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Dr. Mercola ~ Link Between Sugar & Alzheimer's Strengthens

Recipe Corner ~ Spicy Korean Chili With Kimchi

Burger Bonanza ~ Save 20% On 25 lb Burger Bundle - LIMITED TIME

New Product ~ Stir Fry Beef

Enter To Win ~ $150 USWM Prize Pack

New Sale Items ~ Tenderloin, Lard, Broth, BBQ Sauce, Burger And More!
Category Sale ~ Save 15% On Everything In Our "KID'S PICKS" Category
USWM Shout Out ~ Kids Love Keto From @John_Does_Keto

Greetings John,                  
Considering Keto
Keto, Paleo, and low-carb diets are not just a fad. They have proven successes to back up the claims. We talk to people every day who have taken back their health by changing what they eat. Unfortunately, the 'western diet' has become little more than empty calories; emphasized by processed foods, synthetic ingredients, and loaded with carbohydrates. Routines are learned at an early age. Consider healthier alternatives for yourself and your children this fall. Make a fresh start by changing things up. Send your kids off to school with better lunches. Their growing bodies will appreciate the all-natural ingredients, healthy fats (high in Omega 3's), and fewer carbs.

USWM carries a wide variety of all-natural, clean, whole foods that our bodies crave. We're passionate about eating healthy and with your help, we'll keep spreading the word about sustainably raised, nutrient rich foods.  

Dr. Mercola
Dr. Mercola talks about the link between sugar and Alzheimer's. Research is beginning to pile up on the negative effects of sugar and carbohydrate laden diets. With the incidence of Alzheimer's disease increasing, isn't it time to consider eating healthy?

Category Sale | KID'S PICKS for Back To School
Our entire Kid's Picks category is on sale this week through Saturday, August 11th. Save 15% on 40+ items in our store, like Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Organic Paleo Trail Mix, All-Natural Sugar-Free Beef Bologna, Almond Nutty Mylk, Beef Sausage Sliders, Sugar-Free All-Beef Franks, Sugar-Free Snack Sticks and more! 

Plus, see our weekly sale items for even more ways to save. 

Burger Bonanza | 25 lb Burger Bundles On Sale - Limited Time Only!
Stock up now on delicious grass-fed burger and take advantage of a healthy 20% off sale. Save over $40 when you buy 25 - 1 lb pkgs of 75% lean ground beef.

New Product | Stir Fry Beef
Here's another great new product you'll find in our store. Stir Fry Beef strips are cut from the sirloin making them tender and delicious! Cook these up in minutes for a quick snack, school lunch, stir fry or fajitas.

Visit August Featured Chef | Ellie O'Brien
USWM Featured Chef for August is Ellie O'Brien. Ellie has overcome autoimmune disorders with her diet. Find out more about her routines and recipes. This week she has an amazing Spicy Korean Chili with Kimchi recipe to share ... YUM!

USWM Shout Out | Kids Love Keto
Our thanks to @john_does_keto for sharing this adorable pic of his children tying in to a box from US Wellness Meats. He's also shared this snap of a keto favorite: Beef, Ground 55% Lean with Beef Heart. It's a keto bomb loaded with nutrition. Share your pics on Instagram and tag it #uswellnessmeats so we're sure to see it. For more information on the Ketogenic Diet (KETO), how to reach ketosis quickly, and more special diet tips, visit our blog


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25 lb Burger Bundle 25 - 1lb pkgs
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All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CDT on Saturday, August 11th, 2018. 
Recent Restocks
Dr. Mercola
Alzheimer's disease - for which conventional medicine believes there is no effective treatment or cure - currently affects an estimated 5.4 million Americans and prevalence is projected to triple by 2050. Within the next two decades, this severe and lethal form of dementia may affect as much as one-quarter of the U.S. population. Already, more than half a million Americans die from the disease each year, making it the third leading cause of death in the U.S., right behind heart disease and cancer...
Customer Feedback
"Worth love it too"

"Sure it's more expensive then what you might find in the deli aisle. But look at this ingredient list vs that one. This is excellent. My two young girls 9 and 12 love it as well. They actually reached for it twice in the past day. I still haven't told them it has liver in it. Wish I had ordered more."

Jason E. of Newnan, GA
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Recipe Corner  
With Fall festivities just around the corner, we have a spicy treat from August 2018 Featured Chef, Ellie O'Brien. Ellie shares her Spicy Korean Chili with Kimchi recipe featuring 100% grass-fed ground beef for those evenings when you need some spice in your life!

Special thanks to this month's USWM Featured Chef, Ellie O'Brien, for this outstanding Korean Chili recipe. Visit her blog, Hungry By Nature, for more tips on eating healthy and overcoming autoimmune disease.
Farm Photos

Happy is an understatement with these cattle on the evening of August 3rd. This is a true pasture salad. If you look closely, you can see numerous butterflies in flight above the cattle.  Great bio-diversity.

When cattle have numerous plant choices their health and animal performance improves.  There are a dozen choices in this pasture smorgasbord!
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