September 02, 2018    Canton, MO
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Dr. Mercola ~ 10 Things To Do Daily To Help Your Brain

Recipe Corner ~ Hearty Hungarian Beef Stew

Featured Chef ~ Introducing USWM September Featured Chef

Enter To Win ~ $150 Clean Eating Kitchen Prize Pack

New Sale Items ~ Delmonico, Kabobs, Stew Beef, Dog Treats And More!
Category Sale ~ Save On 20+ Items In Our "Summer Celebrations" Category

Fresh Chilled Beef ~ Order Before Friday, September 7th
USWM Shout Out ~ Tania Teschke's "The Bordeaux Kitchen"

Greetings John,                  
Happy Labor Day | Summer's Last Hoorah!
Summer in the Midwest has been full of sunshine and good food. This weekend presents one of the last official summer holidays. Labor Day is often thought of as the end of summer, but fall doesn't roll around for a few more weeks. Take advantage of the long weekend with one more summer celebration! Have you tried grilling kabobs this summer? Kabobs are quick, easy, and allow for some fun food experimentation. Get crafty with your skewers. Try pairing grass-fed beef with lamb, bison or chicken. Add some of your favorite veggies and maybe chunks of apple, strawberries, peaches, or pineapple for tasty flavor combinations. 

Dr. Mercola
What can we do to improve our cognitive health? Dr. Mercola discusses some ideas for living a long, vibrant life into old age. Like anything worth doing, these suggestions require effort. Change up your routine a bit and enjoy improved brain health.

Category Sale | Summer Celebrations
Time to stock up for the last days of summer. Everything in our Summer Celebrations category is on sale this week! Save on select ground beef, steaks, kabobs, brats, ribs, franks and more! 

Plus, see our weekly sale items for even more ways to save.

September Featured Chef | Carrie Forrest
We are pleased to introduce our September Featured Chef, Carrie Forrest of Clean Eating Kitchen. Carrie is a clean food advocate, recipe developer, and food blogger based in California. She'll be sharing some amazing recipes this month.

Enter To Win | Clean Eating Kitchen $150 Prize Pack
Here's another chance to win a bundle of sustainably raised, all-natural foods from our farms to your door. Click here to enter!

Fresh Chilled Beef Reminder
Every month we have fresh chilled beef available for a limited time. Order by Friday, September 7th for shipping Wednesday, September 12th. See our Fresh Bundles and FAQ for more details.

USWM Shout Out | Tania Teschke's "The Bordeaux Kitchen"
A few months ago, past USWM Featured Chef, Tania Teschke released a beautiful compilation of recipes and kitchen tips inspired by her experiences in Europe. "The Bordeaux Kitchen" has become an instant success, climbing several best seller categories. Tania has a few West Coast book signings scheduled in September if you're in the area. 


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All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CDT on Saturday, September 8th, 2018. 
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Dr. Mercola
Even though your brain affects everything you do, you probably don't give it - literally - much thought. Clever pun aside, how often do you actually consider what your brain may need to stay healthy? Given the fact your brain impacts all aspects of your life - from happiness and health, to relationships and rest - it's important you understand how to take care of it...
Customer Feedback
Pot Roast _ Gravy
"Heavens to Betsy this was good!"

"I'll admit it I screw up every roast I put in the crock pot. I don't know how that's even possible but I do. So I ordered this for a quick dinner solution. Wow was it good! I over-ate and so did everyone else. It has so much flavor and is so tender. Price is well worth my time saved as well!"

~Jason E.
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Recipe Corner  
This dish from past USWM Featured Chef, Dominique Fasano, is a Hearty Hungarian Beef Stew that will fill your house with the tantalizing flavors and aromas of grass-fed beef, root veggies and European seasonings.

Dominique Fasano is a past USWM Featured Chef. Thanks to Dominique for sharing this hearty recipe. She is a blogger, recipe developer and photographer for her blog Perchance to Cook. You can read more about Domique and her fabulous recipes on her  Featured Chef page.
Farm Photos

These Red Angus cows and baby calves are in perfect health and body condition. Ten inches of rain in past 10 days has ended the 2018 drought.  Soil critters, plants, and cattle say 'thank you'!

The forage in this picture is as tall as the cattle after recent soaking rains.  Cattle are in excellent condition and 'cherry picking' the best of this forage mix. What they walk on is feeding the soil critters below ground.  Carbon sequestration 24/7!
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