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Dr Sears -  Protect Your Telomeres 
Kelley Herring - What is a Ketogenic Diet... and How Could it Help You?

Recipe Corner - Cincinnati Chili from Wellness Mama       
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Today is National Grandparent's Day, take a moment to reach out to your grandparents and loved ones to make sure they know how much you care. It is more important than ever on this date to express our love for people who have made a difference in our lives.  
All month long we are celebrating our 16th year of business. To show our gratitude and appreciation for our amazing customers, we have several fun giveaways throughout the month. Currently you can enter to win a prize pack featuring ingredients used in Allison Schaaf's recipes.  She is our September Featured Chef, and has provided a sampling of recipes that make the most of your budget, save you time, and surprise your taste buds. As a bonus you can sign up for two week trial of her Prep Dish meal planning service.
Sale Items for this week include one of the favorite cuts for steak lovers, T-Bone Steak.  This 16 oz cut of grass-fed beef is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites. Take this opportunity, as fall approaches to stock up on stew meat so you are ready for all your favorite hearty soups, stews, and casseroles.  

Two weeks ago Dr. Sears shared his medical opinion on ketosis and how it is a healthy state for your body. This week Kelley Herring takes it one step further and dives into the health benefits of a ketogenic diet, while Dr Sears shares some very significant and simple information on heart health.

Retrieve the 15% off discount code from Dr. Sears' article to save some money on all of your favorite items from USWM.  If you happen to be participating in the SeptemberWhole30, then check out our new Whole30 Approved category for items that will keep you on track. (Code expires this Tuesday at midnight CST; see full exclusions below).

Recipe Corner: Fall (and cooler temperatures hopefully!) are right around the corner. It's not too early to work on perfecting some new Fall Chili Recipes~ if you're looking for something different try out this one from Wellness Mama.

We want to take a moment to remember that on this day 15 years ago, our country changed forever.  Our hearts go out to all those personally impacted by this tragedy, and we extend our gratitude to all the First Responders who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe. 
Solemn September Regards,

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Dr. Al Sears
Since the 1950s the medical industry has been peddling the myth that high cholesterol causes heart attacks. But here's the truth. As Americans' cholesterol levels have gone down, heart disease has not. It remains the number one cause of death in the United States.

I use a better warning system for heart attacks. I measure my patients' telomeres.  
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Customer Feedback

"Just what I wanted!... I have never had bone broth. I wanted to start having a cup each day for my health. I found this broth to be just what I wanted. Had a cup this morning. Added a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. It was delicious!" 
Tex D. from Brooks, GA

"I highly recommend this broth... This bone broth has really helped with the healing of my son. Thank you US Wellness Meats for providing such good quality."   
Winona S. from Apple Valley, CA
Kelley Herring
Kelley Herring
It seems every year a new diet trend catches the attention of the masses. 

Paleo and gluten free have certainly had their time in the spotlight - and for good reason. Most people enjoy better health and find it easier to maintain their ideal weight when they follow a grain-free, ancestral diet. But there's a new diet that is all the rage...

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Recipe Corner

Thanks to Katie of Wellness Mama for this fun fall chili recipe.  If you're looking for a different chili recipe to try as we welcome cooler temperatures, don't be afraid to try this version of the famous Cincinnati style that calls for cinnamon, cloves, and dark chocolate! 
Farm Photos - US Wellness Cattle

Surreal late August scene with cattle chest deep in Eastern Gamma Grass.  This native prairie grass once covered wide swaths of the Midwest in the 1700's.  Called ice cream grass, it is the most palatable forage on the menu, and one of the first to be over grazed into near extinction with open grazing.

Sunrise on a humid muggy late summer morning in Northeast Missouri.  Cattle are enjoying a select mix of 12 summer annual grasses, broadleaf and legume plants.  The mixture does wonders for both above ground graziers and the soil microbes living and working below the surface.  The end result is more humus and stored carbon from the atmosphere.  Increasing the vigor of the plant community is a very sensible fix on removing excess carbon.
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