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Dr. Sears
 - Enjoy Better Sleep With Jamaican Fish Fuddle 
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Kelley Herring - Histamine Intolerance: Are You Being Affected?
Recipe Corner -  Jerk Chicken

New Sale Items - Beef, Ground 55% Lean, Stew Beef, Bones, Stock & More

New Product - 5 New Delicious Nut Butters

USWM Shout Out - Kelly The Kitchen Kop
Dear John,     
Happy New Year!
As a New Year's gift to you, this edition contains a Red Letter Discount Code good through Tuesday, January 2nd. You'll find it in Dr. Sears' article.

2017 is almost gone and 2018 is fast on it's heels. If you're fortunate enough to enjoy clear skies on New Year's, you'll see the first supermoon of 2018. According to NASA these supermoons generally occur every 13 months or so. This moon is also called the Wolf Moon. 

We have plenty to howl about here at US Wellness Meats. 2017 brought many new products, a new website, new partners, and more friends and customers to the sustainable food community. We have a lot to be thankful for and chief among those are our customers. We often say we have the best customers on the planet and it's true. Thank you for your loyalty through the years. We will continue to strive to provide you with the healthiest foods available into the new year and beyond. 

New Year's Shipping Reminder
USWM & FedEx offices will be closed Monday, January 1st for New Year's Day. Shipping will resume Tuesday, January 2nd.

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Kelley Herring | Histamine Intolerance: Are You Being Affected?
Have you ever experienced itchiness or felt flush after eating something or drinking a glass of wine? Kelley shares some insight into this cause and effect. Read more to discover what foods are suspect and how to alleviate the symptoms.
Dr. Sears' Health Article | Enjoy Better Sleep With Jamaican Fish Fuddle
Find the hidden red letter discount code in Dr. Sears' article and save 15% storewide. Dr. Sears examines an ancient remedy for improving sleep discovered in the mountains of Jamaica.
New Products For 2018
We're introducing, not just one, but five new nut butters for 2018! We've partnered with Legendary Foods to bring you some amazing flavors. Legendary Foods makes great tasting, nutritious products. Their recipes include a variety of cashew, almond, and peanut butters. You'll appreciate these all-natural nut butters and now they're available in the US Wellness online store:
USWM Shout Out | Kelly The Kitchen Kop
Kelly is a long-time friend of US Wellness Meats and will have her New Year's Day blog post up recognizing her favorite products for 2018. She always has some interesting things to see and discounts galore! Make sure you check this out on New Year's Day to find out what she's highlighting this year!

Founder's Note
On January 1st a majority of beef prices will rise 10 to 20 cents per pound to offset a sharp increase handed down by our cattle harvesting facility in November 2017. Unfortunately, we have no control over pricing at the harvesting facility. This is their first increase in ten years, and it was larger than we expected. Pork, lamb, seafood and poultry will have scattered changes effecting less than 10% of their combined SKU's. Fed Ex costs also tick up on January 1st. We find price changes painful, 
and do our best to hold the line on costs. This is our first major price change since March 2015. We are most appreciative of your consideration and loyalty.

New Year's Wishes, 
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Pork Bones 1.25 lbs 
Lamb Oysters 2 (6 oz)
All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, January 6th, 2018. 
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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

A few years back, I traveled to Jamaica to visit my friend Ivey Harris. Ivey is the last-living Maroon healer on the island.
Maroon healers combine the herbal knowledge of their African ancestors with the healing arts of Jamaica's native Carib Indians.
We were working together on a book about Jamaican herbs and these ancient healing practices.
I wanted to explore every inch of this amazing island...

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Customer Feedback
"Bone Broth!"
"I used a patella knuckle bone, 1 long marrow bone, and 1 beef neck bone and simmered for 36 hours and it tasted amazing! I also pour broth over the dog food for my Lab and Pomeranian... they LOVE it! I will continue to buy and experiment with the different bones. Having fun! I also just bought the chicken feet to add to my chicken bone broth and it's so good."
Lori Chapman of Valencia, CA   
Kelley Herring
Have you ever poured yourself a glass of wine after a long day and after a few sips your face becomes flush or your tongue feels itchy?
Have you ever experienced a runny nose or headache when you eat bananas, strawberries, avocados or fermented foods, like sauerkraut?
On these occasions, do you find yourself waking up at the slightest sounds, tossing and turning all night? Or perhaps you just don't feel right after eating certain foods and you don't know why.
If any of this sounds familiar...
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Recipe Corner

Jerk Chicken is a staple of Jamaican cuisine. While our Jerk Seasoning is less spicy than a traditional Jamaican Jerk, it brings beautiful depth and flavor to any dish you can think up! We added some lime juice to the mix to make a bit of a wet marinade for this grilled chicken, and it was awesome!

Thanks to our friends at Primal Palate for this outstanding Jerk Chicken recipe featuring their new seasoning. Bill and Hayley are always developing new and amazing organic blends to improve your recipes.
Farm Photos

The tip of South Alabama is a good place to be this week.  These cattle would surely agree if they knew how cold the upper Midwest and Northeast USA will be this week. 

 Winter ryegrass benefited from 80 degree weather before Christmas making for excellent early January pasture.  These plants can take some cold nights and recover nicely.   
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