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Dr. Mercola ~ What Can We Learn from Paleo Poo?

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Recipe Corner ~ Skillet Chicken Leg Quarters (on sale this week!)
Happy Labor Day!
Happy September!      

We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend.  September is one of our favorite month's here at US Wellness Meats. Sixteen years ago this month we had our start.  This picture of John was from our first photo shoot on the farm.  It is pretty faint in the picture but there is a rainbow in the upper corner of the photo.  At the time we hoped the rainbow was a harbinger of good things to come and the last 16 years have been a great success thanks to you.

If you have ever tried one of our recipes, recommended us to friends, enjoyed a meal with our meats, left a product review, liked a picture, commented on a post, shared your feedback, or followed us on social media, then you have contributed to our success.

Thank you for your loyal patronage.  As a sign of our gratitude there will be additional giveaways and contests throughout the month.  So keep an eye on our newsletter and social media feeds for your opportunity to win.  If you are not following us, click on our social media buttons below so you don't miss out.
Featured Chef, Allison Schaaf, the founder of Prep Dish, comes to us from Puerto Rico.  She has provided us with three simple, healthy, and delicious recipes.  Through Prep Dish she provides time-saving meal plans, grocery lists, weekly meal preps, and delicious recipes that are gluten-free, paleo, AIP compliant based on real, whole, unprocessed foods with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients.  Check out her interview and recipes, then enter in our Featured Chef prize pack giveaway. As a bonus Allison is giving USWM customers a free two week trial to her Prep Dish service.  
September is National Better Breakfast Month.  In order to kick the month off right, Breakfast Favorites is the featured category for the week. If you need some inspiration check out our Pinterest page, All About That Breakfast.    
Make your selections from the Breakfast Favorites category, enter the promo code "SAUSAGE" in your cart, and receive a 15% discount off those items.  Around here we can't get enough of the Sugar Free Pork Bacon Slices, and the Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage.  The discount is good through Saturday, September 10th, 12:00 Midnight CST.  Discount only applies to items in the Breakfast Favorites category on orders less than 40 lbs.  It excludes sale items, volume discounts, and gift certificates.

This week Dr. Mercola reminds us how essential it is to include lots of high-fiber vegetables in our diet, so make sure to get your leafy greens and other veggies alongside your meat entrees! For inspiration, check out this week's Recipe Corner where you can find an easy dish that cooks your meat and veggies in all in one skillet. It also calls for Chicken Leg Quarters which are on sale this week, and have not one but TWO rave reviews in our Customer Feedback section below.

  • Due to Labor Day, USWM and all FedEx offices will be closed on Monday.  Shipping resumes on Tuesday.  Thursday shipping may be necessary this week due to the holiday.
  • If you have pre-ordered the new Celebrations cookbook by Danielle Walker of Against All Grain, make sure to enter her special giveaway by Tuesday, September 6th.  The giveaway includes some of her favorite USWM products and much more!
  • The September Whole30 starts tomorrow!  It's free and here's all the details.  We even created a new Whole30 Approved category to make meal planning easier. 
Whatever your plans or goals for September, we thank you for making us a part of it.

Restful Labor Day Regards, 

John, Lee Ann, Tressa, Laura, Deric, and Courtney on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats.  

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Dr. Mercola
Dietary fiber is at the heart of what archeologists have found at digs from the Paleolithic era. Fiber promotes better health by improving the health of your gut microbiome, or the 100 trillion or so bacteria that live in your intestinal tract and help regulate your immune system. In addition to improved digestion, getting adequate amounts of fiber in your diet has many benefits to your overall health.  

Customer Feedback
Free Range Chicken Leg Quarters (on sale this week!) 

"What Free Range Chicken Should Be... I got 7 large whole
legs in my order. These taste excellent, with none of that funky smell you get from conventional chicken. And the texture is just what FREE RANGE chicken should be: more body and chew to the meat, not soft and mushy. Conventional chicken meat is soft because the chickens do not get to use their muscles, thus the meat is soft. Just as with us, sickly chickens have soft meat. Love the taste, size, and texture of these, will order again!" 

Tram S.
Ventura, CA

"Leg Quarter Heaven... These leg quarters were the meat of the Gods.  Baked low temperature for 2 hours covered in Rosemary. We got 5 quarters which was enough for two meals."

Kurt B.
Slidell, LA

The @uswellnessmeats pet burgers were such a hit we couldn't resist getting 25 lbs shipped before the long holiday weekend! Clearly they were super pumped! ����

Thanks to Stephanie J. for posting this on Instagram
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Recipe Corner  

Thanks to Bill and Hayley of The Primal Palate for this fantastic recipe that only requires ONE pan!

USWM Free Range Chicken Leg Quarters (on sale this week) are the perfect choice of meat for this tasty dish. Enjoy a healthy dinner with your family instead of worrying about cleaning up a messy kitchen!

Farm Photos

The benefits of 80 plus inches of rain per year are very noticeable and cattle have adapted well to heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast.

What a change only 8 inches of rain per year makes in the landscape of Eastern Montana. However, cattle have adapted to much drier air and higher altitude.  Solar energy super packs energy in the native range shown here in August.  Cattle require more acres per animal but it is still amazing how they convert much lower intake into great tasting steaks.  Increasing grass productivity in the Great Plains is the easiest fix to harvest carbon from the atmosphere.
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