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Dr. Sears
 - Nature's Remedy For Depression & Brain Inflammation
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Kelley Herring - The Trace Mineral Deficiency That Could Be Ruining Your Health
Recipe Corner -  Braised Paleo Bottom Round Roast

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Product Review - USWM Featured Chef Michelle Hoover

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Special Diets
Food allergies are on the rise so it's likely you know someone who has allergies or cannot tolerate certain foods.
Special diets & the nutrition available in clean, healthy foods can offer some people relief. USWM has a wide range of nutrient-rich, sustainably raised foods available for those with special dietary needs.

Here's one family's story of how food helped with healing!

Treats For Your Special Visitors
Don't wait any longer. Halloween will be here soon and with it your chance to treat your favorite visitors with something special. Our Paleo Treats®, Healthy Snacks, or Askinosie Chocolate Bars are a tasty choice.

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Kelley Herring | The Mineral Deficiency That Could Be Ruining Your Health
Everybody needs it. Your body can't produce this trace mineral naturally so you need to get it some other way. Kelley offers an in depth review of this potentially health threatening deficiency and gives advice on how to make sure you're getting enough but not too much.

Dr. Sears' Health Article | Nature's Remedy For Depression & Brain Inflammation 
Read Dr. Sears' article to find our hidden discount code and to learn more about how to naturally treat depression.

New Sale Items & Volume Discounts | Save 15% or More
Beef Bottom Round Roast - (3 lbs) Slow cook this roast using Marla's recipe in the Recipe Corner for a savory sensation.
Teres Major/Shoulder Tender Steak - 2 steaks (1.35 lbs total) These incredibly tender steaks are the next best thing to tenderloin.
Beef Osso Bucco - (1.5 lbs) Meaty shanks are ideal for bone broth, stocks or as a meal centerpiece. 
Beef Bologna - (8 oz) This snack is packed with grass-fed flavor!
Duck Breast - (11-14 oz) Boneless/skin-on breast is free range, rich and savory!
Sugar-Free Jalapeno Snack Sticks - This ideal on the go snack offers plenty of premium protein for that quick, healthy energy boost.

Save even more with our volume discount items below!

Product Review
Michelle Hoover is our October Featured Chef. She recently posted this review on her blog. If you haven't checked out Michelle's Chef page, here's your chance to see her recipes, Q&A, and how she overcame an autoimmune illness with healing food and lifestyle changes. You'll want to read her story.
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We're often sharing recipes and tips for making healthy meals less time consuming. Prep Dish offers weekly meal plans delivered straight to your inbox. They are 'real food' recipes and always gluten-free. There are several plans to choose from. Something for every budget. Save time, save money, save the stress!

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bottom round roast
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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

Today I want to tell you a new twist to the story of depression.
Researchers are now discovering that almost 40% of people with depression also have chronic inflammation in their brain.
Now inflammation isn't always a bad thing. It's your body's way of protecting itself from infection and injury. But too much inflammation produces disease.
In fact, inflammation is the root cause of diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer's. Thousands of studies confirm it's behind 90% of all chronic diseases...

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Customer Feedback
bottom round roast
On sale this week!

"Best Bottom Round Ever!"

"First time getting a bottom round and it was delicious! I put it in the Crock Pot with onions, garlic, chipotle seasoning and barbecue sauce. Eight hours later we enjoyed the absolute best roast ever. It was cut-with-a-fork tender and so moist. Will definitely be buying this one again!"
Cindy N. of Young, AZ
Kelley Herring
As our general knowledge of nutrition grows, most of us are aware of the basic nutrients we need for wellness. We know we need ample omega-3s for our heart and brain. We need adequate vitamin D to prevent cancer. We understand vitamin C can boost immunity. And that probiotics help our digestion.
And we generally believe a well-rounded diet of naturally-raised meatswild fishcolorful organic vegetablesnuts, seeds, berries and healthy fats will provide our bodies with all the micronutrients and trace minerals we need for optimal health.
Unfortunately, that is not the case...
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Recipe Corner

Along with the change in seasons comes some additional opportunities to get together with family and friends. Fall and winter months bring along several holidays that celebrate savory creations from the kitchen. 

USWM thanks go out to Marla Sarris for her tantalizing recipe. Marla is the co-author of the cookbook, Pigskin Paleo. Visit her blog for more paleo recipes.
Farm Photos

Missouri cattle have just entered a long rested cover crop paddock with numerous forage species under foot.  Summer annual plants, brassicas, legumes and winter annual grasses are pieces of this pasture salad.

 This particular pasture adjoined a stage coach road that was first traveled in the 1830 era. This pasture exited conventional grain farming in 2000 and has been building soil with green plants above and soil biology below ground.   
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