October 15, 2017    Canton, MO
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Dr. Mercola ~ Why Managing Your Iron Level Is Crucial To Your Health

Recipe Corner ~ Bison Stew Recipe From PaleoHacks

New Sale Items ~ Salami, Steaks, Sausage, Turkey, & More

Category Sale ~ Save On All Organs

Organ Sausages Review ~ Braunschweiger, Head Cheese, & Liverwurst

New Product ~ Grass-fed Bison Tenderloin Filet 6 oz

USWM Shout Out ~ Paleo Recipes & Cookbooks From Friends Of USWM
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Organ Meats & Sausages
Did you know that organ meats are some of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet? The cleaner your source for these meats, the better. USWM is extremely particular about our sustainable farming practices, offering you a high level of trust in the food you eat. 

Read Nicole Recine's review on our Braunschweiger, Head Cheese, and Liverwurst for her insights into the nutritional value of these foods. If you've never tried organ meats, our sausages are a delicious way of experimenting with flavors. 
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Dr. Mercola
Iron is a vitally important nutrient for our health. There is an optimal level though. Too much can be hard on a body. Too little and you'll notice other health problems. Dr. Mercola breaks down the issue and offers advice on how to manage your iron levels.
Sale Items - Save At Least 15%
  • Beef Salami - 8 oz all natural salami has a slightly spicy kick!
  • Beef Neck Bones  - 1.25 lb pkg of meaty bones are ideal for stocks & broth.

Category Discount
Save 15% on All Organs through Saturday, October 21. These items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart. Enjoy!

The Recipe Corner
Jennafer Ashley and our friends at PaleoHacks are sharing their Bison Stew recipe with you in The Recipe Corner! Our grass-fed bison stew meat is richly flavored and loaded with nutrition!
New Product!
Here's a new addition to our Bison product line. This is a show stopper! The 100% grass-fed Bison Tenderloin Filet available in a 6 oz cut is lean, tender, and richly flavored...pièce de résistance!
USWM Shout Out!
We'd like to call attention to the many creative individuals who dedicate their time, energy and resources to developing delicious paleo recipes. Many have been past USWM Featured Chefs and most have used our sustainably raised foods in their recipes. Browse this list of Cookbooks and Recipes from USWM friends!

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Beef Neck Bones 1.25 lbs     
Beef Salami 8 oz    
Sirloin Tip Steaks 2 (8 oz)    
Free Range Turkey 14-16 lbs   

Beef Skirt Steak 14 oz      
Duck Wings 1 lb        
Salt Free Pemmican Bar 2.2 oz     
All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, October 21st, 2017. 
Recent Restocks
Dr. Mercola
Having either too much or too little iron can have serious health consequences and, while iron-deficiency anemia is commonly checked for, many doctors are still seriously misinformed about the dangers of iron overload, which is actually a far more common problem.

In fact, most men and postmenopausal women are at risk for iron overload due to inefficient iron excretion, since they do not bleed on a regular basis and blood loss is the primary way to lower excess iron, as the body has no active excretion mechanisms.

Customer Feedback
On sale this week!
"This made the best hamburger I have ever grilled! Delicious...I will definitely be buying more!"

Eric Wills of Raleigh, NC   
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Recipe Corner  
Nothing beats a hearty stew on a crisp fall night, and this veggie-packed bison stew will warm and heal you at the same time! Mineral-rich beef bone broth supplies tons of rich flavor and packs a punch of gut-friendly collagen, which helps to heal digestive ailments with its powerful amino acids. 

USWM thanks to Jennafer Ashley, Recipe Developer and Food Photographer. She is the talent behind the healthy recipes at Fresh and Fit and shares this dish through our good friends at PaleoHacks, a top source for amazing Paleo recipes, fitness tips, and wellness advice to help you live life to the fullest.
Farm Photos

Indian summer in mid October in NE Missouri. Temperatures were over 80° on October 14th with heavy rains anticipated.  Fall forages are trying to make up for a very dry summer.

A large thunderstorm was only 5 minutes away before this picture was snapped.  The weatherman was batting 100% today.  Fall rains are helping the subsoil play catch up after going to empty the last 75 days.
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