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April 12, 2020     Canton, Missouri     


Dr. Mercola - Do Plant Based Meals Risk Brain & Nutrient Deficiencies?


Health & Wellness - The Ultimate Immunity Biohack By Kat James


Recipe Corner - Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth


Category Sale - Save On Kitchen Favorites


Shipping Reminder - Order Volume Delays Normal Shipping Schedule


New Sale Items - Beef Salami, Pork Meatballs (heat & serve), Amaranth Greens


April Featured Chef - Meet Monica Little


Cooking With Carley - Pasture-Raised Pork Shoulder Cooking Demo


Shout Out - Birthday Steak Beats Cake

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“Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember, food is our best medicine!” 

― Bernard Jensen, American physician and pioneer in holistic health

Happy Spring Holidays

2020 will mark a slightly different spring holiday season. Social distancing protocols will make gathering for various holidays nearly impossible. Easter, Passover, NFL Draft Day, Mother's Day, and even National Grilled Cheese Day won't be the same this year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy these days with good company and great food. Many Americans will video conference family and friends to share a little virtual time this year. If you have children, it's a great opportunity to give them one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa or Aunts and Uncles. Use the virtual time to reminisce about past holiday gatherings. Ask Grandma what she remembers about holidays past. What foods did her grandparents enjoy? Your family traditions may date back several generations or they could be more recent. If you don't know, now's the perfect time to find out.


If this year has to be different, why not make some new traditions? Trade your favorite recipes with friends or relatives so you can compare notes. You may discover a better way of making a classic dish or something completely different the family falls in love with. Explore some different cultures. Challenge yourself to be creative. Try celebrating a holiday the way people from a different part of the world might celebrate. Enjoy new flavors, different spices, unusual dishes and make this a memorable season for more than just social distancing. Cheers!


Health & Wellness | The Ultimate Immunity Biohack By Kat James

Kat James is back with some guidance for improving immunities. Kat discusses the body's 'master hormone', leptin and how it helps regulate immune function. What part does diet play in keeping our immune system healthy and strong? Discover the nutritional therapies Kat James has been employing for years to fight inflammation and boost immunities.


Category Sale | Save On Kitchen Favorites

For a limited time, save on everything in our Kitchen Favorites category. Seasonings, snack sticks, cooking fats, and more! It's time to stock up the kitchen for less.


Shipping Reminder | Order Volume Delays Normal Shipping Schedule

Our sincere thanks to all of our loyal customers and new customers who are looking to us to provide healthy all-natural foods during a challenging time. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to serving your family. We've been able to add staffing to help in our meat cutting, customer service and shipping departments, but we're still behind about a week.


As our long-time customers know...normally, if you order Sunday through 10 am Wednesday, you'll receive your food that same week. Any orders after 10 am Wednesday are shipped the following week. We're working hard to get back to normal. In the meantime, we ask for your continued patience. Check our Discover Blog, Email, and green banner on USWellnessMeats.com for updates. Thank you!


Cooking With Carley | Pasture-Raised Pork Shoulder Cooking Demo

Carley Smith of Fairy Gut Mother is back with another cooking demo. In this video she walks us through her pasture-raised pork shoulder recipe. She also pairs the tasty pork shoulder with roasted veggies and smashed potatoes. Thank you Carley for sharing your recipe. We can't wait to try this one for ourselves. 


Featured Chef | Monica Little

Meet April Featured Chef, Monica Little! Monica has maintained healthy food strategies for her own battle with inflammation and hormone imbalances. She believes food can be healthy and delicious and we couldn't agree more! 


This week, Monica shares her recipe for Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth.


Shout Out | Birthday Steak Beats Cake

Birthdays are always a great reason to celebrate. Sometimes they mark milestones such as learning to drive, and other times you can feel the sense of being wiser with every passing year. When it comes to birthdays, a cake is usually front and center for the celebration. Andrew (@axelorox) chose to celebrate his birthday with USWM grass-fed beef and bison, what a tasty birthday treat! We are honored to be a part of your special day.


Tag us (#uswellnessmeats) on your social media posts whenever you have a fresh new idea for a meal and we'll share with the rest of the community. Enjoy!




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Sugar-Free Pork Meatballs (heat & serve) - 13 oz
Sugar-Free Pork Meatballs (heat & serve) - 13 oz
Amaranth Greens - 24 oz
Amaranth Greens - 24 oz
Beef Salami - 8 oz
Beef Salami - 8 oz


85% Lean Ground Beef - 1 lb

75% Lean Ground Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties

85% Lean Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties

Ground Top Sirloin Beef Steak Patties - 2 (8oz) patties

Beef Chuck Roast - 3 lbs

Beef Whole Brisket - 4.75 lbs

Beef Small Brisket - 3 lbs

Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs

Beef Ribeye Steak - 15 oz

Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz

Beef Jerky Sticks - Plain 6-8 sticks (8 oz pkg)

Beef Inside Skirt Steak - 1 lb

Beef Skirt Steak - 14 oz

Beef Jerky Portions Plain - 8 oz

Beef Long Marrow Bones - 1.75 lbs

Beef Thin Marrow Bones - 1 lb pkg

Beef Tongue - (2-3 lb pkg)

Beef Medium Marrow Bones - 1 lb

Beef Flat Iron Steaks - 4 (8.5oz) steaks

Beef Center Cut Shoulder Roast - 3 lbs

BBQ Fully Cooked Beef Short Ribs - 1.5 lbs (1-2 ribs)

Sugar Free Polish Kielbasa Beef Sausage (Fully Cooked) - 4 (0.25 lb) Links

Beef Gelatin - 14 oz

Italian Beef Sausage Links (Fully Cooked) - 4 (0.25 lb) links

Beef French BONE-IN Filet - 12-14 oz

Ground Beef with Liver, Heart, and Kidney-75% Lean (1 lb)

Lamb Tongues - 12 oz

Lamb Burger Patties - 4 (4oz)

Lamb Tendons - 1 lb

Lamb Heart - 6.5 oz

Beef Tri Tip Steak - 6.5 oz

Lamb Kidneys - 2 count

Lamb Liver - 1 lb

Lamb Sweetbreads - 12 oz

Polish Pork Sausages - Sugar Free - 5 (0.25 lb) sausages

Fresh Cut Pork Chops - 2 (6 oz) chops

Boneless Pork Chops - 4 (4 oz) chops

Baby Back Pork Ribs - 1.65 lbs

Sugar Free Pork Breakfast Sausage - 1 lb

Ribeye Pork Chop - 16 oz

Paleo Meat Stick Plain Sugar Free - 1 oz

Sugar-Free Paleo Pork/Beef Jalapeno Meat Stick - 1 oz

Beef Tri Tip Roast - 1.25 lbs

South Carolina Soy-Free; Free
Range Chicken Parts - 25 lbs

South Carolina Soy-Free; Free
Range Chicken Backs & Necks - 18 lbs

Soy Free Pork Chops, Sausage
Bundle - 20 lbs

Soy Free Pork Ham Steaks,
Sausage Bundle - 20 lbs

Soy Free Pork Sausage Bundle -
20 lbs

Soy Free Pork Shoulder Butt
Roasts, Sausage Bundle - 20 lbs

Soy Free Pork Tenderloins,
Sausage Bundle - 20 lbs

Do Plant-Based Meals Risk Brain & Nutrient Deficiencies?


By Dr. Mercola


Many health organizations recommend plant-based diets as good for people and the planet, and it’s true that most could benefit greatly from adding more vegetables to their diets. However, there are risks involved when you move from eating a diet rich in plant foods to one that is strictly plant based.


Nutrient deficiencies not only are possible with a strict plant-based diet but probable, depending on your diet, with choline being among them. Choline, a B vitamin known for its role in brain development, is an essential nutrient that humans must get from dietary or supplement sources.



Grassfed Beef Summer Sausage

Grass-fed Beef Summer Sausage


"Better get more than one!"




"I usually get the salami but decided to try this summer sausage. I'm glad I sliced a few pieces for myself first cause when I asked hubby if he wanted to try it he declared it to be delicious and took off with the rest of the sausage, lol."


~ Renee, Missouri

chicken bone broth, chicken backs, broth, instant pot

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of Monica Little, Plant Based Beauty

Instant Pot Chicken Bone Broth


Recipe by: Monica Little


We are currently in unprecedented times. It is more important than ever to give your body a helping hand in keeping you well. April 2020 Featured Chef Monica Little has the perfect recipe to do just that. A special thank you to Monica for sharing her Chicken Bone Broth recipe with us. 


"The main benefit of bone broth is collagen! Collagen is a protein found in the body that’s a building block for our skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, organs and so much more. As we age, our body produces less and less collagen – that’s why we start to notice things like wrinkles (skin) and knee pain (bones/cartilage) from lack of collagen. Collagen is also known to fight inflammation."


Learn more about Monica, her skincare line, and recipes on her blog, Plant Based Beauty



grassfed steak

All heads are down in the grazing position on the first pass in a well rested paddock. The first grazing trip, after a long rest period, is used to select the highest energy plant parts usually at the top of the plants. These cattle have the innate ability to select the best suited plant portions for their health and welfare. They also have the the ability to select certain forage if they are deficient in specific minerals. In our own culture, man has figured out over eternity herbal remedies from specific plants for our own survival. The great outdoors is a great teacher if we take the time to observe the chess game Mother Nature plays with the resources at hand. These cattle are benefiting from a well played game.


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