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Dr. Sears
 - Building Stronger Bones Through Vibration Therapy
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Kelley Herring - The Under-Appreciated Compound That Can Change Your Brain
Recipe Corner -  Orange Cranberry Spatchcock Chicken

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December Featured Chef - Meet Stacey Hutson

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Tis the Season
This time of year can be hectic, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy nutritious meals. Check out our recipe links and search our blog articles for some tasty, time saving ideas. You'll find a variety of dishes authored by the paleo community's most creative chefs and foodies.

Remember to take along our energy packed Snacks while you're out shopping this holiday season. They're a healthy alternative to the additive laden varieties you'll find in the checkout line. Our Jerky & Paleo Meat Sticks are perfect for on-the-go and they'll give you that extra boost when you need it. Or, try our artisan Askinosie Chocolate Bars for days when you need a sweeter pick-me-up. 

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Kelley Herring | The Under-Appreciated Compound That Can Change Your Brain - Part I of II
Don't get hung up on the long name of this substance. It's vitally important to your health and is found in every cell of your body. Kelley investigates the benefits of this phospholipid. Read more

Dr. Sears' Health Article | Vibration Therapy
Find the hidden discount code in this article, save on nutritious food, and learn what Dr. Sears has to share. This week, he discusses a relatively new Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy that promises to improve bone health.

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USWM December Featured Chef
Meet Stacey Hutson. Stacey is a food writer and personal paleo chef at her health & wellness blog, Healthy Stacey. See her Featured Chef page, try her favorite recipes, and check out her social media pages for more kitchen and healthy lifestyle tips.

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The Recipe Corner | Orange Cranberry Spatchcock Chicken
Here's an interesting method of preparing poultry from Allyson Meyler of Reclaiming Yesterday. This chicken dish has all of the delicious flavors and smells that are sure to make it a winning meal!
USWM Shout Out | Paleo Cookbooks For Gifts
We've assembled our favorite Paleo Cookbooks from many of the same chefs and food bloggers you'll find in our Recipe Corner each week. These books make excellent resources for any kitchen and great gift ideas for the foodie on your list.

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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

Today I want to talk to you about a new drug-free therapy that can help you build stronger bones in as little as one hour per week.
It's a technology first developed by Russian researchers involved in space travel. The scientists used this breakthrough therapy to help cosmonauts overcome the loss of bone density following months in orbit...

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Customer Feedback
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"Delicious! This made the most delicious, moist hamburgers! You can't even taste the heart, and yet you're getting good nutrition from it! Yay! I will be definitely placing another, larger order soon!"
~ Kim J. of Wolfforth, TX  
"Rich, moist beef! I used this in a marinara meat sauce, and the meat was very moist and incredibly rich in flavor!"
Kathy M. of Santa Cruz, CA  

Kelley Herring
What if I told you there is a natural substance that can help you be sharper, more focused and productive... to sleep better and wake up refreshed... and to have more balanced emotions and less risk of depression?
This substance can also help to repair brain damage from trauma and substance abuse... it can reduce cognitive decline... quell inflammation... and lower your levels of stress hormones...

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Recipe Corner

Have you tried the spatchcock (aka spattlecock) method of roasting poultry? It's similar to butterflying a really thick steak. Basically, you'll cut out the backbone and spread the bird out so that the maximum amount is facing up for roasting...

USWM thanks go out to Allyson Meyler who shares this recipe. Allyson's blog, Reclaiming Yesterday is dedicated to a back-to-basics approach to food and health. 
Farm Photos

Clark county Missouri cattle are taking a morning break under a gray late November sky.  They realize the next paddock move is about to commence.  New groceries every day are relished by cattle used to managed grazing systems.

 The sky suddenly cleared and the move to the next paddock was under bright sunlight. It required an old fashioned cattle drive down this Clark county Missouri gravel road.  The cattle follow Mr. Suter without issue with the camera man following the process.  
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