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Dr. Mercola ~ Magnesium Protects Against Stroke, Heart Disease, and Diabetes

Recipe Corner ~ Sneaky Broccoli Paleo Bolognese Sauce

New Sale Items ~ 75% Lean Burger Bundles, Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage and MORE!

USWM Shout Out ~ Whole30 Challenge!
Juicy Burger
Greetings John,                  
Labor Day Gatherings
Where did summer go? Students are heading back to school and Labor Day is fast approaching. Many will be gathering with friends and family for one last summer celebration.
Our grass-fed, 75% Lean Burger Bundles are on sale this week along with one of the tastiest cuts for the grill...the always popular T-Bone
Dr. Mercola
Magnesium is a vitally important nutrient for a healthy body. Unfortunately, it seems to be declining significantly from our diets. This may be due to decreasing soil quality, continued reliance on highly processed foods, or a combination. Dr. Mercola shares some current research involving the risks associated with Magnesium deficiency and how to change course.

We want you to know that we take soil quality and sustainable farming practices very seriously. Decades of deteriorating soil conditions due to a variety of reasons have depleted nutrition in the standard American diet. Our farms continue to be at the forefront of reversing that trend with time honored agricultural methods. Good, nutritional food starts from the ground up!
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  • Tri Tip Steak  - recognized as one of the tastiest 6.5 oz steaks in beef.
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USWM Shout Out!
Since 2009, Whole30 has been at the forefront of the ongoing real food movement. More and more people are finding success and better health by participating in the Whole30 Challenge. Looking for meal inspiration? US Wellness Meats has a category devoted to Whole30 approved foods.

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P.S.  Attend this year's Grassfed Exchange conference in Albany, NY Sept. 27-29.  

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Dr. Mercola
If you're looking for a way to decrease your risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, new research has revealed profound results from starting a simple new habit: consuming an extra 100 milligrams (mg) of magnesium via your food on a daily basis.

Customer Feedback
On sale this week!
"These are the best builder for stock. I love bone broth and am always making it. Since the addition the chicken feet, the gelatin has been exceptional. Will never make bone broth again without adding the feet."

Janet W. of Aurora, CO     

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Recipe Corner  
Looking for a way to sneak broccoli into your or your loved one's diet? I may have a solution for you. A scrumptious Italian solution. In the form of bolognese! I call it Sneaky Broccoli Bolognese.
Dominique Fasano is a past USWM Featured Chef. Thanks for sharing this sneaky and delicious recipe. Dominique is a blogger, recipe developer and photographer for her blog Perchance to Cook. You can read more about Domique and her fabulous recipes on her Featured Chef page. 
Farm Photos

Several hours after a fresh cover crop paddock has been grazed, Missouri cattle are slowing down for a mid August sundown. They are super content after grazing a diverse mix of summer annual forages.

Meanwhile on the Gulf coast, US Wellness cattle are grazing a summer cover crop mix  on the coastal plain of Alabama.  An abundance of rainfall has created an surplus of summer forage.  
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