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May 25, 2014
 Monticello, Missouri
Dear John,
Memorial Day  
We want to extend the best Memorial Day wishes to all of our military and their families who are reading this weekend.  We hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend with some time off to spend with friends and family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those serving abroad, all of their families here at home, and a honored debt of gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy today.

We are finally enjoying summer-like weather this weekend, and hope the warm temperatures are here to stay!  Check out some of our spring farm shots in the Farm Photos below.

With summer weather comes summer sunburns.  In Dr. Al Sears' article this week he shares some of the amazing healing properties of a common kitchen ingredient.  Known to heal wounds, clean up acne, help with a diaper rash, it is also an antibacterial and a powerful skin care ingredient.  We happen to carry a locally sourced, raw option - so read the full article for more details, and to take advantage of the 15% discount code. 

Some of our summer grilling favorites are on sale this week!  The classic New York Strip Steak - 8 oz is cut from the shortloin area and because this primal is from some of the least-used muscles, it makes for particularly tender steaks.  Now is a great time to try something new and experiment with the decadent Duck Breasts, also on sale this week.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the rich flavor!

For an easy summer recipe your kids are sure to love, check out this week's feature recipe - Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fingers.   This quick fix comes courtesy of our feature chef, Cassy Garcia, author of the popular paleo blog, Fed & Fit

Just a reminder - our offices will be closed tomorrow, May 26 so that our employees can spend some time with their families.  FedEx is also closed tomorrow, so there will not be any Monday shipping.  We will resume with normal shipping operations on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and appreciate your patience as we try to get all orders out on time. 

A closing poem for Memorial Day heroes of wars past by Moina Michael written in 1915:
     We cherish too, the Poppy red
     That grows on fields where valor led,
     It seems to signal to the skies
     That blood of heroes never dies.

Holiday Solemn Regards,

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Jennifer, Amanda & Laura on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats.

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searsDr. Al Sears, M.D.
Dr. Al Sears

Skin Secret Better Than Aloe
By: Al Sears, MD   

In the dry, hot environment of the Arabian Desert, the most-used natural product to heal skin isn't water, or even aloe. It's honey.(1)

Honey, it turns out, is a completely under-the-radar skin miracle.

Honey, milk and oatmeal mixtures were also commonly used as facial beauty scrubs in ancient Egypt. In Europe and western Asia they use honey to make a special skin balm called a mehlem. In Bosnia, there's a skin syrup known as đulbe sugar. It's made from honey, lemon and a small flower from the rose family.(2)

Surgeons use it to heal wounds from burns and cuts. Plastic surgeons use honey to fix skin grafts in place and prevent complications, such as graft loss, infection and graft rejection.(3) Honey can heal acne, and help make post-acne scarring and inflammation disappear.

Honey encourages your skin to make hyaluronic acid (HA). HA fills out your skin because it absorbs 3,000 times its weight of water. Honey also forms a delicate, mesh-like collagen structure that can bring your skin's surface back to normal and allow it to heal.(4,5)

You can also use honey for other skin problems like...

Continue Reading...


Editors Note:  Dr. Al Sears, M.D. is a board-certified clinical nutrition specialist. His practice, Dr. Sears' Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, Fla., specializes in alternative medicine. He is the author of seven books in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, and nutritional supplementation, including The Doctor's Heart Cure. To get his free special report on the proven anti-aging strategies for building a vibrant, disease-free life, go here now. You'll learn how to stop Father Time without giving up the foods you love.



Kelley Herring kelleyherring 
Kelley Herring


Six Reasons You Need More Zinc in Your Diet

By: Kelley Herring, Healing Gourmet 


In my last article, I discussed the little-known epidemic of zinc deficiency and the easy ways you can boost your levels of this important nutrient.

As you are about to discover, this is critically important. Below are six ways that a zinc-rich diet can boost your quality of life, reduce your risk for disease and maximize your healthy longevity.

1 - Promote Healthy Cells and Be Cancer-Free For Life

As your body's cells - and the DNA within them - become damaged, the risk for mutations (and therefore cancer) increases. That's why antioxidants are so important. And while zinc is better known as a dietary mineral, it is also a powerful antioxidant nutrient that helps protect cells from the ravages of oxidative damage.

Zinc is also vital for healthy cell proliferation. In fact, when zinc levels are too low, abnormal cell development and the risk of cancerous tumors is increased.

Of course, zinc is also a key component of the immune system - your body's first line of defense against cancer. In fact, zinc is required by your body to produce T-cells - the cellular defenders that are constantly on the lookout for viruses and bacteria, as well as mutated and abnormal cells. That's why low levels of zinc are correlated with reduced T-cell counts.

It's no wonder that research shows that zinc deficiency is linked to cancers of the skin, colon, ovaries, lungs, prostate and breast, head and neck, as well as leukemia. One study, published in Nutrition and Cancer found that 65 percent of patients with head and neck cancer had cellular zinc concentrations that were considered deficient.

But cancer is not the only degenerative disease where zinc plays a critical role...

Continue Reading...



Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is author of more than a dozen books on nutrition and natural healing. She is also the co-founder of Wellness Bakeries, which has just released their newest product - Better Bread - a 100% Paleo bread mix you can whip up in 5 minutes flat. 

Recent Health News
Researchers Shed Light on Link Between Stress, Heart Trouble

Researchers say they've gained new insight into how stress and other negative emotions can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
Previous studies have shown that stress, anger, anxiety and depression can boost a person's chances for heart disease, but how these emotions and heart health might be connected was unclear.

In this study, the brain activity of more than 150 healthy adults was monitored while they tried to regulate their emotional reactions to unpleasant pictures. The participants were also checked for narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and for blood levels of a marker (an indicator) of inflammation called interleukin-6.

A high level of inflammatory markers in the blood is a major risk factor for atherosclerosis and premature death from heart disease.

The participants who had greater brain activity when trying to control their negative emotions also had higher levels of interleukin-6 and more signs of atherosclerosis. These findings remained strong even after the researchers accounted for other heart disease risk factors such as age, smoking and gender.

The study was published recently in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

"These new findings agree with the popular belief that emotions are connected to heart health," study first author Peter Gianaros, an associate professor in the department of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, said in a journal news release.

"We think that the mechanistic basis for this connection may lie in the functioning of brain regions important for regulating both emotion and inflammation," he added.

The findings may prove useful in efforts to develop brain-based prevention and treatment methods to boost heart health and protect against heart disease, Gianaros said.

SOURCE: Biological Psychiatry, news release, May 5, 2014 
Athlete Corner - Scott Mendelson Q&A
scott mendelsonmendelson
Burn 15 Pounds of Fat in 30 days with High Definition Training to Be Pool-Ready!

By: Scott Mendelson




Memorial Day at the pool is going to be a real disappointment in some regards as I will not feel comfortable taking my shirt off due to excess body fat around my belly, chest and upper back, which is creating additional stress.  How long do I need to train each session to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds of body fat in the next 30 days? What is the simplest nutrition approach I can take to support rapid fat loss and consistency?   





With the right training, nutrition, and recovery programs specific to your needs you can burn 15 pounds of body fat in 30 days to take full advantage of great summer weather at the pool.  (3-4) 30 minute high impact weight training sessions per week work extremely well for my busy clients to burn fat fast!  Summer weather also offers more opportunities for 10-20 minute interval training sessions done at home to accelerate fat burning.  While training sessions do require some of your time, the corresponding increase in energy levels lead to net time savings with increased work productivity at home and work.

How to Burn Body Fat Accumulated Due to High Stress

You can learn about the hormonal connection and proven solutions to get rid of body fat accumulating around the belly, love handles, upper back, chest, and legs for men and women by reading this blog post.

Success Calendar Drives a High Quality and Consistency of Execution

You will earn the fastest fat loss progress with a high level of quality and consistency of execution...

Continue Reading...



Email for your Free Copy of the Updated Male and Female KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition plan files including five days of sample menus and the Rapid Fat Burning Tools Special Report. 


CustomerCommentsCustomer Feedback
I have been buying meat and lard and other products from US Wellness for several years and you never disappoint.  I thought it was time to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of your meat and products.

I really love your weekly newsletter, too!  It's the icing on the cake.

Thanks again for all you do.
Susan D.
recipeRecipe Corner
Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fingers

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fingers
  • 1 pound chicken strips 
  • 2 large eggs 
  • 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar 
  • 1 lemon, juiced 
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder 
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder 
  • 2 teaspoons paprika 
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper for MEDIUM hot (2 teaspoons for HOT or teaspoon for MILD) 
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt or sea salt 
  • 5 cups pork rinds, crumbled 

Ribs Directions:

  1. Preheat oven to 400F (200C). 
  2. Whisk the eggs, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, onion, paprika, cayenne and salt together in a medium bowl. 
  3. Dip each chicken strip into the buffalo egg wash then lay in the pork rind breading, coating both sides. 
  4. Place breaded strips on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake for approximately 25 minutes or until cooked through. 

This recipe and photo are courtesy of our newest feature chef, Cassy Garcia of the popular fitness blog, Fed & Fit.  Be sure to check out her custom US Wellness Meats recipe page for more classic gluten-free recipes.

If you are a blogger or food artist and would like to see your recipes published simply email us.
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photosFarm Photos - Missouri Cattle
Missouri Cattle
These guys are enjoying green pastures and finally some sunshine!
Missouri Cattle
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