October 21, 2018    Canton, MO
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Dr. Sears - Your Gut Is Under Attack In Today's Toxic World
Kelley Herring - Hacking Histamine Intolerance

Recipe Corner - Cauliflower Arroz Con Pollo

Winner Annouced - Did You Win The Primal Wellness Prize Pack?

NEW Product - Elk Burger

Kat James - Meat Myth Shutdown Contest + Total Transformations

New Sale Items - Bacon Ends, Tri-Tip, Filet Mignon, Broth, And More

Shout Out - Grilling With Carnivore Babe
Dear John,     

In this issue, you'll find a special red-letter discount code. Take this opportunity to save 15% on all-natural, sustainably raised foods through Wednesday, October 24th.
Food should heal, nourish, and taste good! It starts in the ground. Rich, living soil, vibrant plants, sunshine, and clean water provide our animals with outstanding nutrition that is passed along in the form of nutrient dense steaks, roasts, organ meats, bones, broth and more! 
US Wellness Meats is owned and operated by farm families dedicated to sustainable farming methods. Our animals eat right so you can too! If you don't have a trusted local farm source for clean, grass-fed and all-natural foods, we invite you to consider US Wellness Farms. Thank you for supporting sustainable food sources...we have the best customers on the planet!
Save 15% Storewide | Look For Our Discount Code In Dr. Sears' Article
Save on all of our nutrient rich favorites! Find the 96-hour red letter discount code in Dr. Sears' article and save.
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Kelley Herring | Hacking Histamine Intolerance
Find out the root causes of histamine intolerance. What foods might exacerbate allergies? Kelley discusses some lifestyle and environmental factors that you'll want to learn about.

Dr. Sears' Health Article | Your Gut Is Under Attack In Today's Toxic World
Read this article from Dr. Sears to find your special Red Letter Discount Code and save 15% store-wide. In this issue, Dr. Sears shares some important advice for keeping your gut FLORA healthy.

Prize Winner | Primal Wellness $150 Prize Pack
Congratulations to Nick J. who won the October Featured Chef Primal Wellness Prize Pack valued at $150. Tammy Flack is our October Featured Chef and she shares an amazing dish this week in our Recipe Corner.
NEW US Wellness Product
We've had numerous requests for Elk and we're happy to announce the addition of two ground Elk products to our store, Ground Elk and Ground Elk Patties. Ground Elk makes an excellent addition to your favorite chili recipe or bbq. 
Meat Myth Shutdown Contest & Total Transformation
Self-transformed leptin expert Kat James will be featuring Standard Soil's Allen Williams rebuttals to recent-and irresponsible-anti-meat propaganda claiming unsustainability of meat consumption on her upcoming radio show on SiriusXM. She'll also be featuring USWM's delicious products at her upcoming Total Transformation® Program on the Tennessee River, in support of her world-renowned leptin-harnessing protocol. We encourage you to check out her Program which has an unrivaled track record for transforming health and lives.  

Also, the James broadcast has inspired a contest. Send us your most concise science-supported rebuttal to the "meat consumption is unsustainable" argument and we'll choose and then feature the winning post in an upcoming newsletter and in James' upcoming show. We'll send the winner a mouthwatering collection of their favorite USWM products. Send your entry to GrasslandContest@gmail.com
Shout Out | Grilling With Carnivore Babe
Just because cooler weather is here doesn't mean it's the end of grilling season. Thanks to (@Carnivore_Babe) for sharing this Instagram snap! Grass-fed beef ribeye, franks, and burgers...YUM! Tag your Instagram pics with (#uswellnessmeats) to share.
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Dr. Al Sears
By Dr. Al Sears

Today's world is hard on your gut. In fact, it's downright hostile...

It starts with a modern diet that's high in fake fats, chemical additives and carbage - the starchy, processed and over-industrialized junk that passes for food today.

Not only do these fake foods hurt your health, they destroy your gut. Let me explain...
15% Discount Red Letter Code Available!
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Customer Feedback
On sale this week!

"We didn't expect to enjoy these as much as we have. They cook up fast and are very tender. It's the perfect amount, I thought we would be longing for more to eat at a meal, but they leave you perfectly full. Perfect too, for when you forget to pull something out for dinner, they thaw fast!"

Connie V. of Crystal River, FL
Kelley Herring
In my last article, you learned about the science behind histamines, how your genes impact your reactivity to these compounds, and the probiotics you should (and shouldn't) take if you struggle with histamine issues.

Today you'll discover the potential root causes of histamine intolerance and the diet hacks and supplements that can help reduce your reactivity and help you recover...
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Recipe Corner

Here's a delicious cauliflower and chicken dish from US Wellness Featured Chef, Tammy Flack. Tammy recommends making enough for leftovers, because like so many wonderful recipes, the flavors come together even more resting a day or two in the fridge. Try this Cauliflower Arroz con Pollo when you need a savory meal for the family.

Thanks to Featured Chef, Tammy Flack, for sharing this recipe. Check out her blog, Primal Wellness Pro or learn more about her lifestyle coaching and cooking tips on her Chef page.
Farm Photos

Happy cattle walking into a fresh long rested paddock.  Managed grazing is a wonderful system for cattle, plants, soil and watersheds.

 There cattle are super content on a blustery October afternoon under full sunlight with the first hard freeze due Sunday morning.  Cool season plants release additional sugars after the first frost creating more energy in each bite of forage.  
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