bison - to new favorites such as sugar-free bison chorizo, bison liver, roasts and even bison stew meat, which is a staple in any of our chili recipes.  Not only does bison meat have great flavor - it has a host of health benefits!  Read Kelley Herring's article below for all the reasons you should consider adding bison to your shopping cart.

Don't forget to thank a Veteran tomorrow.  We observe Veteran's Day on Monday, November 11 and we want to extend our best wishes to all of the Veterans reading today.  We are forever grateful for your service to our country. 

Patriotic Regards,

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Jennifer, Amanda & Laura on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats.

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searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears
This Mineral Mends Your DNA 
By: Al Sears, MD   

Every hour of the day, your cells are under attack. Normally, this is ok because your cells have a built-in DNA repair system that fixes any damage. But when your cells are undernourished, they can lose the ability to repair themselves. And that's bad news.

Part of the reason for the explosion of cancer in modern times is because we're not repairing our DNA. Our bodies aren't getting enough of the nutrients we need to make this process work.

But you can help protect yourself with a simple mineral. I'm talking about zinc.

Zinc helps prevent - and reverse - this damage to your DNA. Studies show that zinc and zinc-containing proteins are some of the most important factors in repairing DNA breaks.(1,2)

And a study by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University shows that supplementing with zinc reverses cell damage.(3)

Add this latest finding to zinc's list of health benefits:
  • Heart-health booster
  • Essential to your prostate and sexual performance
  • Can prevent pneumonia and speed the recovery from colds
  • Promotes wound healing 
I see patients that have dangerously low levels of zinc all the time. As many as 40 percent of older people in the U.S. are deficient...

Continue Reading...


Editors Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.



Kelley Herring kelleyherring 
Kelley Herring


The Ultra-Lean, Inflammation-Fighting Beef Alternative

By: Kelley Herring, Healing Gourmet 


In recent years the culinary popularity of bison has exploded. From bison chili and burgers, to high-end steaks and fork-tender roasts, this once near-extinct food source has become mainstream on menus and in markets across the nation.

And for good reason.

Bison's sweet, rich meat provides a unique taste alternative to beef. And when it comes to health, bison provides a lot of nutritional heft in an ultra- lean, low-calorie package.

In fact, ounce for ounce, grass-fed bison provides:

Fewer calories, fat, and cholesterol than skinless chicken, pork or sockeye salmon
  • 35% less calories than beef (140 vs. 214 in beef)
  • 75% less fat than beef  (2.5 grams vs. 10 g in beef)
  • 67% less fat than chicken (2.5 g vs. 7.5 g in chicken)
  • 26% more iron than beef (3.4 mg vs. 2.7 in beef)
  • 16% more vitamin B12 than beef (2.9 vs. 2.5 in beef) 
But as is true with most foods, there is a caveat...

Continue Reading...



Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is the Founder and Editor of Healing Gourmet  the leading provider of organic, sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss. Be sure to grab Eating Clean & Saving Green: Your Guide to Organic Foods on a Budget and Eat Your Way Into Shape: Flip Your Body's Fat Blasting Switch and Melt 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks (includes a delicious 7 day meal plan!).  Claim your free copies here...  


Recent Health News
Overweight Man

Weight at Time of Diagnosis Linked to Prostate Cancer Mortality      



Men who are overweight or obese when they are diagnosed with prostate cancer are more likely to die from the disease than men who are of healthy weight, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice. In patients with more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, the researchers also found an even stronger correlation between obesity and mortality.

This study included 751 Kaiser Permanente patients with prostate cancer who underwent radical prostatectomy, an operation that includes removal of the prostate and surrounding tissue. The researchers explored the association between the patients' body mass index and prostate cancer mortality, adjusted for tumor aggressiveness and other characteristics.

The researchers found men who died from prostate cancer were 50 percent more likely to be overweight or obese at diagnosis compared to men who did not die from the disease. Men with high Gleason scores, a rating of the aggressiveness of prostate cancer cells, had the highest association between BMI and death, specifically men with Gleason scores of 8 or higher. The Gleason score ranges from 2 to 10, with the highest number representing the greatest likelihood of tumor cells spreading.

"We found among patients undergoing surgical treatment for prostate cancer, weight at time of diagnosis is more strongly correlated with prostate cancer survival than many other factors researchers have studied in the past, including some prostate cancer treatments," said lead author Reina Haque, PhD, a researcher at Kaiser Permanente Southern California's Department of Research & Evaluation in Pasadena, Calif. "Moving forward, we are hoping future studies will examine the effect of weight loss and other lifestyle modifications on prostate cancer mortality."

Additional studies are needed to determine which lifestyle modifications, such as diet or exercise, could prolong a prostate cancer patient's life. Further investigation also is needed to determine if the findings of this study, which looked at men who had prostate cancer surgery, apply to men who received other treatments such as radiation or hormone therapy.

Although the connection between men's weight at prostate cancer diagnosis and likelihood of survival has been examined, many previous studies were limited by self-reported body weight data or it was unclear when the BMI data were obtained. So the link between obesity and prostate cancer mortality remains controversial. However, the methodology of this study was different because the researchers used BMI collected from medical records, instead of self-reported data. The researchers identified men who died of prostate cancer and compared their BMI at time of diagnosis to controls to determine if body weight is related prostate cancer death. The biological relationship between obesity and prostate cancer prognosis is still not understood, and is an active area of research.  

Kaiser Permanente. "Weight at time of diagnosis linked to prostate cancer mortality." ScienceDaily, 29 Oct. 2013. Web. 30 Oct. 2013.
Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
scott mendelsonmendelson
Burn 10-20 Pounds of Body Fat During the Holiday Season! 


By: Scott Mendelson



With cold weather I lose my favorite outdoor exercise venues and when my training is not going well, diet typically follows in the same bad direction starting at Halloween with continued struggles for several days surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As I result I add ten pounds of body fat during November and December typically, and my husband adds twice that much!  What can I do this winter to lose fat instead of piling on more?  





There is a powerful correlation between consistent execution of exercise and good food choice consumption.  Implementing an interval sprint program, weight training plan geared specifically for fat loss and the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition plan will help you and your husband burn 10-20 pounds of body fat before the end of the year while supporting great energy levels.  Without a specific plan that will fit your needs you can expect to pile on body fat again during the last two months of the year like a majority of Americans.
Please read the Preventing End of Year Body Fat Accumulation blog post for more proven success strategies.

Train to Improve Mood Instead of Self-Medicating with Bad Food Choices

In general, proper exercise drives higher energy levels which help clients to avoid "self-medicating" with bad food choices.  With the right approach, you and your husband can not only prevent body fat accumulation, but also burn fat during the last couple months of the year while still partaking in holiday meals with some rules in place...

Continue Reading...



Email for free copies of the Kiss Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Male & Female plans, Fat Cell Cleansing and Holiday Feasting for Rapid Fat Loss Special reports.  Email to discuss your barriers to success and get a personal response right away! 


Infinity Fitness INC provides training, fitness, and nutritional information for educational purposes. It is important that you consult with a health professional to ensure that your dietary and health needs are met. It is necessary for you to carefully monitor your progress and to make changes to your nutritional and fitness program to enjoy success. Infinity Fitness does not employ dietitians or health professionals and assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal health and condition. For more information regarding our Limited Warranty for products and services, please see our disclaimer at  Copyright Infinity Fitness INC All Rights Reserved 2010

This document is provided by Infinity Fitness INC for general guidance only, and does not constitute the provision of health or fitness advice.  The information is provided "as is"  with no assurance or guarantee of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

Customer Feedbackcustcomment
   Flank Steak
US Wellness,

I can't tell you how many people I've told about you--believe me!  I'm a psychotherapist in private practice and do nutrition counseling with many/most of my patients.  Yours is a website I always mention.  

Thanks again,
Sue R.
Vestal, NY
recipesRecipe Corner
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey



  1. Preheat oven to 325. 
  2. Place turkey in a roasting pan. 
  3. Season turkey with salt and pepper, including the body cavity. 
  4. Stuff turkey with pork stuffing. 
  5. Place any remaining stuffing into a baking dish, cover and place in the fridge. 
  6. Rub turkey with duck fat. 
  7. Tuck wings under the breast, and tie the legs together with kitchen twine. 
  8. Tent turkey with aluminum foil, and place in the oven. 
  9. Roast turkey 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees, this will be about 5 hours for a 16 lb turkey. 
  10. Place outside stuffing in the oven, uncovered for the last 20-30 minutes of cooking, or until the stuffing is crispy on the tops, and the pork is cooked through. 

This hearty recipe is courtesy of our good friends Bill & Hayley at The Food Lover's Kitchen.  Their website is an excellent resource for meal planning ideas and their recipes can be filtered if you are looking for sugar/dairy/egg/FODMAP/nightshade/nut - free recipes!

If you are a blogger or food artist and would like to see your recipes published simply email us.


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South Carolina Chickens   These are some of our free range South Carolina chickens enjoying lush pastures and warm fall temperatures in their movable chicken coop.

South Carolina Chickens
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