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Dr. Sears
 - The Zero Diet: A Cure For Syndrome Zero 
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Kelley Herring - The Under-Appreciated Compound That Can Change Your Brain (PART II)
Recipe Corner -  Hormone Balancing Meatballs

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A Joyful Season
If you consider yourself a foodie or know someone who does, you know preparing delicious food is a creative outlet. It's fun to try new recipes and flavors and it's especially fulfilling to see your loved ones enjoy a healthy, nutritious dish you created.

When you put your time, effort and talent into creating a special meal, it's also an expression of love! We search out new products and recipes that we think you'll enjoy and we're delighted to share. We hope you'll forward these newsletters on to friends and family, follow us on social media, and invite others to sign-up. Share the joy of the season!

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Kelley Herring | The Under-Appreciated Compound That Can Change Your Brain - Part II
Kelley follows up with part two of her examination of Phosphatidylserine (PS). PS is vital to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, it can be depleted by stress, environment and lifestyle. Read more to find out where it comes from and how much you need to stay healthy.
Featured Recipe | Hormone Balancing Meatballs
USWM Featured Chef Stacey Hutson is passionate about her cooking. She loves developing healing recipes and creating new ways to enjoy her favorite foods. Try this quick and easy recipe for Hormone Balancing Meatballs and enjoy the benefits of an amazing superfood.

Dr. Sears' Health Article | Zero Diet: A Cure For Syndrome Zero
Find the hidden discount code in Dr. Sears' article and save 15% storewide. Not only will you find some healthy dietary tips, you'll also find a delicious recipe and his solution to Syndrome Zero. 
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New Product
We're excited to share our newest product! The Paleo Treats® Rocket is a Paleo Espresso Brownie with no gluten, no flour, no grain and no dairy. It's all-natural and it's a taste treat! 
USWM Shout Out | Wreaths Across America
This is a heartwarming story of a group who has made it their mission to honor fallen veterans during the holidays. Well over 400,000 wreaths will be placed at Arlington National Cemetery, and other national cemeteries across the country to show respect for the men and women who have paid the price for our freedom. 

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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

We are all so excited over our cure for Syndrome Zero. All of my employees are behind this effort.
And of course, we practice what we preach so we're following the Zero Diet.
It's already having a dramatic effect on everybody's health and we're feeling better. We're all doing it together as a team...

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Customer Feedback
On sale this week!

"Best Shrimp Ever!"
"We have been purchasing these shrimp for a year or so, and devouring them as scampi. As in the title of my review~ best shrimp ever... We pre-boil the shrimp, adding them to boiling water and taking them out after a minute or so--after draining, dump them into cold water with ice cubes. Reheat later with butter/garlic...amazing! Thank you for stocking them!"
~ Mary Sue S. of Rochester, MN 
Kelley Herring
What if there was a simple substance that could sharpen your thinking and increase productivity... improve your sleep... boost your mood... balance your hormones... reduce inflammation... increase detoxification... and even reverse existing damage to brain cells caused by trauma, substance abuse or simply the hands of time?
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Recipe Corner

High in B12, B6, zinc, iron, higher in Vitamin A than any other food, helps with thyroid issues, low energy, detoxification, hormone balance...I could go on forever. Know what I'm talking about yet? You guessed it....

Thanks to USWM Featured Chef, Stacey Hutson who shares this superfood recipe! Stacey is a personal paleo chef, author and wellness coach. She is the creator of the food & wellness site, Healthy Stacey.
Farm Photos

South Alabama cattle are enjoying winter pasture protected by Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  The unique location is a utopia for US Wellness cattle during the winter months.

 Neighboring pasture cattle on the same property are making the rounds on a new block of  forage.  Every day after December 21st adds sunlight, and more energy into the winter grass.  Peak period is mid March through May 1st.   
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