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Dr. Sears
 - What Can Gorillas Teach Us About Health
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Kelley Herring - The No-Cost Way To Keep Your Body Cancer Free

Stephanie Lodge - The Benefits Of Grass-Fed Beef For Athletes
Recipe Corner -  Eggs With Shrimp

New Sale Items - Rib Roast, Beef Steaks, Bones, And Butter

USWM Shout Out - Stock The Crock
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We wish to take this opportunity to share our sincere gratitude for your loyal support of sustainably raised food sources. We are blessed to have the finest customers on the planet and it's because of all of you that US Wellness Meats has been around for 17 years and counting.

The families here at USWM wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving! Our hope is that you enjoy all the warmth, joy, and blessings the season offers.

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Kelley Herring | The No-Cost Way To Keep Your Body Cancer Free
This treatment will cost you no money and could very well be a lifesaver! Kelley explains how our bodies need to be reset from time to time in order to function as intended.

Dr. Sears' Health Article | What Can Gorillas Teach Us About Health
Find the hidden Discount Code in this article and save 15% on your order. Dr. Sears shares the discovery that led to a new way of thinking about our food.

Stephanie Lodge | The Athletes Kitchen
As an athlete, Stephanie knows how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutritious food is a big part of that equation. Read her article about The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef for Athletes

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USWM November Featured Chef
Have you met Aimee Wilson yet? Aimee is a travel, food, and lifestyle blogger at One Full Plate. She's the USWM Featured Chef for November and has some excellent recipes and tips to share. 

USWM Shout Out | Stock the Crock
The creator of the best selling Fix-It and Forget-It series, Phyllis Good, has introduced Stock the Crock with over 100 slow-cooker recipes. This week's Eggs With Shrimp casserole recipe is from her latest book.

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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

All the gorillas were dying...
Over 50 years of trying to breed gorillas in zoos and nothing was working. It didn't matter where they tried - San Diego, Cincinnati, St.. Louis - not even the best zoos in the country could get these gorillas to reproduce.
They were facing extinction.
And everyone simply accepted that it was impossible to breed gorillas in zoos...

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Customer Feedback
standing rib roast small
On sale this week!

"So Good!"

"Served this last Christmas for some prime rib lovers. Never having either purchased meat online nor prepared a prime rib at home, I was a bit anxious. Was reassured by the aroma from the oven as it roasted, and then delighted with the flavor and tenderness as we ate. All diners agreed they'd never had better. Will order again, for sure. (Thawed in fridge, rubbed with half a stick melted butter, generous salt and pepper and out of fridge for 2 hours before roasting. Roasted at 325 for 2 1/2 hours, rested 20 min. Perfect."
Lark L. of Willits, CA 
Kelley Herring
Would you be interested in a "treatment" that can kill massive numbers of cancer cells - we all have them (even the healthiest among us) - while strengthening your healthy cells? 

If you or someone you love already has cancer, this may be one of the most important steps to ensuring healthy survival.
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Recipe Corner

This is an absolutely delicious anytime dish. It comes together simply and takes care of itself while it cooks.

A hearty USWM thanks to Phyllis Good for sharing this recipe for an easy-to-make casserole. Her latest book is Stock the Crock and includes 100 recipes for the slow cooker.
Farm Photos

Mid November heat wave along the Gulf Coast has stimulated early winter grass growth. Note all heads are down grazing the tender shoots prospering from warm weather good rainfall.

 Compared to the upper Midwest this is cattle utopia for the next 5 months.  The Gulf  was once home to ten times the cattle numbers than are present today.  Pine plantations replaced thousands of pasture acres in the last 60 years.   
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